The Diamond Co-Creative System™

Resolving The Pain Once & For All!

To overcome emotional, mental or physical pain, many look to the outside to alleviate it so they can simply find relief in any way possible through any means possible. Sometimes, it is through others … looking for love, acceptance, approval or validation in all wrong places (just like the song says). Sometimes, it is through stuffing their feelings and operating on automatic pilot by using alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, work, sex, drama, to name a few, to help numb themselves and relieve their pain with this temporary fix.

They feel they’re alone too, believing that no one else knows what they are going through. The ironic twist is that most people understand what they are going through in one way or another because they are too. When they finally share with someone else they’re surprised that others feel, think or believe the same way or have the same type of things happening.

And others turn toward traditional therapy because their emotional or mental or even physical or spiritual pain is just too big to deal with anymore. Or they’ve lost relationships (break-up, divorce or death) or a job shift. Or an accident, illness or disease has gotten their attention and they can’t ignore the facts anymore. They hurt and their life hurts. While this is a step in the right direction because they now have admitted something isn’t working and it’s time to address it, it is not the total solution.

None of these methods really work to totally complete your process. Yes, there may be temporary relief of the symptoms but they mask the root of the problems. Someone cannot maintain a mask without giving up parts of themselves, their work, their joy and passion, their lives. It’s like living a lie and it’s not sustainable for the long term. Plus you live in fear that someone will find out what’s really going on for you. Eventually the mask will slip and the truth of the pain will reveal itself.

So, the reason you’ve never achieved the relief, the change you were looking for with any of the above is they don’t find the source of the pain and heal it at its core. When the pain is resolved at the core at an energetic and vibrational level, it is gone once and for all. It only exists as a record of an experience, a lesson, a healing, a way to grow and is used for discernment purposes only. It no longer runs you or dictates how life should be lived … you feel free, you feel inspired, you feel whole.

The pain could be from your upbringing, what you observed and experienced as you grew up or the results of what you have said, done or felt due to the past. All of this can rob you from yourself, from the life you are meant to live, from the relationships you are meant to have. You could have a hole in your heart that you are trying to fill up by ways that don’t work and eventually won’t serve you.

The Ability to Respond

And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! Everyone has done the best that they could, including your parents, your peers and even society in general. If your parent was wounded or struggling with their own pain of not being loveable or the need to control in order to feel safe and secure, then their pain was passed on to you. Not intentionally and not consciously. They knew no different or had the means to change it.

Up until now, you’re not responsible for not having achieved the result you hoped for because you didn’t know any different either. We come from our conditioning, programming and decisions made due our past experiences. But now you are responsible … the ability to respond … because you now know that something is amiss. And you now can make a different choice. This choice will change your life, your relationships, your work because you will heal the past so you can co-create the future you really desire.

If you haven’t read Amanda’s story, be sure to do so. She sees you. She has been where you are at and this is why she does the work with others, especially women. She found solutions that stick! No more temporary relief from the pain, the wounds, the feelings of insecurity and out of control, they are resolved and completed at the core.

Where you have felt pain, done! Where you have been disconnected or lost, done! Where you have been felt abandoned or like a victim, done! Where you have looked to the outside in order to feel good, changed! Where you have had a hole in your heart, filled!

  • Through her own experiences, she has found that …
  • Exploring and discovering what makes you tick is empowering and freeing
  • Becoming aware and acknowledging your pain or wound is the first step to healing and change
  • Letting go and forgiving your Self, others and the past brings your love, joy and passion back into your life
  • Working and healing at the core causal levels energetically changes the past and you forever!

And the results are …

  • You no longer take it personally and know that there is a bigger picture in anything that happens
  • You don’t make assumptions about your Self, others or situations and learn to communicate
  • You are now in control of your destiny by making conscious choices and decisions that work for you
  • You have the ability to respond in ways that make you feel good and achieve your desires

Understand that when a person continually judges themselves or others, love, happiness and trust cannot exist. When you think you have to ‘show up’ a certain way, there is no freedom, creativity or being true to your Self and what you really desire. When you look for love and acceptance, other than from within, then you are constantly trying to figure out what others want from you. You are trying to please them and take care of them, rather than yourself.

When you live outside of yourself, there is no connection inside and you feel out of control. It’s like your GPS has gone haywire so you’re not clear on your direction, the roads to take or even what is your destination.

But, if you can love, accept and be compassionate with your Self no matter what, regardless if you have made a ‘mistake’ or ‘failed’, then happiness, trust and allowance returns. If you decide it’s okay to be you, despite what others say or think, then freedom, creativity and passion returns. If you choose to take care of your Self and be self-centered, then your authenticity returns. If you connect within (and with Divine Source, the Universe), you will have clarity, inspiration and drive to co-create the life you really desire.

