One-on-One Offerings

Energetic Healing Sessions
To co-create your success, Amanda implements a variety of methods and processes to help you achieve the results you desire. By utilizing unique energy healing methods and the application of Universal Laws with vibrational tools such as The Diamond Co-Creative System™, you will uncover conscious and subconscious:

  • Energy Patterns that Create Your Results
  • Belief Systems & Judgments
  • Co-Dependency Traits
  • Blocked Emotions
  • Imbalances & Limitations
  • Barriers to Love & Success 
All of these affect your thoughts, feelings, beliefs thus your decisions, behaviors, habits, actions and results (or lack of achievement of the results you Truly desire). These originate from past experiences, conditioning, programming, genetic and lineage encodings and are held in your cellular memory. You can achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being within your Self and your relationships, career, business, economics and life!

These sessions will assist you to become aware of and heal issues at core causal levels (point of origin) or think of it as, where does the root of the problem lie, versus only attending to the symptoms. Many times sessions include past life regressions. If you do not believe in past lives, that’s okay too; it’s not necessary to believe in them to obtain the results you want.

“Amanda has helped me TONS in terms of breaking through old beliefs that weren’t serving me. There has not been one session where I haven’t released emotion – or grown in some fashion. Amanda delivers! Where I am now is because of her – I’m emotionally stronger and much, much happier! Instead of being emotionally paralyzed, I have learned how to listen to my inner soul for guidance. Amanda teaches with love.”
~ Pam, Raw Food Chef & Teacher

Past Life Regressions
If you are looking specifically for a past life regression, Amanda does offer them as one-time appointments. In a past life regression, she will guide you to the lifetime or lifetimes needed to addressed and tap into based on your intention for the regression.

However, the difference in her regression sessions is that she not only helps you get to the lifetime but also re-pattern the energies that are incongruent with you or getting in your way this lifetime. She guides you in healing and completing the energies and patterns so you do not need to continue to bring them into this lifetime. This usually includes a letting go and forgiveness process if it has had a negative impact on you and others.

During regressions, clients find out and understand why they do the things they do, why they think, feel and believe the way they do. They feel a sense of relief and rejuvenation due to the regression. Many feel their energy moving again in their bodies and do not feel stuck in the muck of the past anymore. They have clarity in what could be available for them now in their lives, their relationships, their careers, their purpose and contribution.

If you don’t know if you quite believe in other lifetimes and haven’t read Dr. Brian Weiss’ book, Many Lives, Many Masters, be sure to pick it up. It is a great resource to give you examples of how acknowledging and addressing past lives can provide a pathway to freedom. Also be sure to listen to Amanda’s Create & Thrive in the Life You Desire! MP3 download as she talks about how healing other lifetimes can provide positive effects to you and in your life and relationships.
“I had a session with Amanda and in one day my entire world changed. Who she is and what she does is amazing.”
~ Debbie, Author/Entrepreneur

Both the sessions and regressions are done in-person or via phone or Skype. Each are recorded so you can re-listen which is highly recommended to do.

Conscious Choice Coaching
Coaching helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Everyone needs a coach, mentor and even a cheerleader to help them achieve the goals and dreams that they have!  Through her client testimonials you can see Amanda is that and so much more with them. She supports, guides and loves them through their journey.

Amanda helps you to navigate through your life, relationships and career or business more easily with the assistance and support of her expertise. You learn how to ‘walk the talk’ by reinforcing and remembering the application of conscious energy patterning, Universal Laws and spiritual principles. This will accelerate your co-creative process of discovery, transformation and connection within your Self, with others and with the Universe.

Your results are … you will consciously choose to co-create your life by using conscious language, awareness and intention. You stay centered, balanced and focused on your intentions and goals. You strengthen your inner core to actualize the Truth of who you are, what your purpose is, what you desire to create and how to bring it into full fruition! Done via phone or Skype. Coaching is recorded.

One-on-One Diamond Life™ Packages: Includes Both Individual Sessions & Coaching
We have found those who commit to investing in themselves and are willing to immerse themselves in the healing, transformation and expansion process will achieve the most profound and quickest results. The continuity and momentum you create will work to resolve issues once and for all and enable you to achieve your desired goals. Thus we only offer our services through our Diamond Life™ packages and the Exclusive Diamond Life™ offers. Can be done via in-person, phone or Skype.

Blue Diamond Life™ Package Includes: (6) hours of sessions & (3) 1/2-hour calls
White Diamond Life™ Package Includes: (12) hours of sessions & (6) ½-hour calls

Diamond Life™ Exclusive Offers
The Diamond Life™ Exclusive Offers are powerful investments to make in your Self. You will be able to cut months if not years off your process to co-create the life of your dreams. If you’re looking for a program to immerse your Self totally in the exploration, discovery and reconnection with your Self so you can heal and redesign your inner and outer worlds, then the investment below is for you!

The Diamond Brilliance All Inclusive Package includes:

    •  (2) Diamond Gateway VIP Days with Amanda – see below
    • (24) hours of Energetic Healing and/or Past Life Regression sessions
    • (12) ½ – hour Conscious Choice Coaching calls
    • The Diamond Life™ Accelerator Foundational (Modules I & II) and Mastery (Modules II & IV) live events which help you to create deeper understanding, healing and expansion of your vibrational make-up and experience. They are taught at least twice a year.
    • One year subscription to ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE Group Coaching calls which are twice a month and allows you to share, ask questions and interact with others who are utilizing the System.
    • The 5 Ingredients to Create Amazing Relationships webinar series to create an intimate, authentic relationship with your Self, your Inner Family and all relationships … with others, money, work, health.
    • Two Online Courses: A Pathway to Emotional Freedom: Healing Co-Dependent Behaviors & Relationships and Let Go of the Past: Forgive Your Self & Others
    • The 21-Day Healing & Manifestation Process e-Book and Video
    • Healing Present & Past Life Energetics mp3 download

BRAND NEW! The Diamond Accelerator VIP Day …
Expand Into the Brilliance of Who You Truly Are! 

Did you know you’re a VIP? Sometimes we forget who we are and what could be because of what the current ‘conditions’, circumstances, relationships, money, work or health issues look and feel like. We forget what the possibilities are and the infinite amount of abundance and potential available to us if we would allow ourselves to be willing and committed to go for it.

We developed a new offering just for you to serve you and create the Highest Potential possible so you can rock it out in the shortest amount of time. It’s called Your Diamond Accelerator VIP Day!  It’s a dedicated time to totally immerse your Self into you. Together we will deep dive to take the Diamond in the rough and tap into more of your Diamond Brilliance!

“Meeting Amanda has changed my life! I had no direction or confidence and was not sure what was acceptable to me. Now with confidence, I love life and embrace all it has to offer! I let go of the need to please others and voice what I want and need. I no longer feel like a victim in my relationships and especially in my marriage. I don’t look to the outside for love or approval. I validate myself. I trust my decisions and in fact went back to school and became an acupuncturist and have my own business. Thanks Amanda for all that you do!”
– Diane, Acupuncturist

Accelerator VIP Day!

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