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Your Soul Has Messages for You …
Activate Your Soul Codes With a Soul Reading
to Reveal Your Destiny & Amplify Your Success!

During your Soul Reading, you’ll discover how to connect with your Soul on a deeper level to receive important messages that impact various aspects of your life including relationships, health & well-being, purpose, business and much, much more.

This process is helpful for seekers who are already on your spiritual path and want to expand AND also for those who are just beginning your journey. Your Soul Reading will reveal messages meant only for you.

Amanda Butler will safely and compassionately guide you through a process to activate your Soul Codes of Destiny and Success, so you can experience greater prosperity in all areas of your life. She skillfully holds the space for you and your Soul, while sharing over 16 years of spiritual wisdom and experience. Amanda is a conduit to assist you in accessing your Soul Truth with Divine guidance from your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and the Universe.

Your Soul Codes hold specific packets of information and energy envelopes that are significant and unique to each personality/egoic Self and Soul and held within your Divine Blueprint. They assist in the interfacing of a person with their Soul’s vibrational signature and purpose in a specific lifetime.

As you connect with your Soul and the Universe through a Soul Reading, it will amplify or reawaken your spirituality, uncover your Soul-Aligned possibilities and provide you with awareness and clarity to take you to the next level in an area of your life such as with …

Your Self … Empowerment, Confidence, Happiness, Health & Well-Being
Your Relationships … Significant Other, Friends, Family & Business
Your Finances … Eliminating Blocks & Generating MORE Prosperity
Your Passion & Purpose … Aligning with Your True Values & Inner Desires

Your Business … Creating a New Business or Expanding Your Existing Business

You will also have access to The Diamond Co-Creative System during your Soul Reading and will learn how to accelerate your awareness, healing and transformation so you can align and manifest your heart’s desires.

A Soul Reading is your pathway to powerful personal Truths and MORE joy, prosperity and fulfillment. You’ll discover ways to deepen your spiritual essence and activate your Soul Codes to strengthen your ability to achieve your Highest Potential and create what you desire the most.

“I experienced a Soul Reading and Soul Code activation a couple of years ago with Amanda Butler. It opened me up to my Soul’s Essence, the Divine within and created positive awakenings to this journey. I am open to being present in each day, checking in with myself to live in peace and harmony and have been able to create a whole new chapter and life for myself.”
~ Lynne, Retired, Matthews NC

Your Soul has messages for you if only you’ll open up and listen.Many times your Soul, your Spirit Guides, Angels and the Universe are trying to get your attention, but to no avail. So BOOK your Soul Reading for a Special Offer Today!

Regular Investment: $175
NOW ½ Hour Special Offer: Only $155

PLUS Purchase (2) 1/2-Hour Soul Readings and Receive an Extra 1/2 Hour to Utilize for your Self or to Gift to Another!

Great Gift for Someone You Love & Care About … A Wonderful Birthday or Holiday Gift!

All sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. You receive a personal recording of your Soul Reading so you can listen again and glean even more insight.

The Importance of Your Soul Codes of Destiny: How & When They Impact Your Life!

Soul Codes affect the expression of who you are and how you present your Self to the world. They influence all aspects within your life … your health and well-being, relationships, purpose, vocation, finances, and even issues such as your happiness, healing, power, passion, abundance, success and wealth consciousness.

A few great examples of Soul Code activations are: Steve Jobs apparently came into this lifetime with his Soul Code of ‘Genius’ and ‘Innovator’ activated as evidenced by what he contributed to the world. As an innovator and genius in the technology field, he changed all of our lives with Apple. With an activated Soul Code of Genius, he was able to tap into and download technology ideas that were ‘outside the box’ and never invented before.

The same can be said of Bill Gates with Microsoft, Henry Ford of Ford Motor Co with the automobile and the invention of the assembly line, or Thomas Edison with the lightbulb. Oprah Winfrey is an example of her Soul Codes of Connection and Communication being activated as we see the impact she has had upon millions of people.

Soul Codes can be activated before you’re born as a part of your Destiny for this lifetime, or they can remain dormant until a time (or lifetime) when they’re ready to be activated. Once activated, they can influence different aspects of you and your way of ‘BE’-ing and in certain areas of your life.

You are then in your full power and aligned with your Highest Potential to fulfill your vision. You have the assistance of the Universe, your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters in the etheric world. But it also seems as though things flow easier and with more grace in the physical world. It doesn’t mean there will not be challenges, lessons to learn and healing to occur, but the opportunities and solutions seem quicker if someone is willing to hold themselves responsible and accountable, while putting forth the focus and the energy to co-create what they desire. They do not let anything or anyone deter them.

In addition, Soul Codes can become deactivated due to experiences and how you interpret them … if you have a negative perception of what occurred, then you can shut down and not allow what you desire to come to fruition. These can cause energetic patterns which take you out of alignment of your Highest Potential. We can identify misalignments so you know what healing needs to occur, in order to bring you back into the vibrational alignment with your goals and desires.

Unlock Your Fullest Potential With A Soul Reading!

With a Soul Reading, Amanda taps into the energy of your Soul’s Essence and your Soul Codes of Destiny. She can assist you in identifying any Codes which have been deactivated or that are being called forth to be activated.

During her 16 years of being a conduit and a voice for other’s Souls and Guides, Amanda is always amazed by the activations that occur and resulting information that is imparted. You can focus on a particular part of your life, relationships, or business, or ask for a general Soul Reading.

NOW is the time for you to ask questions and receive clarification and/or affirmation of what you may have been thinking or feeling, or maybe some aspect to which you are totally unaware about. This will help you to feel clear about the direction of your next steps are and the forward movement you make.

With a Soul Reading, answers will be revealed plus transmissions and activation of your Soul Codes will occur. It’s also a solution for you to begin to identify your internal struggles and fears that affect your ability to feel passionate about your life, goals and dreams. Your Soul reveals the Truth of who you are and any energetic blocks to address due to past experiences, conditioning and/or programming. At times, a past life may show itself so you now know what is required to be healed and completed so you can live the life you want.

It is a chance for you to connect with your Self and your Soul, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and the Universe on a deeper level and find the answers you have been seeking. You will leave with a new sense of clarity feeling empowered and inspired to move forward.

Since the session is recorded, you can listen again and again to remind your Self of your next steps. It will help keep you focused with your eyes trained on what you desire to create in life, relationships, health, money, career or business with clarity, passion and purpose!

“I had a Soul Reading and it has motivated me to keep learning and make changes in my life. Fantastic and highly recommended to anyone looking for clarification or answers”
~ Linda, VP IT Management, Westland MI

Done via phone or Skype. The Soul Reading is recorded so you can listen to again and again which is highly recommended.

Regular Investment: $175
NOW ½ Hour Special Offer: Only $155

PLUS Purchase (2) 1/2-Hour Soul Readings and Receive an Extra 1/2 Hour to Utilize for your Self or to Gift to Another!

Great Gift for Someone You Love & Care About … A Wonderful Birthday or Holiday Gift!

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