Soul Talks with Amanda


Transformational Soul Talks with Amanda
Reveal & Activate Your Soul Destiny Codes &
MORE Love, Connection & Your Highest Potential!
Next Soul Talk in Ashland, Mondays 11/23 & 12/14!

This intimate evening brings forth the opportunity to connect within and build the CORE of who you Truly are … your Soul’s Essence while co-creating within community. Gather with us to co-create a personal experiential event for your Self and the group. The evening is interactive and include teachings, Q&A, meditation and activation with your Soul destiny codes to access and integrate a vibrational alignment with your Soul, love and the Oneness that is.

Tap into and experience your power within so you can build your CORE and stand within it. This experience will help you realize (become illuminated), expand and integrate the new frequencies which are pouring through on the planet so you feel grounded, love and empowered no matter what is occurring around you. You then have the power within to focus upon and receive what you desire.

Only with

You will receive one of the Universal or Cosmic Energy Form of the Month from The Diamond Co-Creative System™  which accelerates the awareness, connection and full expression of Love and your True Self. They assist you to balance your masculine and feminine energies as well as assimilate your Soul’s Essence with your personality/egoic Self so you can vibrationally align with and operate from love and the spiritual level of your CORE and the MORE of you … personally and professionally.

The Diamond Co-Creative System™ is a sacred geometric technology that accelerates awareness, healing and transformation to connect with your Soul’s Essence and activate your Highest Potential and the MORE. This enables you to open up to receive and increase your frequency so you can create vibrational alignment and attraction with your Soul’s destiny and to thrive and manifest what you REALLY want!

Plus there will be personal messages channeled in for individuals & a group activation.
Feel the love of your Self & the group while being a part of community!
Available Monthly Live in Ashland, OR and in 2016 Via Webinar too!

Energy Form Strip

Each month we will focus on one Universal or Cosmic Energy Form and the teachings and experience it provides. We will be delving into the energetic vibrations of how to connect to, maintain and ‘own’ your energy fields to stand within:
Foundation Based on Love & Thrival
Creation … Tapping Into Your Passion
Power Within
Compassion with Your Self & Others
Anchor in the Vibrations of Your Highest Potential
Expression of Your True Self
Receive Love & All That You Desire
Connection to Your Soul’s Essence & the Universe
Gratitude of the Past
Grace in Living in the Present Moment
Grounded in the Unknown of the Future
Wisdom which is Operatized to Create Your MORE!
Each of above are a name of a Universal or Cosmic Energy Form and the qualities and vibrations they bring to you.

The Universal and Cosmic Energy Forms are holographic and hold different frequencies, qualities, sound, Light Language and purpose. They work with your energy fields, cellular memory, Chakras and Bodies at multi-dimensional levels. They can activate the remembrance of your True Self and help you merge with your Soul’s Essence.

The Energy Forms assist you to activate your Soul codes and to heal what may be out of alignment with your True Self … your Soul’s Essence and your desires which can include genetic and lineage encodings, present and past life experiences, conditioning, programming and energetic patterns. Patterns can affect you positively and negatively in many different ways and support or hinder you from manifesting what you want. BUT the Energy Forms will help to realign your vibrations to match your desires!

Soul Talks are held locally in Ashland, OR: Monday, 11/23 from 7-9pm, $20 or less if you register for more than one month.
To register, invest below or contact Amanda directly at 541.897.4278 or 248.761.9568; location will be given once you’ve registered.

November’s Topic:
Connect With & Activate Your Highest Potential of Divine Creation with the Ability to Express & Operate From the Alignment & Energies of Your Soul’s Essence & Love
Universal or Cosmic Energy Form for the Month: Creation

PLUS Mark your Calendar for December on Monday, 12/14, 7-9pm
Universal Energy Form: Power

Stay tuned for Soul Talks on radio and webinar 2016!

Investment Includes:
One of the Universal Or Cosmic Energy Form for the Talk, the teachings with Q&A and an experiential activation and meditation.
$20 for (1) Talk
$50 for (3) Talks – SAVE $10!
$90 for (6) Talks – SAVE $30
$120 for (12) Talks – SAVE $120

Have Questions? Call Amanda at 541.897.4278 or Book a FREE 15-Minute Consultation with Amanda by Clicking Here!

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