diamondExpansion Within Your Soul’s Essence:
A 10-Day Journey Into Your MORE!
Plus Introducing
The NEW Cosmic Energy Forms & Cosmic Unification Template

This cosmic journey into your MORE offers you to ability to connect with your Self, your Soul’s Essence and the Universe at a deeper and MORE expanded vibrational and consciousness level. Experience MORE Love, acceptance, grace, gratitude and wisdom while feeling MORE connected and grounded both to the Heavens and to the Earth within you and around you.

We are continually experiencing and actually being ‘pushed’ toward (whether you want to or not) to feel and co-create within the new frequencies of the fifth dimension and Age of Aquarius which are calling us all to ‘BE’ MORE love, acceptance and compassion with ourselves and with others. We are being called forth to LIVE and ‘BE’ our Soul’s Essence and have it express through our personality/egoic Self. Plus we are being called forth to live and operate in a vibration of Co-Creation, Collaboration and Cooperation. It is no longer the age of competition, comparison or separation.

To resist any of this will continue to bring you discomfort, struggle and pain as you have in the past and with energetic patterns, behaviors and habits that no longer work or serve you, others and the planet. If you are in reaction of a situation or person, then look within as what is your pain, wound or fear that is ‘running’ you?

Being reactive means it is all about you. The person or situation is the character in your ‘story’ and the reflection in the mirror of what’s vibrationally occurring within you. And now it is intensifying even more because your Soul wants to be present within your life and guide you rather than the past experiences, conditioning and programming controlling you.

Your Soul wants to express through your personality/egoic Self and live your True expression of Love. It is about making a Conscious Choice for the personality/egoic Self to let go and allow for the merging of both the Soul and personality/egoic Self so you may rise up and ‘BE’ Love and your Highest Potential!

Thus we are introducing this new Expansion Within Your Soul’s Essence: A 10-Day Journey Expansion into Your MORE! with the assistance of the new Cosmic Energy Forms & Cosmic Unification Template of The Diamond Co-Creative System™! Just as each of us are being called forth so was the System to provide you new energetics and new vibrational alignments with Love and your MORE!

The NEW Comic Energy Forms … Gratitude, Grace, Grounded and Wisdom and the Cosmic Unification Template are included in this program. They assist you to create MORE Love, unification and blessings upon one another and your Self. They help you to connect and vibrationally align with and expand deeper within your True Self … your Soul’s Essence which is Love.

In any Journey and in any process, there is only one element that is consistent and present to ALL Journeys and ALL processes and that is the MORE. The MORE is Moving Onward Respecting Eternity. It is the forward movement energy. Eternity is the infinite energy and possibilities of what the Universe has to offer us.

Remember, the MORE is not necessarily about you feeling or being unhappy, dissatisfied or unfulfilled within your life or an aspect of it. It does not mean attaining more ‘stuff’, doing more or even being more successful unless you want this of course. The MORE is about evolving, going deeper and expanding into your fullest and Highest Potential.

When you live and co-create within your MORE, you are connected and guided by your Soul’s Essence and the Universe so your personality/egoic Self can feel MORE love and express MORE LOVE … Living Only Vibrant Energy … no matter the ‘circumstance’ or ‘condition. You feel connected, safe and secure within. You have Mastery in who you are and what you do.

This 10-Day Journey of Expansion Within Your Soul’s Essence opens the gateway to MORE Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth and Self-Love. The MORE you align with your True Nature … your Soul’s Essence which is Love, the MORE you can express your True Self. The MORE you can ‘own’ your energy fields and stand in the Truth of who you are and what you desire to co-create, the less outside influences (others, society, world events, situations, ‘conditions’) affect you.

Others nor situations cannot deter you, distract you or control you when you ‘own’ your energy fields and are in response rather than reaction. If you are in reaction, then there is a non-acceptance of ‘what is, is’ within you or about others and a situation and/or an attachment somewhere within your energy fields and along your timeline … present and past lives. These create and re-create the same emotional reactionary patterns, the same self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, the same projections you impose upon others, and thus the same consequences and results.

This Journey can help you let go and move into your MORE by ‘BE’-ing and co-creating …
In GRATITUDE of the Past,
Living in the GRACE of the Present,
GROUNDED in the Unknown of the Future and
Operatizing WISDOM.

It will assist you to FEEL and KNOW who you Truly are through the Unification of your personality/egoic Self with your Soul’s Essence while ‘BE’-ing GROUNDED on this planet. It opens the doorway so you can co-create your MORE … MORE Love, connection, acceptance, joy, peace, passion, prosperity and that which you desire!

The CD, Expand Your Soul’s Journey: BE The Brilliance of Your True Self! is included in this program. Each music track correlates with the Cosmic Energy Form and the Cosmic Unification Template of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System) . The System is a powerful and effective sacred geometric technology which assists you to connect and align with your Highest Potential providing a pathway to accelerate your Journey.

The music is the sound vibration of each Energy Form and Template which provides a multi-dimensional access and feeling tone to create MORE awareness, healing, transformation, alignment and manifestation. The CD was composed by a highly gifted composer, Paul Armitage who channeled in the sound vibrational music held within each of the Energy Forms and Template. The music amplifies the effect of your experience both working with the Energy Forms or Templates, or by simply listening to it for pleasure or as background music while you do something.

Listen to The Cosmic Unification Template track!

In addition, you will receive in the Expansion Within Your Soul’s Essence: A 10-Day Journey Into Your MORE! program …

      • An e-Book with the NEW Cosmic Energy Forms and Cosmic Unification Template with teachings and guidance.
      • A daily email with the focus and meditation for the day during your 10-Day Journey to help support you and keep you on track.
      • A daily recap sheet to journal your experience if you choose to do so.

PLUS A BONUS! You will also receive an e-Book which captures the daily emails so you can repeat the process in the future. Many find this helpful such as they did in the Reconnect With Your Soul’s Essence: A Diamond Co-Creative System™ 28-Day Journey because they incorporated it in their daily practice of connection and meditation as well as their healing and manifestation processes.


Invest into the 10-Day Soul Expansion Journey with MP3 Download or shipped CD, it’s your choice!
MP3 Downloads Investment: $133
CD Shipped within US or Canada: $144
CD Shipped outside US or Canada: $154

If you have already invested in the 28-Day Journey, then there is an upgrade available so you also receive the Bundle Package SAVINGS … see below!

Invest into the Upgrade of 10-Day Soul Expansion Journey with MP3 Download or shipped CD, it’s your choice!
MP3 Downloads Investment: $111
CD Shipped within US or Canada: $122
CD Shipped outside US or Canada: $132

If you have not done the 28-Day Journey, we highly recommend you look at investing in the Bundle Package which includes both Journeys and SAVINGS for investing into both! This will provide you the opportunity to work and play with all the Universal AND Cosmic Energy Forms and Templates within The Diamond Co-Creative System™.

Invest into the Bundle of Both Journeys with MP3 Download or shipped CD, it’s your choice!
MP3 Downloads Investment: $259
CD Shipped within US or Canada: $269
CD Shipped outside US or Canada: $279

If you are only interested in the music via CD or Mp3 Downloads, Click Here.

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