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March 2014 Volume IV Issue 12

Moving Forward & Planting Your Seeds for New Beginnings!

WOW and whew! We made it! Mercury goes direct today and it’s also a New Moon on the first day of March. Why is this so significant and cool? Glad you asked.

New Moons are a time for new beginnings, a time to set intentions for the moon cycle as to what you want to co-create and manifest. Plus it’s the first day of March which for us in North America and Europe is the door opening to usher in the warmth of spring And Spring Equinox is March 20th which is a time to plant new seeds and move forward into new beginnings!  

Co-Creating Divine Union Within

Have you ever taken action knowing within your gut that is wasn’t the right time, the right place or with the right person? How about feeling tired and worn out wondering how you were ever going to continue? Have you ever felt like a piece of you was missing? If so, I know exactly how you feel.

For many, many years, I felt utterly exhausted.Much of it was a result of years spent in a corporate life where I didn’t honor my Self or the feminine aspect within me. In order to survive and succeed in a patriarchal paradigm which has been ours for eons, my tendency was to hold my Self very male like, more projective and active rather than receptive and quiet. It was the only example I’d experienced and the only way I knew to succeed.

To my delight (and relief!) I discovered that you don’t need to be this far out of balance or disconnected in order to be successful, to get things done or to be happy. There is a dance and balance you can play in with your masculine and feminine aspects of your Self.

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January 2014 Volume IV Issue 11

Harness the Year of the Horse to Manifest Your Visions & Goals

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Happy NewYear again! I love how the Universe provides us with opportunities over and over again to energetically begin anew and claim what we desire.

2014 is the year of the Green Wooden Horse. The Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. The Horse is a symbol of movement, competition and victory. It pursues freedom, passion and leadership.

2014 is a 7 Year … What Does It Mean For You?

A ’7′ year is one of self-analysis and spirituality. It is one of personal reflection so take time to be with you and take care of you. Create time throughout the year to spend alone and contemplate your life and your life direction.

This year is an opportunity to be introspective and decide where you want to go and what you want to be. Give the Universe your vision list … do not leave anything out, really think BIG and let your imagination run wild! Let go of
limitations and wondering ‘how’ you will manifest it … that’s the Universe’s job to orchestrate the ‘how’.

Do You Set Goals or Shy Away from Them?

It’s 2014! I love the New Year energy. We can be grateful for what we learned and experienced in 2013 plus leave behind what we no longer want or doesn’t work for us. We can focus on what we do want and make a commitment to attain it!

So is 2014 going to be your best year ever!?! Are you going to allow the magic of potential and success to flow through you and around you? But are you ready to do it? Read on …

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October 2013 Volume IV Issue 9

“Patience my _ _ _, I want it NOW!”

As we shift seasons here in North America from summer to autumn, I have been reflecting back on the summer and the good times I had. I remember sitting by the fire when I was camping with Cydney (my golden retriever). There were great times of reflection and insight that came in as I basked in the outdoors. For those of you that have read my recent articles, Cydney passed away 2 weeks ago so the time with her was really special and I hold it dear within my heart.

Anyway, back to the campfire. I was roasting a marshmallow for my S’More (that yummy treat with a graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow!). When I was young I was so impatient to get the marshmallow done that I would hold it too close to the fire which would set it on fire. I hated burnt marshmallows so I would have to start over again. It took twice or three times as long because of my impatience … it slowed down the process and my ability to bite into my delicious S’More.

10 is the Number of New Beginnings

October is the 10th month of the year. You may be looking at the year and saying. “Wow where did the year go?” What did I accomplish so far? Am I where I want to be? And you probably say yes to some things and no to other pieces. Well, no worries you can always recommit to what you have not done thus far and to what you want!

Catching You Up on What’s Happened … A Tribute to Cydney

You might have wondered … where’s the content, the articles I look forward to from Amanda? We apologize for just sending out marketing announcements because our intention is to be of service with valuable content and resources too but we wanted to keep you informed as to upcoming events so thanks for hanging in there with us.

So let me catch you up on what has happened in the last 2 months and even most recently in the last 3 weeks … personally and in the collective. As you’ve noticed the energies around us are very intense especially with global issues and for us here in the States, government bickering and shut downs. There are a lot of transitions occurring as well such as change in the seasons, deaths (figuratively and literally), and shifts in ways of being, doing business, doing life, doing relationships.
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July 2013 Volume IV Issue 8

Pulling The Weeds to Create the Freedom to BE You!

If you’re like most of us when summer begins, we’re outside in our gardens and yards getting them back in order after a long winter. We pull out the ‘weeds’ so our gardens can come into full bloom and be beautiful and vibrant.

