Time for a Cosmic Reboot?

Today is 4/4/2013 which adds up to a 4 too. 4 is about setting foundations. It gives us a strength and power to stand in our own authority and security to create we want. It’s a reminder to focus on what we do want rather than what we don’t. Use today to take your stand. Will you stand on a foundation based on fear, survival and the past or one of love, thrival and the present?

As we have entered into spring, it’s a great opportunity to reboot our systems so to speak. We can leave the past behind us and focus on the present to co-create our futures. We can have our past guide us but as a record only, not what’s true today. Let go of what’s keeping you hostage in the fear of ‘what was’, so you can move on and try something again or something new … like allowing love back into your life or going for a vision you have.

Because any relationship is every relationship, it may be time for you to reprogram what’s going on with your relationship with Self, with others, with your career, money, health, body. A time to allow for a Cosmic Reboot so you can move into what you really desire and into your MORE!

Remember, the same ole’ thought, feeling or belief will not generate a new result. You are the co-creator within your life so become a real alchemist and reboot your mind, heart and spirit. Click here to find out how in our upcoming 4-week webinar series!

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