Ways You Can Help Syria & All Involved!

We had a different plan today in sending out our September newsletter and events but I was called to take action and share the following. I’m not one to usually get involved in politics, drama or negative actions but to ignore what’s going on in Syria and how it can and does affect us all would be called denial. It would be like Martin Luther King denying the problems the U.S. had in terms of segregation and hatred towards our black sisters and brothers and not doing anything about it to co-create a change and manifest acceptance, unity and love.

Many of you may feel like there is nothing you can do or maybe it’s not your problem because it’s in Syria and far away. You may have your own problems that are demanding your attention or just busy with life. But I urge you and not through the sense of focusing on the drama, problem or negativity of the issues with Syria but to help co-create a positive vibration and solution.

This is bigger than we can imagine for all of us on the planet no matter where we live, it can have and does have many implications for us now and in the future. I’m not feeling this from a fearful place but it’s simply something we cannot deny as to the ramifications which can occur based on what we focus upon and the actions that are taken. When you match power and control with power and control, you will only get more of it and create more issues. BUT when you create a field of love (Living Only Vibrant Energy), it can transform anyone and anything.

As a collective we can cause change just as Martin Luther King did. Be a part of the collective focused on peaceful solutions and positive change.

Here are two things you can do starting now and this afternoon:

1. You can utilize the simple and powerful tool of the Universal ‘L’ on a daily basis to assist in the healing and transformation of the situation and all those involved. By sending any color of the Universal ‘L’ that you are guided to use to all involved … not only those who have been devastated by it with death, loss and the millions displaced and living in refuge camps but also to the people and organizations which are assisting them and to the governments and officials making decisions, you can help to shift the energy to Universal Love and Universal Co-Creations to manifest a Divine Intervention and Order and Higher Potential.

2. Be a part of the Global Prayer today on The Shift Network, September 7, 2013 with Pope Francis – 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT
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You can make a difference by being involved and helping to shift the consciousness and vibrations around this situation. We are all being called to action at whatever level we are guided. Help us share these two actions with others to amplify and leverage our success in co-creating positive healing, transformation and change! 

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