Why Meditation?

There are thousands of scientific studies about the benefits of meditation, not only for physical health reasons, but because of the positive affects it has on our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being too. Meditation is the pathway to feel connected, to feel centered and to be tapped into your power.

The result is you feel more in control, more creative and more open to be aware of what’s true for you and what’s around you. You can consciously co-create with a sense of purpose, confidence, trust and knowingness because there is a flow between you and the Universe and between your mind (thoughts and beliefs) and intuition (feelings). Thus your decisions, behaviors and actions are guided through a heart centered space within you and with others.

Here are Some Examples of Its Results:
Meditation decreases oxygen consumption, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, and increases the intensity of alpha, theta, and delta brain waves—the opposite of the physiological changes that occur during [stress]. Herbert Benson, M.D. Harvard Medical

Meditators were less anxious and neurotic, more spontaneous, independent, self-confident, empathetic, and less fearful of death. Atlantic Monthly, May, 1991

“Recent research has looked at precisely what happens during meditation that allows it to cause these positive physical changes…A group of people who had meditated for four months [were found to produce] less of the stress hormone cortisol. They were therefore better able to adapt to stress in their lives, no matter what their circumstances were.” Psychology Today, May 2001

“The three-month study of managers and employees who regularly practiced meditation in [Puritan-Bennett Corporation] showed that meditation practitioners displayed more relaxed physiological functioning, greater reduction in anxiety, and reduced tension on the job, when compared to control subjects with similar job positions in the same companies.”

For William W. George, retiring chairman and CEO, Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis, meditation fits the bill. He meditates at home for 20 minutes twice a day, typically before and after work. “It helps sort things out, gets me prepared, and relieves a lot of the stress….Quite frankly; many of my most creative thoughts have come out of meditation.” Tim Steven, Industry Week, November 2000

As part of Amanda’s contribution to you, she wants to gift you with (2) COMPLIMENTARY meditations to help you along the way:

The Connection & Grounding Meditation
This meditation is utilized to help you connect with your Self and the Universe as well as ground you on this planet or within the energy you desire. This is an excellent tool to begin and end your day with to set the tone of alignment with your True Self, Divine Love and your Highest Potential.


The Universal ‘L’ Healing Meditation
Help yourself, your relationships, others and the planet by using the Universal ‘L’ meditation. You can utilize this for Alignment with Universal Love, Universal Co-Creation and what you desire to focus upon. It will help you to achieve and manifest within your Self, within relationships and with situations your desired results or whatever is in the Highest Order and Potential for all. Help heal the planet and those places and people who have been affected by natural disaster, uprisings or war.


Get the Universal ‘L’ e-book which has the different colors of the ‘L’s and methods to use them along with the guided meditation and recorded teachings.

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A special thank you to Paul Armitage for providing the music for the meditations. You can find the music from his Healing of the Divine Mother CD at

If you would like a meditation for healing core issues and energetic patterns, check out Amanda’s Healing Present & Past Life Energetics CD which includes teachings and a guided regression and healing meditation.

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