Read how others have changed their lives by utilizing the technology, the tools, the processes that Amanda has developed. They are powerful, yet simple. The pain, the loss, the disconnection they had before they began working with Amanda one-on-one and/or taking her courses is now gone. They have the freedom to live their lives fully and co-create what they really want in their relationships, work and life.

Just like the commercial, this work is priceless. The value it brings is reclaiming and breathing life back into your Self and your life. You and it are no longer run by the past. Sacrifice and struggle no longer needs to be. Wasting time and money on temporary fixes and relief ends so you can really have the things you want. Take the vacation you’ve longed for, create the business you’ve envisioned, purchase the home that you’ve dreamed of because you now know you deserve it and are worthy of having money in the bank and the life you’ve hoped for.

Your health and well-being returns. When you heal what is unresolved in your other bodies … emotional, mental, spiritual … your physical body no longer needs to react to discord that you feel or think. Remember, disease is really the dis-ease that is caused by and a reaction to what is going on within your other bodies.

When these bodies are out of sorts, you will have a lack of love, joy, passion, connection, motivation, drive, productivity, money and so much more. The cost to you is the vitality and spirit to have the life you want. The cost to you is not being able to create the financial abundance you want because you feel sick or are ill on so many levels. You end up trying to just survive, rather than thrive.

How Does This All Work?

Think of your physical body. You are not conscious of all what is going on within it that keeps you alive. For example, you don’t have to remember to breathe or tell your breath to oxygenate your blood, your brain. It is done automatically. Your heart pumps blood into your veins, it automatically occurs without you being conscious of it. Or as you eat, your stomach starts secreting digestive juices to break down the food and utilize it within your body.

Biological and chemical reactions occur. Unless we are a doctor or scientist, we don’t understand how it works, we just know that it does. And we don’t really care how it works. We just care that it does work. And we either feel good or we don’t. We either have energy or we don’t. We can breathe or we can’t.

Well, the Universe, the world we live in, is exactly the same. It co-creates and works on levels we are not consciously aware of. It is what anything or anyone is made of … we could not have science without spirituality as we can’t really have spiritualty without science. To operate one without the other is like operating a car without the battery. The two make up the sum of the whole.

There are energetic patterns to all existence. Energy which creates form and consciousness cannot exist without having both. It would be like not having air (which you can’t see either) to breathe into our lungs which then keeps us alive. To have the energy to live and to feel alive, we need the spiritual component.

Without spirituality in your life and being connected with it in a way that works for you is like being suffocated because you have no air to breathe into your lungs. How spiritualty and science link together is through sacred geometry and the energetic patterns it creates. The patterns of sacred geometry are uniquely woven together to create all physical structure such as our bodies, trees, flowers, butterfly wings as well as with our thought, feeling and belief energetic patterns.

Change the energy patterns of any one of those and you will change the structure, the form or the outcome of the physical manifestation. Change the energy pattern, change the outcome. Mutations of energy patterns occur when energetics such as negativity, pain and fear skews the sacred geometry. Transformations occur when the energy pattern is re-patterned and sacred geometry is realigned back to its original essence … love.

Why is This So Important to Understand?

It is so important to understand because it is the key to changing what is going on in your life once and for all. When you energetically change your thoughts, feeling and belief patterns, you will change your decisions, behaviors and results. It changes the alignment of your energy which changes what you attract, who you are and what you do. It’s that simple and it feels magical when the transformation, alignment and manifestations occur.

And it is why the other methods we talked about don’t work; they do not transform the patterns. You may have an intellectual understanding of why you are the way you are and why life is what it is, but it doesn’t change your emotional response to it. It’s why people get frustrated when they have worked on themselves for years in therapy or personal growth but don’t really see any significant changes that are sustainable. When you heal at the core causal level – the energetic pattern level of the pain or discord, then you shift what you think, feel and do because transformation of the pattern has occurred. This creates truly sustainable and expandable results.

That is why The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System) works! You can avoid the uncomfortable process of typical regressive therapy and analysis that is used to uncover deep issues. This usually causes even more pain because now you know it’s there but don’t know what to do with it. But the good news is, you can get the results you are looking for with the System.

The Solution That Definitely Works!

The Diamond Co-Creative™ System (the System) is a comprehensive assessment and transformation process designed to assist individuals, groups or companies to get where they want to go.

