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‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE! Group Coaching – See BONUS OFFER Below!

We all can and do utilize coaches in our lives to help us get to where we want to go. Even the most successful people have coaches to support them to achieve their goals and help them to keep accountable to their commitments they have made to themselves and maybe even others such as to their family, team members, co-workers. They see it as a valuable asset as a part of their process and success.

We have athletes who use coaches to get to the top of their game. We have business people who hire coaches so they are more successful and achieve their optimal goals. We have individuals who retain coaches to support them, keep them accountable and assist them to see things they don’t, so they can move forward and fulfill their passions, purpose and desires in all aspects of their lives. You can too!

If You Have …
♦ Downloaded The Universal ‘L’ T.A.M.E. Your Life Gift Package OR
♦ Invested in the Reconnect With Your Soul’s Essence:
The Diamond Co-Creative System
28-Day Journey OR
♦ Participated in one of The Diamond Life™ Webinars / Live Events OR
♦ Worked with Amanda in a One-on-One Package

Then this is for you!

In working with clients and students, Amanda found people forget to utilize The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System) or its components such as The Universal ‘L’ to help them create an easier way of ‘be’-ing which co-creates life and relationships unfolding through MORE alignment and flow thus MORE fulfilled, happy and successful lives, relationships and careers. Remember, the System accelerates connection, awareness, healing and manifestation.

In addition, when you are consistently utilizing the System as an energy management tool and have it become a part of your daily routine. you feel aligned, connected and vibrant. It’s like brushing your teeth daily … you wouldn’t start your day without brushing your teeth because you have been taught that by brushing (and flossing), you can maintain a healthy mouth, gum and teeth. Brushing your teeth is now a habit and Amanda invites you to do the same with the System you can create a habit with the System be to you!

Plus it is simple, easy and does not have to take a lot of your time to utilize it once you learn, understand and experience what it can do and the countless and continuous benefits it gives you as you use it in a multitude of ways.

Amanda is committed to helping you implement the System so you can attain what you desire so she has put a program together called ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & More! Group Coaching to facilitate and support you in utilizing this powerful System and leverage it in your life.

It meets twice a month for 1-hour via teleseminar style accessible via phone, web or Skype. Amanda will address any questions you have, issues you seem to be blocked about and new ideas on how to use the System. You can ask questions or share experiences specific to you and your life. It’s a highly interactive group which gives you the opportunity to share and learn. All calls are recorded so you can re-listen to them or if you missed a call.

The benefits it will give you are …
1. Help you to incorporate the System and its components such as The Universal ‘L’ into your life as a seamless and automatic habit
2. Give you tips on what, when and how to utilize the System within your life, relationships, work, business, money, health, etc.
3. Become more connected within your Self and with others
4. Be part of a like-minded community which supports, loves, accepts, honors and respects you

‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE! Group Coaching Includes:
(2) 1-hour interactive teleconference group sessions per month; each call is recorded and available to re-listen to for 30 Days.

Dates & Time: Tuesdays at 8-9pm EST/5pm PST
or Wednesday mornings in Australia (check your local time)
First Half of 2015 - 1/6 & 1/20, 2/3 & 2/17, 3/10 & 3/24, 4/7 & 4/21, 5/5 & 5/19 and 6/2 & 6/16
Second Half of 2015 – TBD

Invest in a Six Months or More of Group Coaching, you will receive a BONUS of
(2) 1/2 Hour Individual Coaching via Phone or Skype with Amanda (VALUE $200)
to help you further your personal growth and expansion!

Investment: Minimum commitment is for 3 months to help keep momentum and consistency for you and within the group. Plus it helps you form deeper connections and bonds within you and with others!

You will be automatically charged for 3 months (1st payment at checkout and 2 additional payments, 30 days apart) or you can obtain discounts by purchasing 3, 6 or 12 Months of Group Coaching in one investment which is the BEST VALUE.

1 Month investment – $79 paid monthly; 3 month minimum commitment – no additional savings as below

3 Month Investment – Receive a 10% SAVINGS of $27: $210

6 Month Investment – Receive a 25% SAVINGS of $119: $355

12 Month Investment – Receive a 55% SAVINGS of $521: $427

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To your brilliance and MORE! Join us!

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