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Create & Thrive in the Life You Desire!
This is a radio interview with Amanda Butler with Mike Holloway on Metaphysically Speaking. She talks about how you can create a new foundation in your life based on love versus fear and why looking at your energetic patterning can be limiting or blocking you from what you really want. She reviews how ‘shoulds’ become a negative motivator and keeps you from achieving your goals and living your dreams. Plus she explains how energetics, Universal Laws and spiritual principles affect you and how you can utilize them to positively impact your life.


The Connection & Grounding Meditation
This meditation is utilized to help you connect with your Self and the Universe as well as ground you on this planet or within the energy you desire. This is an excellent tool to begin and end your day with to set the tone of alignment with your True Self, Divine Love and your Highest Potential.


5 Tips to Enliven Your Spirit! e-Book
This COMPLIMENTARY gift of 5 Tips to Enliven Your Spirit! e-Book will assist you in finding clarity and direction to connect with yourself on all levels … physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and to know what you really desire for your life.

The physical body is a reflection of what is occurring within your other bodies of consciousness … emotional, mental and spiritual. Many don’t connect the dots in this way and typically react to symptoms of what is going on physically i.e. pain, illness and disease. But all of your bodies are the sum of whole … your Self.

Each body is interlinked with each other and affects one another so it is important to take care of all aspects of your health and well-being. The emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are a direct link to what occurs in your physical body as well as your physical manifestations and results in life.

Wellness and vitality in your physical body and the well-being of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies help you to become tuned in, tapped in and enlivened to create the life, relationships and profession you desire. Your creativity, passion, inspiration and motivation thrive throughout all parts of your life. You feel happy, confident, productive and successful!

But what if this is not the case for you. For example, if you are constantly tired or sick, what are your bodies trying to show you? 

  • Are you depressed because you feel stuck in a relationship or job you don’t like?
  • Are you not expressing what you are really feeling and wanting to another?
  • Are you doing what you think you ‘should’ do or what others want you to do to make them happy?
  • Are you leaving your dreams behind because of others or the naysayers and/or doubters within your own mind? 

I understand. I’ve been there. Almost 30 years ago, I was in a marriage that didn’t work, a job I didn’t like, feeling lost and afraid and thought the world was against me. I felt dead inside even though I was following the path of what I supposedly ‘should’ do or accomplish in life. There was no spark or spirit left within me; it was as if someone, something had put out my fire … my creativity, my passion, my desire, my purpose, my hope, my will. 

So I chose to embark on a personal journey of self-exploration and discovery, healing of the past and the allowance of spirituality into my life. It was the best choice I ever made! I was committed to do whatever it took to feel better, to feel alive again. I was willing to let go of the past and what I knew to embrace a change with new ideas and practices. 

I chose to look at my Self and my life honestly and deeply. I looked at what worked and did not work for me, what I liked and what I did not like. Sometimes, I didn’t know what to do with it or what I really wanted so I kept digging. It also meant rocking the boat so to speak in my life, relationships and work but I knew the other ‘way’ wasn’t working. I was open to receiving a lot of assistance from books, workshops, healing practitioners and coaches to guide me through it because I knew I could not, nor did I want to, do it alone.

Eventually, I reconnected with my Self and my spirit within which resulted in my sense of confidence, power and knowingness returning. I finally believed that I could co-create what I really desired. I established new practices in my life such as journaling, meditations and discovery and healing processes. They helped me then and now keep connected and expand into new awareness, new understandings and new ways of ‘be’-ing and ‘do’-ing each and every day.

You can do the same!

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By combining it with the download of the above meditation, you have taken two steps towards shifting your life and claiming the MORE!

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