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  • Are you unhappy where you are at in relationships and life in general?
  • Do you find it hard to connect with your Self or others?
  • Do you feel empty inside or alone even in the midst of a crowd?
  • Are you unfulfilled in life, relationships, work or lack purpose?
  • Do you feel stuck or have no energy to move forward to attain your goals?
  • Are you looking for more but don’t know what it is or how to get there?

Our Success Tools provide information, tools and solutions to help you begin or expand your
healing and spiritual process in your journey of life to create your Diamond Life Success. We have FREE e-books and meditations, assessments, articles, newsletters and our monthly archived radio program, Freedom for the Soul to support and assist you in changing your life in ways that work!

The Solution That Works … The Diamond Co-Creative System™!
The Diamond Co-Creative System™ has been developed by Amanda Butler to assist you with your exploration, discovery, healing and manifestations. It is unique and different than other healing methods because it provides the pathway for you to continue your journey and really create the life you desire after healing your core issues once and for all. The System is taught One-on-One or in the Diamond Life™ webinars and workshops.

The Universal ‘L’ – Universal Love & Universal Co-Creation
A simple and powerful component of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ that anyone can use throughout the day at work, in relationships and with themselves to co-create the results they want … success at work, happier and smoother relationships, helping others when they are challenged or more connection and understanding of themselves.

We offer a FREE T.A.M.E. Your Life with The Universal ‘L’ e-book for you to experience the profound affect this tool can have with you and others.

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Create & Thrive in the Life You Desire! FREE MP3 

This is a radio interview in which Amanda talks about why energetic healing is the solution to healing issues at the core root so you are done with them forever. In addition, she gives you more understanding as to how energy patterns work and how they affect your thoughts, feelings, beliefs thus your decisions, behaviors, habits, actions and results. This can help you see a way to take back control of your life!
Healing and changes begin when you become aware of the issues underlying your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Co-Dependent Assessment Co-Dependency is not a four letter word but it does impact 99.9999% of us in one way or another. By taking this survey, you will receive a recap of your results which will reveal why your thoughts, feelings, beliefs thus your decisions, behaviors and outcomes are influenced  by your co-dependent traits and characteristics. The assessment will help you identify and become aware of how your co-dependent patterns can run you and affect various aspects of your life, your relationships, your career.

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A Complimentary 15-minute Consultation
This consultation is an exploration into how Amanda can help you and what will serve you the greatest among our services and programs that we offer.

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