What is Energetic Patterning & Healing?

What is energetic patterning and why is it so important for you to understand in order to make the shifts you desire in life. Here are two facts for you to consider…

Fact #1
Every Thing is Energy.
Energy has a Frequency that creates a Vibration.
Every Thing and Every One is a Vibration including our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Who we are as a vibration and what we focus upon co-creates our outcomes. And the vibrations of the past, the present and your Intentions for the future affect the way you co-create within life and all of your manifestations.

For instance, if you focus on the discord within your life or business … feelings follow your thoughts and your behavior and actions produce your results. However, if you refocus on what you truly desire then the Universe will assist you in manifesting that energy, that vibration in physical form.

Fact #2
Any Relationship is Every Relationship.
The relationship you have with your Self is the same relationship you have with your family, friends, co-workers, business partners and even with money, love, abundance, etc. It is the same energetic pattern and issue that will bleed into all relationships in one way or another.

For example, if you do not love your Self and are always judging, blaming or feeling like a victim then you will judge and blame others at home, in the office and within life.

If you do not take care of your Self in a loving way from a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, then you cannot take care of others either in a way that is healthy for you and them; you will do it out of sacrifice, depletion and eventually from upset and resentment.

So How Does This All Work?
Think of your physical body. You’re not conscious of all what is going on within it that keeps you alive. For example, you don’t have to remember to breathe or tell your heart to pump blood into your veins, it automatically occurs without you being conscious of it.

Biological and chemical reactions occur. Unless we are a doctor or scientist, we don’t understand how it works, we just know that it does. And we don’t really care how it works. We just care that it does work. And we either feel good or we don’t. We either have energy or we don’t. We can breathe or we can’t.

Well, the Universe, the world we live in, is exactly the same. It co-creates and works on levels we are not consciously aware of. It’s what anything or anyone is made of … we could not have science without spirituality as we can’t really have spirituailty without science. To operate one without the other is like operating a car without the battery. The two make up the sum of the whole.

There are energetic patterns to all existence. Energy which creates form and consciousness cannot exist without having both. It would be like not having air (which you can’t see either) to breathe into our lungs which then keeps us alive. To have the energy to live and to feel alive, we need the spiritual component. Without spirituality in your life and being connected with it in a way that works for you is like being suffocated because you have no air to breathe.

How spirituality and science link together is through sacred geometry and the energetic patterns it creates. The patterns of sacred geometry are uniquely woven together to create all physical structure such as our bodies, trees, flowers, butterfly wings as well as with our thought, feeling and beliefs.

Change the energetic patterns of any one of those and you will change the structure, the form or the outcome of the physical manifestation. Change the energetic pattern, change the outcome. Mutations of patterns occur when energetics such as negativity, pain and fear skews the sacred geometry. Transformations occur when the energetic pattern is            re-patterned and sacred geometry is realigned back to its original essence … love.

Let’s add in one more component of understanding ….
You are special! Why? Because you are your own unique set of adamantine particles which is the most minute form of energy within your cellular memory. As an outbreath of God, your adamantine particles were energetic patterns of the sacred geometry of pure Divine Love.

However, they are skewed over time because they remember every experience you ever have had. They also remember how you filed it … i.e. was it a positive experience or was it an experience you decided something negative about it …. I am not good enough, I didn’t do enough, I’ll never love again because it hurt so much, I won’t try new things or go for my goals and dreams because I failed.

The pain or upset you have continually experienced in your life and relationships can be from … what you observed and experienced as you grew up, or from what you have felt, said, or done in the past and your results due to them. These all exist as vibrations within your energy patterns, within your adamantine particles, within your cellular memory.

The experience creates a pattern of your decision making process, what you think, feel and believe and what your behaviors, habits and actions will be … all of which co-create your results. Thus to change it, you have to compete it by healing and resolving the past.

So the good news is … you can let go, you can be resolve it once and for all, and you can move on, by healing at the core causal level and realigning an energetic pattern. This then realigns your pattern to create a new experience and a new way of being and doing.

Remember, everything is energy so to create the relief, the changes you are looking for, you must address the energetic patterns at the root of the issues … the energetic patterns of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which then changes your decisions, behaviors and results. It changes the alignment of your energy which then changes who and what you attract. It’s that simple.

You can complete the old cycle of pain through an energetic re-patterning process. When you finish this process, then the experience of the pain, wound, issue, etc. will only exist as a record of an experience and a lesson, a healing and a way to grow. Rather than it running you like it has in the past, the experience now can be used for discernment purposes and you can make different and more conscious choices.

Synergies, synchronicities and an easy flow in co-creating and living life feel magical as the transformation, alignment and manifestations occur within and around you.

Where you have felt pain, done! Where you have been disconnected or lost, done! Where you have been felt abandoned or like a victim, done! Where you have looked to the outside in order to feel good, changed! Where you have had a hole in your heart, filled! None of It no longer dictates how life should be lived … you now feel free, inspired and whole again!

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To Your Success & Freedom!

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