The Universal ‘L’

T.A.M.E. Your Life With The Universal ‘L’ ...
A Component of The Diamond Co-Creative System™

Transform the parts of you or your relationships, profession and life that you don’t like and/or don’t work for you anymore.
Align with who you really are and what you really want rather than be stuck in the mistakes, failures and pain of the past.
Manifest the goals, dreams and vision that you have for your life, your career, your relationships.
Expand into the MORE of what life and the Universe has to offer you and claim it as yours!

The Universal ‘L’ – Universal Love and Universal Co-Creation is a simple and powerful tool which can be used effectively in everyday life, relationships and situations. It provides a means and a pathway to connect with the flow of the Universal Love and Co-Creative energy available to you. You can access the flow much easier by utilizing the Universal ‘L’ (‘L’) in your life and practices.

I use the 'L' when I want to calm myself in a situation that I’m worried about, when I want to send comfort, care and concern to someone or a situation, or when I need to be kinder to myself, to just name a few. It helps me to center myself, to be in a neutral space and to send my heartfelt care.”  ~ Deb, Sustainable Environment Designer
Co-Create with the Universe by Utilizing the Energies of the Universal ‘L’ to …
  • Change and transform your Self and circumstances easily
  • Discover how to instantly shift out of feelings of shame, guilt, insecurity or out of control to confidence and empowerment
  • Experience a sense of love, compassion and acceptance of Self and others
  • Create connection within and True relationships with Self, Source and others
  • Stop your stress reactions of overeating, excessive spending or needing to fill from the outside for love, acceptance and validation
  • Gain a quiet, calm inner confidence & knowingness to move forward and expand
  • Shift your focus from fear (yours or others) to a Higher consciousness and vibration
  • Change from giving every part of you away and getting nothing in return to attracting real love, joy and abundance
  • Manifest the life you Truly desire rather than social, familial or past conditioning
  • Rejuvenate, revitalize and reenergize your Self to remember your True Self and Purpose
  • Align and unify the energies within you to attain your Highest Potential
  • Create wealth, prosperity & wisdom on all levels with your healing, alignments and expansion
  • Energize and empower dynamic co-creations to manifest your goals and dreams!
“The Universal ‘L’ infuses all cells of my being with the energy of Love and Compassion. It helps  to keep me centered especially during challenging moments, allowing me to be more positive.”  ~ Marge, Entrepreneur
If you are in a significant other relationship or even dealing with various types of relationships such as family, friends, co-workers, you can use the ‘L’ to enhance your relationships. Remember, any relationship is every relationship. The relationship you have with your Self is the relationship you have with others. If there is conflict or discord with another, the Universal ‘L’ is a perfect tool to use to help you through it and even resolve it.

When you pass an accident on the road or know of a natural disaster, send the Universal ‘L’ to help them recover and heal from the trauma and/or injuries or the death of a loved one.

 “One of the most valuable tools that I learned in the workshops was the use of The Universal ‘L’. I use them most at work when dealing with difficult customers or employees. As I talk with them, instead of judging them, Amanda taught me to send them ‘L’s to help shift the energy. In doing so, I generate grace and compassion with them. The process changes the outcome and I don't get caught up in their negativity!” ~ Lynne, Store Manager

The Universal ‘L’ works great in business. For instance, if you are going to attend a meeting in which you are nervous about or know there are problems to be addressed, you can send the ‘L’ ahead to all involved, around the issues and into the space that the meeting is being held. Or there is a phone call or meeting that you want to go well, just send the Universal ‘L’ ahead of the call or appointment. You will then more likely experience the meeting differently and could have the type of results or even MORE than you envisioned.

The ‘L’ creates an alignment through Universal Love and Universal Co-Creation which creates an energy thus a vibration within people and the space that is conducive to a collective desire for harmony and the Highest Good for all. Some even hang the Universal ‘L’ in their offices so they have the continued vibrations of Universal Love and Universal Co-Creation occurring during work and within their work space. They have noticed a difference within themselves as well as in the interactions with others. Work seems to go more smoothly and easier with better results. They also claim to have more energy and fun throughout their day even if they under the pressure of deadlines or conflicts.

You can also utilize the ‘L’ for physical pain, ailments and disease to help the body heal by realigning it and your cells, organs, bones, muscles, tissues, brain and systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, immune, meridian) to optimal and vital health. And don’t forget your pets and other creatures on this planet … four-legged, winged, finned ones. The Universal ‘L’ works for them too!

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Everyone’s experience is different and many have found different ways of utilizing the Universal ‘L’. Share with us your experiences by posting your comments!

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  1. Amanda Butler says:

    Used the Universal ‘L’ while I was working on a project and it made it so much easier … my creativity and ideas flowed plus it took less time than expected!

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