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Do you desire the MORE in your life ... MORE Connection, Love, Joy, Ease & Grace?

Experience This Proven Technology & Tool to Shift Your Vibrations & Energetic Alignment with Your Soul & Highest Potential! Create the Results You REALly (Realized Energy Aligned with Love) Desire!

  • Do you want to feel MORE connection with your True Self ... your Soul's Essence and Energies?
  • Do you want to feel MORE Love, Passion & Purpose within and in your life, relationships, vocation or business?
  • Do you feel confident, inspired & fulfilled?
  • Do you know what works for you, what you want, what you like in any aspect of your life and all relationships?
If not, then know it can change ... the Universal 'L' can T.A.M.E. Your Life!
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I understand. I’ve been on the opposite side of the above ... wanting things in my life and relationships to be different and to be MORE of my True Self. My Soul literally took over and got me fired from my corporate VP Sales & Marketing position. Since I wasn't listening and my personality/egoic Self was too afraid to make the change, my Soul said enough and shifted my life.

When I left the corporate world (or really was kicked out of it by my Soul) over 19 years ago, I was extremely dissatisfied and unfulfilled even after achieving what I thought I ‘should’ do in life and my relationships were no better. I was exhausted and depleted on every level.

I was really ready to experience my own personal transformation and change my life. Little did I know ... it was a journey to reconnect with my Soul's Essence and to allow for the Divine to guide me.

I didn’t know what I was passionate about or what I desired anymore and I felt like I was dying inside. I was on a quest to find something to help me connect, heal and transform my life that was showing up in ways I no longer liked or served me.

I looked for ways to help me sort out my life, relationships and purpose for my career and I uncovered one key principle that … all of life – everything and everyone is energetically interlinked. And that my Soul was trying to get my attention to guide me in a direction that would allow me to live a life of MORE connection, love, joy, passion, creativity, peace and prosperity on all levels.

My Soul would whisper, then get louder and louder. Relationships and circumstances that I didn't like or want would continue to repeat themselves and intensify the more I did not pay attention or listen. But as I started unraveling the past patterns and experiences that no longer served or worked for me, I began discovering my True Self and connecting with my Soul's Essence. I realized there was wisdom in listening to what my Higher Self and Divine Source had to say. I let go of the need to control and started to allow and receive. And life started to get easier and make more sense.

I looked for answers and ways to help me get in touch with my Self and to heal but I couldn’t find something that worked so I developed a System with a technology that works to assist me in my own personal and professional transition and journey. I became an expert in understanding energy and its re-patterning process and co-dependent/dysfunctional relationships which entangle and distort what’s really True for a person and creates more separation within and with your Soul's Essence.

DCCS This System is called  The Diamond Co-Creative System™  (the System). I knew I had to share it with others since it helped me heal once and for all the deep wounds of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and my hugely co-dependent life and way of operating! My personality/egoic Self became free and allowed my Soul's Essence and energies to fill me and guide me so I experienced MORE Self-Acceptance, Self-Love and Self-Worth!

I began to Consciously Choose to connect with my Soul's Essence and listen to my intuition and feeling tone of any experience, choice or decision that I was co-creating, rather than what my personality/egoic Self thought I 'should' do or even what made logical sense. I started to learn how to really and Truly accept and love my Self, no matter what occurred in the past, no matter someone else's opinions, no matter outside influences. I learned to listen to me!

I Consciously Chose to live in a MORE connected, loving and compassionate manner with my Self and others, rather than being ran by my fears, wounds or pain from the past. As a result, I became more deliberate and purposeful in my thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions and co-creations with my Self, with others and with the Universe. I became proficient in connecting and communicating with my Self.

The System helped me to activate my Soul's Codes of Destiny and accelerate my awareness, healing, transformation and expansion. I began to feel more connected, confident and empowered to co-create the life, relationships and career/business that I Truly desired. And I wanted others to find out how easy it can be to do the same!

I was guided to share a component of the System for FREE so anyone can experience the simple, yet powerful technology of the Universal 'L' ... Universal Love & Universal Co-Creation. This important component of the System is a stand alone tool which has the power to assist you in shifting your vibrations, experiences and results and create the freedom to live the life you Truly desire!

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Why does the Universal 'L' work? How does it create profound changes and different results?

Everything is a vibrational energy … your thoughts, your beliefs and your feelings. All are vibrations that create your patterns of behaviors, habits and actions thus attracting and manifesting your results.

The Universal ‘L’ is an energetic vibration expressed through a sacred geometric Symbol that helps to shift vibrations to what is in your Highest Potential. It brings in a harmonic vibration designed to align and synthesize Universal Love and Divine Co-Creation within your cellular memory and bodies of consciousness . . . physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Universal ‘L’ helps to change your focus and vibrations through different thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

It helps you to connect with your Soul's Essence and with the Universe and opens the doorway for the personality/egoic Self to allow its Highest Expression and Potenial. The practical application of the ‘L’ can shift the vibration of fear and discord to one of allowance and acceptance of ‘what is, is’ and refocus on what is in your Highest Order and Highest Potential through your own authenticity. It helps you to know, trust and believe in your Self, your goals and your co-creations with the Universe.

It eliminates doubts by replacing them with a grounded and connected confidence in who you are and what you do. It creates an ease and grace within you, the other or a situation. You can utilize it within you, with another and with a situation.

