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The Universal ‘L’…Universal Love & Co-CreationUniversalL JayAmanda

The Universal ‘L’ is a component of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which accelerates awareness, healing, transformation, alignment and manifestation. This powerful and effective sacred geometric technology of Universal Love and Co-Creation helps you to energetically shift and align your vibrations to create the freedom to ‘BE’ who you Truly are and manifest your FULLEST POTENTIAL.

You can T.A.M.E. Your Life with The Universal ‘L’ to …
the aspects of your Self and your life, relationships, health, finances, career or business which no longer serves or works for you.
ALIGN with the Love, Joy and Passion of who you TRULY are and co-create within your Purpose and what you REALLY want, rather than be stuck in fear or past pain, mistakes and failures.
MANIFEST the goals, dreams and visions that you have for your life, your well-being and health, your relationships, your money and your career or business.
EXPAND into your MORE and the MORE of what life and the Universe has to offer you … MORE connection, happiness, confidence, prosperity and success and claim it as yours!

Each track of music is the sound vibration of the different colors of the Universal ‘L’s plus a Universal ‘L’ within the triple colored diamonds … Blue Diamond (Divine Truth), Pink Diamond (Divine Love and Compassion) and White Diamond (Divine Potential). There is also a guided meditation for healing, alignment, manifestation and expansion.

To download your FREE e-Book of T.A.M.E. Your Life with The Universal ‘L’ which you can utilize with the music and in your life, relationships and MORE because it includes the different colored Universal ‘L’s, teachings about them and a recording explaining them, click here!

Listen to The Colored Diamonds with Universal ‘L’ track!

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SoulsJourneyFrontJayAmandaA Soul’s Journey … Align With Your Diamond Potential!

Experience a journey back to your Soul’s Essence and your Diamond Potential to create the life you want and deserve! With this empowering music, you can reconnect and create Divine alignment with your True Self to co-create a Diamond Life™ full of love, prosperity, joy, passion and success! Listen to this CD for pure enjoyment and/or as a tool to assist you in your meditations, healing, co-creations and expansion!

“This CD is so powerful! Each track is totally amazing and I felt the music in my chakras as I listened. It was an awesome experience which left me uplifted within my spirit and my physical body feeling great. Thank you!” – Lynne, MI

A Soul’s Journey … Align With Your Diamond Potential! was commissioned by Amanda Butler to co-create with Paul Armitage the sound vibrational music held within The Universal Energy Forms of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System). The System is a powerful and effective sacred geometric technology which assists you to connect and align with your Highest Diamond Potential of your Soul. It provides a pathway to accelerate awareness, healing, transformation, manifestation and expansion.

Paul is a highly gifted composer and she wanted to co-create with him to download the sound awaiting to be expressed by the System. He connected with each of Universal Energy Forms and the Universal Manifestation Template which are a part of the System and channeled in the sound vibrational music held within each of them. Sound is a valuable tool to help you connect, heal, create and expand!

This music is also part of the Reconnect With Your Soul’s Essence: A Diamond Co-Creative System™ 28-Day Journey which includes the System’s Universal Energy Forms, Universal Manifestation Template, daily meditations and suggestions of how to utilize the System in everyday life. It offers you the ability to focus on what you really desire and ways to co-create success in specific areas of your life … your well-being, health, relationships, money, career or business and much, much more!

Each track of the CD correlates with each of the Universal Energy Forms which are based on sacred geometry and hold different frequencies, qualities, sound, light language and purpose. In addition, we added in the Universal Manifestation Template which can be used to manifest a specific intention, vision or dream.

Listen to The Universal Manifestation Template track!

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Expand Your Soul’s Journey: BE the Brilliance of Your True Self!Expansion CD JayAmanda

Welcome to Expand Your Soul’s Journey … BE The Brilliance of Your True Self! This music assists you in ‘BE’-ing and co-creating … In GRATITUDE of the Past, Living in the GRACE of the Present, GROUNDED in the Unknown of the Future and Operatizing WISDOM.

