Soul Reading Special Rate + A Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Offer!

alignment 1Receive Soul Inspired Information so You Can
Take Action with More Awareness, Confidence & Joy!
Gain Clarity & Confirmation of Your Direction & Next Steps!
A Great Gift for Others Too!

Soul Readings can provide you with awareness and clarity about:
Your Self … Empowerment, Confidence, Happiness, Health & Well-Being
Your Relationships … Significant Other, Friends, Family & Business
Your Finances … Eliminating Blocks & Generating MORE Prosperity
Your Passion & Purpose … Aligning with Your True Values & Desires

Your Business … Creating a New Business or Expanding an Existing Business
And Much, Much More to Assist You With Achieving Your Highest Potential!

During a Soul Reading, Amanda taps into the energy of your True Self (your Soul’s Essence) and your Soul Codes of Destiny & Success. Many times your Soul and the Universe is trying to get your attention but to no avail. Amanda has been providing these for over 16 years and is always amazed as to the information which comes forth. You can focus on a particular part of your life, relationships, or business, or ask for a general Soul Reading.

NOW is the time for you to ask questions and receive clarification and/or confirmation of what you may have been thinking or feeling, or maybe even totally unaware of. With a Soul Reading, answers will be revealed plus transmissions and activation of your Soul Codes will occur.

It is also a solution for you to begin to identify your internal struggles and fears that affect your ability to feel passionate about your life, goals and dreams. Your Soul reveals the Truth of who you are and any blocks to address due to past experiences, conditioning and/or programming. At times, a past life may show itself so you now know what is required to be healed and completed so you can live the life you want.

It is a chance for you to connect with your Self and your Soul’s Essence on a deeper level and find the answers you have been seeking. You can leave with a new sense of clarity feeling empowered and inspired to move forward.

Since it is recorded, you can re-listen and remind your Self of your next steps. It will help you keep focused with your eye on what you desire to create in life, relationships, health, money, career or business with clarity, passion and purpose!

“I had a Soul Reading and it has motivated me to keep learning and make changes in my life. Fantastic!”
~ Linda, IT Specialist

These half hour sessions are unique and will only be available to a limited number of people. Once that number is reached, this offer will be gone.

Done via phone, Skype or in-person.
The reading is recorded so you can re-listen which is highly recommended to do.
Regular Investment: $250 per Hour
NOW ½ Hour Special Investment: Only $95.00
Invest into Two & Get One FREE
Which You Can Use for Your Self Later or For Longer Reading(s)
Or as a Gift for Someone You Love & Care About … Great Birthday or Holiday Gift!

Note: Must be prepaid. Each 1/2 Hour can be used at different times with 3 different people or as a pairing for a 1-Hour Reading and save the other reading for the future or pass it along to someone else. If you are purchasing 2 to receive the gift, then change the number of Soul Readings in the cart.

Reading purchases are valid for 6 months.

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