This is a perfect metaphor for tending our ‘inner’ gardens and creating beauty on the inside as well as on the outside of us. We must pluck those ‘weeds’ of negative and discordant thoughts, feelings and beliefs which get in the way of bringing forth that which we desire to manifest in our lives.

What’s the state of your inner garden? Remember those ‘inner’ seeds you planted in March with the arrival of Spring Equinox – the intentions and goals you set to move you forward in achieving your vision and dreams for the different aspects of your life? How are they coming along – have they matured and grown into hearty plants with lots of buds and blooms? Are they beginning to bear fruit?

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June 2013 Volume IV Issue 7

Happy Father’s Day!

June is the month of embracing the masculine. It energetically holds Father’s Day and Summer Solstice which of course are full of masculine energy. It also presents us with Mercury Retrograde beginning on June 25th which lasts for 3 weeks.

Father’s Day

Let’s start with Father’s Day. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate our fathers and remember all that they have contributed to our lives including our births! However, some have great memories, while others don’t. If you don’t, be sure to read on and see how you can shift to celebrating the gift he actually was to you. If you do, how can you go deeper into your gratitude?

One of my favorite memories of my Dad is when he and I were sitting around a campfire in northern Michigan during one of our family camping trips. I was probably only 10 or so. My Mom and brother had gone to bed so he and I had the rare opportunity to share father/daughter time together by ourselves.

Co-Create Your Success with Your Masculine Aspect & Inner Family

Do you realize that you hold a masculine, feminine, inner child, and of course, Divine energies within you? This is the Inner Family comprised of the different aspects of you in which you co-create your life and what’s manifested within it.

Each aspect has a different vibration and qualities they bring to the table so to speak. Within each aspect they hold their own energetic patterns of thoughts, feelings and beliefs based on past experiences, conditioning and programming applicable to that particular aspect thus applicable to you as a whole.

Think about it. Aren’t there days in which all you want to do is do, do, do while other days you just want to be, take a break, relax and even meditate? Other times all you want to do is explore and play. As you observe how you feel during these times, can you recognize what aspect of you that you are co-creating with?

Basically, if you’re in the doing and thinking mode, it’s the masculine. If you’re in the being and feeling mode, it’s the feminine. If you’re in the play and adventure mode, it’s the inner child.

Many of us have had to lead with the masculine most of our lives. Why? Because we were conditioned to do so due to the patriarchal world we have lived in fir many millennia. We were taught to be strong, logical and to persevere no matter what.

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May 2013 Volume IV Issue 6

The Energies of May & the Eclipses … What Does It All Mean?

May is a month of ‘shaking it up’ which can bring about a lot stress and turmoil but it can also open the doors to  opportunities for healing and transformation. With two eclipses occurring … the New Moon/Solar Eclipse today, Thursday, May 9th, 8:23 EDT and a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, May 25th, I would say hold onto your hat, it’s going to be a ride!

And you’re the one who has the choice as to what kind of ride it will be …. a fun roller coaster ride or a bumpy, twisted ride. If you’re one who tends to resist change both internally and externally, then you might feel like it”s really bumpy with lots of struggle, suffering and upset. Then during this time, you’re being asked to step out of your ‘familiar’ zone and deal with the discomfort and what no longer works for you or within in your life, relationships, career, health, etc.

Honoring The Mother

Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a time of celebration when we stand up and salute our mothers. In many families for many sons and daughters, it’s easy to feel our hearts full of  gratitude and appreciation for our moms. We respect and honor our moms for all that they are, all they do and all that they do for us.

At least, that’s the ideal scenario but what if this isn’t true for you? Many times, sons and daughters feel their mothers weren’t there for them. They have their stories about how their mothers ‘should’ have been or how they ‘should’ have shown up. Maybe she was not emotionally or physically there for you. Maybe she said some hurtful things to you or about you. Maybe she didn’t listen, acknowledge or support you in ways you would have liked. And worse case scenario perhaps there was some type of abuse … physical, sexual, verbal, mental or emotional.

Embracing Your Divine Feminine

Within each one of us, exist an Inner Family. The Inner Family consists of our Feminine, Masculine, Inner Child and Divine energetic aspects of us. You can learn more about this by reading The Universal Laws of Divine Union & Polarities.

Typically, I have found with most of my clients and even with my Self, our feminine aspect is shut down. Not surprising, as we look back in time, the feminine has not really been valued. People shied away from being emotional and weren’t allowed to express their feelings. Stay at home moms were not as valued as the men who went to work and brought home the bacon so to speak. I have many women clients who still feel if they don’t contribute financially to the family, then they are not valuable or worthy even though their ‘job’ is taking care of the children and home. This is how we have been wired over the centuries to think, feel and believe.

