2-Day Weekend Intensives

One-on-One 2-Day Weekend Intensive & Retreat
With Follow-Up Coaching & Sessions Just For You!

You’re ready to go for it! You’ve decided it’s time for a change and you’re committed to doing whatever it takes.
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired in one or more areas of your life.
OR you just know there is more to you, your life, your practice and you want to go to the next level.
Then the One-on-One 2-Day Weekend Intensive & Retreat is just for you and you’re worth it!


Why commit to a Weekend Intensive & Retreat?
It allows you to take a time out so you can immerse your Self into creating awareness and acceleration of your healing and spiritual journey. You can completely focus on your Self and dive in deep to explore and discover the root causes of issues and resolve them once and for all so you can expand into your MORE.

You can learn more about your Self and become connected at a more profound level. It gives you the opportunity to expand into the MORE of you and help you to manifest what you really desire within you, your relationships, your work, your career, your purpose and contribution to the world.

The One-on-One Intensive & Retreat is a customized program to address your specific issues and your visions so we can meet your needs and desires to expand into your MORE. We suggest you clear your schedule for a weekend with no work or plans with others. Give your Self permission to be on a retreat to take care of you!

The Weekend Intensives & Retreats are held in Ashland, Oregon where the energetics and land is magical! Or enroll 3 other friends and Amanda will come to you (travel/per diem expenses are additional).

The Possibilities of Your Weekend Intensive & Retreat …
You are ready to go for the life you desire and what the Universe has to offer you! Or maybe you are are unclear as to what that is and what your Soul is calling you forth to do.
This weekend will help you to become aware, address and heal issues, energetic patterns (both present and past), self-limiting beliefs, co-dependent behaviors and/or emotional blockages which hinder you from creating what you want within you and in life.

If you are looking for something more to assist you with your own journey, or if you are a practitioner wanting to add to your tool chest, then this is it! During your weekend intensive and retreat with the follow-up coaching, we will add in the teachings of The Diamond Co-Creative System™. The System is a vibrational system based on sacred geometry with practical applications through various tools, techniques and processes to accelerate awareness, healing and growth to Transform, Align, Manifest and Expand into your MORE!

The difference between this System and others, is it not only helps to reconnect, heal and re-pattern but it also provides pathways to manifest what you Truly want … with Self and in your relationships, career, money, health and much, much more! Plus it helps to activate your Soul Codes of Destiny and Success!

Your 2-Day Weekend Intensive & Retreat With Follow-Up Coaching & Sessions includes:

      • The Diamond Life™ Consultation to assess what to focus on within your intensive so we have a game plan
        (1-1/2 hour in-person, phone or Skype appointment)
      • (10) hours of energetic healing sessions and teachings split into 2 or 3 days with you one-on-one, then you take time on your own to work on the next steps and build upon each day
      • (10) ½ hour follow-up coaching calls to support and reinforce the shifts and next steps
      • (2) hours of follow-up energetic healing sessions to address any refinements required

Investment: $3900 OR ACT NOW! for $2995
Travel, hotel and food not included.

Deposit Required: $795 to reserve your weekend; only one weekend a month is available.
Balance is due at least two weeks prior to intensive.

Or if you pay in full the ACT NOW! Investment,
you will receive two additional hours of sessions (Value $400!)  

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