Within a short time, participants through one-on-one and/or webinars, workshops or online courses, have the tools needed to address issues that come up and to achieve the following:

  • Accelerate your awareness, healing, growth and manifestations
  • Understand why you think, feel, say and do the things you do in life, in relationships, in your profession
  • Learn about energetic patterning and what are yours that create the results in your life
  • Find out how multi-dimensional you are and the myriad of energetic systems that affect you
  • Identify and heal wounds, pain and judgments about your decisions, the past and with others
  • Learn how to let go and forgive your Self and others from an emotional level
  • De-entangle from co-dependent and dysfunctional behaviors within your Self and with others
  • Re-pattern the energy at Core Causal levels which can completely heal it once and for all
  • Reconnect to you and the spirit within you so you feel love, fulfilled, safe and secure
  • Find out who you Truly are and what you Truly desire in life
  • Create clarity about your Self, your relationships and your purpose
  • Develop a healthy inner family that loves, accepts and supports in all ways
  • And co-create pathways to be and manifest the MORE of what you dream of and desire!

The reason people remain stuck in patterns that don’t serve them are fear and dysfunctional patterns and paradigms. These can be co-dependency, addictions, victimhood, abandonment, betrayal, etc. or what has been decided based on past experiences. These can subconsciously ‘run’ you.

The System helps you identity and break through these fears, erroneous perceptions, false beliefs, and/or conditioning and programming learned from past experiences. It provides a means to allow the person or group to get to the result you’ve been fighting to achieve. You shift from survival to thrival!

The System can be utilized for transformation, healing, co-creation and manifestation through its different techniques and meditations. It bridges science and spirituality by bringing spirit and nature together through sacred geometry. It activates the human consciousness to a deeper sense of connection, understanding and co-creation.

It is composed of Universal Energy Forms, as seen above, and Templates which are a combination of various Energy Forms. Each Energy Form is based on patterns of sacred geometry and have  specific purposes and qualities which help bring you back to who you Truly are … love which is your Divine Essence. Love is the basis of the Universe and Divine Source. Imagine that! You are the same as Divine Source, underneath any of the fears, pains or wounds may have at the moment and the promise is those can change!

The Energy Forms are multi-dimensional in nature and work on many different levels, physically and etherically. The individual symbols within each Energy Form hold information, codes, colors, frequencies and sounds. They create a pathway to join together the spiritual with the physical, co-creating the MORE that is available. The Energy Forms and Templates work together to bring forth an intent that is focused upon by a person, a project, a group, a company, aligning them with their Divine Essence and the full potential.

The System creates an energetic allowance and means for anyone to move to a deeper level of understanding and healing. It helps to move through the pain quickly, to resolve it quickly and to focus on what is really wanted in life, relationships, careers and all co-creations with others.

And unlike other healing methods, it provides them a means for the next step beyond healing … to step into the MORE of your life and manifest what you truly desire. It gives you a pathway …

  • to step into the joy of a new arena to play within
  • to step into the Master Co-Creator within you
  • to step into moving forward into the expansion of you and all that you do

The System operates within Universal Laws … Universal energetic patterns and structures such as what you project out is what you will receive back. The System is applied to the many other energetic systems that exist such as the Chakra system, the Energy Body system, Numerology, Feng Shui, and the Tree of Life. A multitude of processes and applications have been developed which are taught through our Diamond Life™ Module Workshops.

With an individual or within a project, group or company, the System and its processes will assist to raise the energy level, vibration and consciousness that many have not yet experienced. This System and its components can help individuals, projects, structures, systems, groups, companies and environments to achieve the results they desire and even MORE. The stories are amazing as to the results people achieve!

The System will not give someone more than they can handle. But it will stretch perceptions, comprehensions and shift the co-creations and consciousness to a more expanded level. It brings them to an energetic alignment with the true spirit of themselves and their Divine essence.

All that is required is commitment to the journey and a willingness to let go of the past and allow the brilliance of who you are in all that you do. The result is …

  • The freedom from the pain and the past
  • The freedom to consciously choose and achieve what you desire
  • The freedom to live life in love, joy, passion and any other feeling you desire

Experience a component of the System by checking out the Universal ‘L’ (link to separate page) as a stand-alone tool anyone can use without learning the entire System. It can shift your thoughts, your feelings, your day in an instant with your Self, with another and even at work!

And this is by no means to say to use only this tool to change your life. We would highly recommend that you to commit and invest in your Self, like going back to school – the University of Self – to learn and experience the whole System which will help you experience even more profound affects and acceleration in your awareness, healing, transformations and manifested results!

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  1. Energetic re-patterning assists you to heal issues and the past once and for all!

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