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April 2013 Volume IV Issue 5

April … An Opportunity for Resurrection & Rejuvenation

We are in the midst of a transition on many levels … winter to spring, separation to unity, fear to love. Energetically we are being ‘pushed’ into healing and transformation due to the astrological elements and evolving consciousness into the Aquarian Age.

It actually is an exciting time in which you can manifest what you heart has desired. But usually with shifts comes change. If you resist the changes that are being required, then they will persist until you take action.

So what is it within you that is being called forth to resurrect … your Self, your aspirations, your dreams? What have you buried so deep due to pains of the past, concerns of ‘what ifs’ or distrust and disbelief that you can or it can be so?

It’s Time for a Cosmic Reboot!

As you review your life: Are you happy? Are your relationships loving and fulfilling? Do you have the type of body and health you want? Are your bank accounts full? Have you attained the goals and dreams you desire?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then it’s time for a Cosmic Reboot!

Most people wait until crisis (accidents, death, health problems, financial struggles, work issues, relationships in dire straits or break-ups) occurs, or they just can’t stand what’s going on within
them and around them and they say, “I’m so done with this!” before they take action to something about it.

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March 2013 Volume IV Issue 4

The Universal Laws of Divine Union & Polarity

Divine Union

Have you ever wondered why your life is out of balance? Why tasks and projects are a struggle or never seem to be completed? Why your relationships don’t really work for you? Are you unhappy and unfulfilled in your life and/or career? Have you felt like something seems off, not operating in sync and not connected? If any of these questions apply to you, then I invite you to consider the dynamics of your energy within.

The Universal Law of Divine Union can answer so many of these questions and provide you with solutions as well. Remember, everything is energy and you in turn are a combination of energetic patterns and dynamics. Divine Union is actually two‐fold. First, the union is between you and your ‘I AM’ Presence – your Divine-cell consciousness, and second, is the union of Masculine and  Feminine energetics within you. There actually is no separation between you and Divine Source, spirit and matter, Father Sky and Mother Earth. However, due to past pain and conditioning, most people believe in or feel separation rather than a sense of Oneness.

March … The Month of Awakening & New Beginnings

As we enter into the month of March … it’s like the lion awakening from his nap, yawning, stretching and surveying the scene around him, or as the bear peeks his nose out from his cave to see what’s going on after months of winter slumber. The energies of March give us a chance to awaken too. We are supported to look around for ourselves and determine what new seeds we want to plant as spring arrives on Spring Equinox.

With Mercury still in retrograde until March 17th, we have the prime opportunity to revisit places in our lives and relationships that may not be working out in the ways we desire. Or it may be time to move on or complete a project that is long overdue. Or it’s time to put an end to living and creating from the past which you may have been doing subconsciously for days, weeks, months, years, decades or lifetimes.

They Say “The Truth Will Set You Free!”

Yes, it CAN … free from the past, free from the things unknown and free from the denial of what’s true for you. In working with hundreds of clients and those with co-dependent issues, I see it is essential to address and resolve DENIAL. It is key to their healing and recovery.

When you deny what you are feeling by ignoring or stuffing the emotion, then you deny what’s going on within you and around you. Emotions are your gauge to alert you that something feels good, something feels off, something feels terribly wrong. They are your internal guidance system to let you know, “hey, this isn’t working for me” or “I don’t like what’s happening with this person (or situation).” When you deny these feelings, you disconnect from your Self and you become out of touch with you, others and reality.

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February 2013 Volume IV Issue 3

February … The Month of The Heart & Love

Interestingly enough, in America, February is the month for Heart Awareness. And as we all know, it is also the month of Love with Valentine’s Day on February 14th. So what is at the heart of the matter for you? Since 2013’s theme is all about relationships, and how love, service and responsibility plays out in them including the one with your Self, what comes up for you?

Are you happy with your relationships? Are you happy with the relationship you have with your Self? Do they work for you? What happens when you do not have a significant other during this month of love? Has your heart been broken due to hurt, disappointment or a relationship ending? Have you completely let go of it or does the pain from the past bleed into any new or current relationship? Are you finally sick and tired of feeling this way ready to move on so you can create something new?

It’s Time to Fall in Love With Your Self!

