Clarity = Success! Vision Course


Clarity = Success!
Tap Into Your Passion, Purpose & Power
to Manifest Your Vision

2015 is an ’8′ Year which is a Year of Power, Manifestation & Wealth …
Are You Ready to Leverage It
For Your Highest Potential?

Do You Feel Your Soul’s Essence is Guiding You?
Do You Feel Passion & Creative in What You’re Doing?
Do You Feel Like There is More to Life But Don’t Know What It Is?
Do You Have a Vision for … Your Self? Your Life?
Your Health & Well-Being? Your Relationships?
Your Finances? Your Purpose? Your Career or Business?
Your Contribution to Others & The World?

Have you identified your values and what makes you tick? Have you really tapped into your passion and know your purpose? Or even simply have some sort of vision or dream but can’t see ‘how’ you’re going to get there?

Most really don’t know how to write a vision statement or goals so they can move forward and take action in co-creating them and be successful on all levels … passion, purpose, prosperity, contribution and wealth! It’s important to know so you know what you want and what you are building towards.

Or some have a clear vision but somewhere along the line they get distracted and lose focus on what they really want. They let life or ‘conditions’ get in the way and fear, overwhelm, upset or frustration take over, rather than moving through it and doing it anyway.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

      • Do you love setting goals and vigorously go for them but lose steam and motivation along the way?
      • Do you avoid goals like they’re the plague?
      • Do you feel “why bother because they’ll never happen anyway and they’re a waste of time to set”?
      • Are you unclear of what your vision and goals are?
      • Do you lack confidence and belief in your Self?

If so, there are reasons why and we will address them in this course!

Start your 2015 in a powerful way and on the right track with this 2-Week interactive Webinar Course! You will …

      • Identify your values so you can co-create and live through your values
      • Understand the components of a vision statement and how to write it
      • Learn methods to get in touch with your vision, purpose and goals
      • Learn effective ways to keep fueling your vision and to keep you focused and on track
      • Discover your fears, self-limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and subconscious patterns which get in the way of you attaining your vision and goals
      • Become clear of your next steps so you co-create 2015 as your BEST EVER!

Includes: (2) 2-Hour Webinar Recordings & Course Book

Investment: $80

Or Two Investments of $44; 30-Days Apart!

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OR Add in One-on-One Individual Conscious Choice Coaching to do With Your Course!

Perfect combination … the webinar and individual coaching to focus on your goals, vision and dreams so they manifest in 2015! Amanda will support you in finding out what you REALLY want and how to get there. Add in (2) 1/2 Hour Coaching Calls with a coach who cares which can be done via phone or Skype! Plus they are recorded so you can relisten to them for review and reinforcement.

Regular Investment: $280 BUT NOW SAVE $50! Your Investment: $230

Or Two Investments of $127; 30-Days Apart!

Coaching Package Special
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Co-Create 2015 as Magical & Full of Wealth on All Levels!!!

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