Why T.A.M.E. your life? When we feel out of control or controlled by others, circumstances or fear, we can feel like victims, powerless to make changes and depressed or blocked to move forward. The Universal ‘L’ can help T.A.M.E. these negative beliefs, doubts, naysayers, worries and fears.


You can use the powerful tool of The Universal ‘L’ To T.A.M.E. …
  • Transform: Shift negative or limiting vibrations to positive & allowing vibrations
  • Align: Align your vibrations to what you really desire versus ‘shoulds’ or the same results of the past
  • Manifest: Change your thoughts, beliefs & feelings which will change your outcomes
  • Expand: Expand into the MORE of your life versus continually dealing with crisis, pain & drama

For instance, if you are going to attend a meeting in which you are nervous about or know there are problems to be addressed, you can send the ‘L’ ahead to all involved, around the issues and into the space that the meeting is being held. You will then more likely experience the meeting differently and could have the results you envision. The ‘L’ creates an alignment through Universal Love and Universal Co-Creation which creates an environment within people and spaces that is conducive to a collective desire for harmony and the Highest Good for all.

“I use the 'L' when I want to calm myself in a situation that I’m worried about, when I want to send comfort, care and concern to someone or a situation or when I need to be kinder to myself, to just name a few. It helps me to center myself, to be in a neutral space and to send my heartfelt care.” – Deb H., Sustainable Environment Designer, Oxford MI
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You can learn how to do this and how it works with our Recorded Teachings and e-Book. It teaches you how to transform, align, manifest and expand a relationship, a situation, your job or business, your life with this tool. You will T.A.M.E. your life and feel confident and empowered to change it. A perfect tool to have for difficult relationships and situations PLUS create freedom to allow the MORE that you want!

This FREE Universal ‘L' e-Book and Recorded Teachings Package includes:

  • One 2-hour recorded teachings about the Universal ‘L’ and how to apply it within your life, relationships, work and situations
  • 21-page e-Book with the four different colors of Universal ‘L’s with applications and processes

Get Your Free Universal 'L' Package Today!

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“The Universal ‘L’ infuses all cells of your being with the energy of Love and Compassion. It helps to keep me centered especially during challenging moments, allowing me to be more positive.” Marge, Entrepreneur, Sterling Heights MI
The Universal ‘L’ can help you connect and align with the qualities and experiences of your Soul's energies and how you want to ‘BE’ in life and experience it plus create you ‘be’-ing the MORE. Know, trust and believe in your Self, your goals and your co-creations with the Universe. ‘Be’ more grounded and confident in who you are and what you do.
“When I find myself worrying about a friend or family member who may be in pain or struggling, I send out all of the colors of the ‘L's. My energy shifts from worry and doubt to hope and support. Utilizing this tool helps me focus my energy and provides a structure to change my vibrations. Thank you for the ‘L’!!!” – Tamara, Sales, Birmingham MI
The Universal ‘L’ can assist you in changing your relationship with another, plus help others if they are in distress or you just want them to feel MORE love.
“I envision the ‘L’ and send it to myself and others when I want to change the energy or vibration of a situation or person. For example, I recently hired a writer to help me with my resume. I realized that I was having doubts about her ability and if I had made the right choice in working with her. Because of what I have learned, I was aware that my energy was not going to help me get the results that I was looking for! Instead of staying in doubt, I focused on sending the energy of the ‘L’ to her and myself. I didn't think about it again until I received her first draft and we are on the right track!” – Susan, Royal Oak MI
The Universal ‘L’ will help any circumstance to shift in a positive direction so it will be in your and their Highest Potential and to create MORE success for you and others that are involved. It’s so simple and easy to use in any given situation!

Normally, the investment for this e-Book and teachings is $129.00 (Value – priceless because it simply changes your life!). But, I have been guided to gift you the T.A.M.E. Your Life With The Universal 'L' e-Book and recorded teachings so more and more people can experience the power of the Universal ‘L' and their Souls, so I gladly said YES to the Universe. And once you experience the Universal ‘L’, you too will say YES to all that it has to offer you ... your MORE and your Soul's energies to life to the fullest!

This tool is so powerful for helping you connect with your Soul's energies and to co-create success and thrival in your life and relationships! It is so simple to use and can help you quickly change any vibration within you, with relationships, with your job or business! It’s a step to get to know a component of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and find out how you can easily shift your life!

And as a SPECIAL BONUS, I am including my Universal 'L' Guided Meditation.

This guided meditation will help you to utilize the Universal ‘L’ for Alignment with Universal Love and Universal Co-Creation. It can assist you in focusing upon what you desire to achieve and manifest within your Self, with relationships and with situations. You can also contribute to others and the planet by using the Universal 'L'. Help heal the planet and those places and people who have been affected by natural disaster, uprisings or war.

So here’s the gift again, you receive for FREE … The Universal ‘L' e-Book and recording package includes:
  • One 2-hour recorded teachings about the Universal ‘L’ and how to apply it within your life, relationships, work and situations
  • 21-page e-Book with the four different colors of Universal ‘L’s with applications and processes
PLUS a BONUS of the guided Universal ‘L’ Meditation that you can use with your Self, with others and with the planet.

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P.S. Remember, the Universal ‘L’ is just one component of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ - there is MORE! Click Here to find out more about the System.

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