“There are two basic motivating forces … fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” ― John Lennon

Imagine, as you wake up in the morning, you give your Self a great big hug, you’re happy to be alive, you feel good about your Self, you love and accept your Self no matter what. Imagine, as put you put your feet on the floor, you are excited to start the day even if there are challenges or obstacles you must address. Imagine, knowing and trusting you are the creator, you are the ‘I AM’ who can create the experiences you Truly desire and you look forward to it as you move into the day.

Maybe you can’t imagine this. Maybe you can’t envision this for your Self. Well, it can be so. The first step towards making this a reality for you, is to be totally and utterly in love with your Self. Unfortunately, many look to the outside to fall in love and to be in love. And through their experiences they become disappointed, hurt and even disillusioned with love. What they have forgotten is to be in love with themselves despite who is in their life or what is going on around them.

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January 2013 Volume IV Issue 2

What is 2013 All About?

2013 is a ’6′ year …
a year of love, service & responsibility.

2013 is a ’6′ year which is all about love, service and responsibility. You have the responsibility … the ability to respond and the opportunity to make new choices in your life, your relationships, your health, your purpose, your vocation, your money, your spirit.

2013 provides you support to create the type of relationships you desire to have through love and to be of service, not only to others but most importantly to your Self. If you are not full, then you cannot fill others in healthy, vibrant, loving and empowered ways for both you and them.

Do Your Relationships Work For You?

What does it mean, “do your relationships work for you?” Well, are you happy in them? Do you feel fulfilled, passionate, energized, engaged within them? Are they Loving? Caring? Supportive? Honoring? Respectful? Fun? Would you consider them amazing relationships?

Or do you find your Self more often than not … frustrated, deflated, disappointed, angry within them? Are they constantly full of drama, struggle, arguments, upset and pain? Do you feel misunderstood or not able to express your Self? Do you find your Self chasing after someone or something to feel better, loved, accepted, approved of or validated?

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December 2012 Volume IV Issue 1

What is 2013 All About?

“A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway.”

Happy Winter Solstice! And we have arrived!
Today is the 12/21/12 Mayan calendar pinnacle point. It is a time of shift. As you have probably noticed, throughout the last few months and especially the last few weeks, days and hours, the ups and downs of life. Many have experienced extremes … the very highs and even the very lows including deep depression and questioning life.

This is all a process of us shifting into a fifth dimensional vibration and operating from a foundation of love, service and thrival rather than from a third dimensional base of fear, separation and survival. The fifth dimension is one of synchronicity, allowance, ease and flow versus struggle, resistance, effort and drain. It is also a state of cooperation, collaboration and co-creation versus competition and dog eat dog energy.

Stress During the Holidays & With Your Family?
Plus 5 Tips to Thrive During the Holidays!

The holidays again??? Are the holidays a joyful experience for you or is there some sort of dread to it?

Holidays seem to bring up ‘stuff’ within ourselves as well as with our families and friends. Part of it, is due to the expectations we or others put upon ourselves during the holiday seasons. The other part is generally unresolved feelings or issues tied to past pains, wounds or upsets.

Does it feel like when you walk through your family’s front door you go into a time wharp and you seem to revert to being that 10-year kid again? Sometimes it’s a good thing while other times, you may feel old feelings and thoughts come up about your Self or them. You see them through the filters of the past rather than the present. And a lot of times, it’s the way they see you too.

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Connecting the Dots .-.-.-. Create & Live Your Diamond Life Newsletters

This series of newsletters present how all of life and the Universe are connected through Universal Laws and spiritual principles. They give practical examples of how to apply and live them within your life. The result is you can let go and allow the Universe to support and guide you to the MORE that is available to you! To further understand how to integrate and utilize Universal Laws, be sure to read the March/April 2008 newsletter.

March/April 2008 Volume III Issue 2
The Universal Law of Compassion

What if today was your loved one’s last day here on earth, or for that matter, your last day? How differently would you treat your Self or your loved one? Would you forgive  and let go of past pains, worries, traumas, and ill will toward your Self or one another? Would anything in the past really matter? Contemplating such questions invites us to consider how invoking the Universal Law of Compassion within our lives could shift our consciousness by utilizing it as one of our guiding principles.

Within the consciousness of compassion, there is love free of conditions, there is no judgment, and there is acceptance of one’s True Nature which, of course, is Divine Love. Compassion does not see the past, it sees neither race nor color, rich or poor,
nor better than or less than.

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January/February 2008 Volume III Issue 1
The Universal Law of Reflection

Wow! Another new year? Where did all the time go? As you look back, did you achieve all that you set out to do last year? Are you here you want to be in all aspects of your life? How long did you follow through on your New Year’s resolutions? Or did they sputter out within a few days or a few weeks?