The CD is an extension of A Soul’s Journey music in which you can listen to one or the other CD for pure enjoyment, or for the purpose of Transformation and Expansion into MORE of your Brilliance and True expression of your Soul’s Essence.

Expand Your Soul’s Journey will help you FEEL and KNOW who you Truly are through the Unification of your personality/egoic Self with your Soul’s Essence while ‘BE’-ing GROUNDED on this planet. It opens the doorway so you can co-create your MORE … MORE Love, Joy, Peace, Passion, Prosperity and that which you desire!

Each music track correlates with a Cosmic Energy Form and the Cosmic Unification Template of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System). The System is a powerful and effective sacred geometric technology which assists you to connect and align with your Highest Potential providing a pathway to accelerate your Journey.

You can experience and expand into MORE connection with your Soul’s Essence and your Mastery by utilizing the new Cosmic Energy Forms and Cosmic Unification Template of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ on a daily basis and within your healing or meditation routines. Find out more about the new program … Expansion Within Your Soul’s Essence: A 10-Day Journey Into Your MORE! by Clicking Here!

Listen to The Cosmic Unification Template track!

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Paul Armitage provides Musical Soul Portraits for individuals recorded onto CD … your own one of a kind, spontaneously performed composition. The portrait musically expresses the Beauty of your unique Soul Essence, serving as a powerful tool of Self-Remembrance to remind you of the greatness of your True Self.

“In the days when I felt unhappy, confused and disconnected from my Self, I invested into a Musical Soul Portrait. From the moment I listened to it, I felt a connection to my Self that I never experienced before and the hope and inspiration that my life could change. It helped me to discover the love, joy, passion, creativity and purpose I now have in my life and my work! ”
– Amanda Butler

Healing Present & Past Energetics Life
CD to Help You Release & Re-Pattern The Past!

2013-front-cover-finalTo assist Amanda in her own process, she sought out and studied methodologies and experiences to heal energetics at a core causal level … at the root of where it began. She developed The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and teaches what she found works to shift and resolve issues once and for all. 

The Healing Present & Past Life Energetics CD includes teachings about energetic patterning and healing including information about past lives on Track 1. On Track 2, Amanda guides you through a healing regression mediation with a process of identifying, letting go and forgiving and re-patterning an experience, pain, wound or trauma from the past (this lifetime or another).

If you believe in past lives, great, and if not that’s okay too. It’s not necessary for you to believe in them in order to reap the benefits of this process.

This CD is a powerful tool that many clients and students utilize on their own and help them when issues, pain or drama pop up. It will assist you to continue your process and address the different levels of healing that occur.

You can order Healing Present & Past Life Energetics as a CD or MP3 Downloads:

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You Will Overcome

In a 2009, a poll showed 47% of the employed worried about losing their jobs and nearly 71% say they know someone – a friend or a relative – who has lost a job in the past six months. Concerns about job loss leads to anxiety and depression. And it really hasn’t improved over the last few years.

Plus we have those who would typically be retired now working part time jobs at Wal-Mart and McDonalds to make ends meet. We continue to live with the uncertainty of the economy, governments and global crises. When we rely on the outside to make us feel safe and secure then these challenges can take you off center and instill fear.

Author and teacher, Amanda Butler knows this all too well because she lived it 15 years ago. She left corporate without any Plan B and felt she had no identity other than seeing herself as a Vice President. She did not know who she was without her job or what she was passionate about anymore. She felt lost and was fearful as to how would she pay her bills and survive this change.

Through her own process and this experience, she moved from profession to purpose and passion. She answered the call to help people refocus their lives and achieve new goals regardless of the economy or their situation. As a teacher and facilitator, she and others from across the globe joined together to share their journeys of success and triumph over personal and career tragedies and challenges in the book entitled, You Will Overcome.

In this book, Amanda tells her story of suddenly leaving the corporate world after 20 years as a Corporate Executive without a Plan B to undertake the transitioning of her life into that of True success and vision. She now teaches these transition skills and processes in The Diamond Life™ program with a system she developed. She utilized this system – The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to assist her in her own journey. These powerful programs and system are designed to heal the past and empower people to build a new, powerful foundation that transforms their lives and futures.

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