Who’s Running the Show? Understanding Your Inner Family …

Do you realize that you hold a masculine, feminine, inner child, and of course, Divine energies within you? This is the Inner Family comprised of the different aspects of you in which you co-create your life and what’s manifested within it.

Each aspect has a different vibration and various qualities they bring to the table so to speak. Within each aspect they hold their own energetic patterns of thoughts, feelings and beliefs based on past experiences, conditioning and programming applicable to that particular aspect thus applicable to you as a whole.

Think about it. Aren’t there days in which all you want to do is do, do, do while other days you just want to be, take a break, relax and even meditate? Other times all you want to do is explore and play. As you observe how you feel during these times, can you recognize what aspect of you that you are co-creating with?

Basically, if you’re in the doing and thinking mode, it’s the masculine. If you’re in the being and feeling mode, it’s the feminine. If you’re in the play and adventure mode, it’s the inner child.

Many of us have had to lead with the masculine most of our lives. Why? Because we were conditioned to do so due to the patriarchal world we have lived in fir many millennia. We were taught to be strong, logical and to persevere no matter what.

Feelings weren’t honored and actually dismissed or stuffed. If you showed your feelings, you were considered weak. The feminine typically felt not heard and not respected. Read More …

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