Well, now we get to start all over again. The good news is 2008 is the year of New Beginnings! In numerology, it is a ‘10’ year (2+0+0+8 = 10) which provides the positive energies of: creativity, expansion, progression and future oriented, leadership with courage, knowledge, interactive, self sufficient, high aspirations, and magnetic forces to assist in our creations...

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November/December 2007 Volume II Issue 6
The Universal Law of Forgiveness

Imagine waking up one morning and there is a glow about you, burdens of the past have been lifted, the heaviness of your heart has been lightened. You no longer are filled with pain, grief, anger, or resentment, and your spirit feels free to live once again. You feel an energy that allows you to love and create from your brilliant Divine Essence! You may ask how can this be, how can this happen for me?

It is through the Law of Forgiveness that the gates open to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s not the Heaven above. Rather it is the Heaven that we can create within and here on earth by fully embracing the vibration of Love (Living Only Vibrant Energy). If we lived in a world in which only love and acceptance existed, would we need the Law of Forgiveness? We would not. Forgiveness is needed because at some point, there is judgment or blame of Self, others, or a situation. When judgment and blame occur, separation is created, and love is no longer present. When love is present, there is no longer separation or the need for forgiveness.

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September/October 2007 Volume II Issue 5
The Universal Laws of Perfection & Pure Potentiality

Acchhhh! It’s not right! I can’t seem to get it! Why am I so afraid to go for it and get it done? Do I fear success, failure, or a little of both? When will my life be different? When will I come to understand what it is that I am to do with my life and how to fulfill my purpose? When will I feel worthy, deserving, or good enough to manifest it and receive from the Universe the abundance of my Highest Potential? Are you hearing my confusion, despair, and prayers!?! Is anybody out there listening!?!

Ever have one of those days? If so, here is a reminder of two Universal Laws which can assist you in navigating through those pesky thoughts and feelings of worry, doubt, guilt, shame, lack of self-esteem and confidence, depression, pain, or just plain being tired of it all. The first is the Law of Perfection. Divine Source only sees the perfection of who you are in any given moment.

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June/July 2007 Volume II Issue 4
The Laws of Detachment & Faith

Today, you have the choice of freedom. And as with most choices, it means change occurs and life as we know it will no longer be. What if you allowed your Self to let go of the something or someone that no longer serves you to have in your life anymore, or that you no longer need or desire? What if you choose to let go of what once was . . . the past … and not be attached to its memories whether the memories are that of love and/or pain? What if you choose to be in the present moment and utilized the past only as a reference point, a record? What if you choose not to be attached to the outcome of a present circumstance, a relationship, a project, or anything or anywhere else you have invested your energy?

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April/May 2007 Volume II Issue 3
The Laws of Vibration & Success

How many of you have felt that you have failed many times at what you set out to do? How many compare your success with others? How many base the criteria of success on someone else’s standard, your bank account, or the types of relationships in your life? In other words, your success is measured by the outside not from the inside.

The Law of Success is truly about you and the integration of your True Self (or one could say Higher Self) and the God Force of the Universe. It is the ability to create from an energy of synthesizing simplicity and synchronicity which brings Love –Living Only Vibrant Energy. The simplicity is that of, less is more, because you allow Spirit to work through you.

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February/March 2007 Volume II Issue 2
The Laws of Attraction, Desire & Intention

The Law of Attraction is a basic law of manifestation but there are others that feed into the energy of attraction. We must first lay a strong foundation of what it is that we want to attract and understand the energetics behind the creative process. Without this foundation, we will attract quite the opposite of what we want in our lives.

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January 2007 Volume II Issue 1
The Universal Laws of Patterns & Manifestation

As we begin the advent of the New Year, we have the opportunity to set the intentions and movements to create the life we truly desire. To do this we must first understand energy and the Laws of Patterns and Manifestation, once again reminding everyone that everything is energy. We are spiritual beings having an experience in a more dense form of energy, our physical body.

The Law of Patterns helps us comprehend that energetic patterns affect how we create our lives. The thoughts, decisions, and actions we take as a result of experiences stored in our cellular memory and the conditioning which is learned through … our culture, society, family, peers, history and lineage. Since all thoughts, feelings, words and action are energy, they create the physical manifestation of what we focus upon.

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October 2006 Volume I Issue 1 Includes:
Conscious Choice – Bridging & Weaving the Physical & Spiritual Together

Conscious choice.  Conscious choice is learning to bridge and weave the physical and spiritual together. It is not just talking the talk but actually walking in the spirit of choosing to live life consciously.

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