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The Keenawah Institute (KI) Presents …
The Diamond Co-Creative System™
Certification Training Program

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 Our Movement

We are of Divine service with the assistance of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to assist healing dysfunctional energetic patterns and issues of the past plus resolve co-dependency so that millions of people have the emotional freedom to be their True Self and co-create the success they desire. Thousands teach and implement The System around the world which contributes to a positive shift in individuals and in the collective consciousness of love, empowerment and expansion.

The Intention of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Training Program

To develop a powerful and dynamic group of Leaders, Instructors, Practitioners and Volunteers with Amanda Butler and her team at Keenawah & Associates. They all help to share the power of the life-changing tools and processes of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System) and The Diamond Power Within™ Module Live Events (the DPW program). The DPW program includes (2) Foundational Level Modules and (2) Mastery Level Modules. Each Module teaches individuals the different aspects of their energy systems such as their chakras, bodies and energetic patterns and how to utilize and incorporate the System within their lives to accelerate awareness, consciousness, healing and transformation, shifts, co-creations and manifestations into the MORE.

Are you currently a practitioner, therapist, physician, facilitator, teacher or coach and looking for other methodologies to incorporate into your practice which will help your clients resolve issues once and for all and improve their lives, relationships, health, careers, finances and more?

If you are … a Reiki Master, energy healer, massage therapist, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, alternative health or EFT practitioner or coach, then this is a perfect step to expand your knowledge, wisdom and offerings which will set your practice apart from others.

Or are you interested in starting a new business with an alternative to traditional medicine and/or life coaching as either a practitioner or teacher? If you are new to the healing arts, self-help and personal development industry but know you want to work with people and help them heal and expand, you will love this opportunity that it provides for you in getting a turn-key business started. 

Or you may just be interested in supporting the movement and community through volunteering. You are someone who wants to contribute, volunteer and be a part of a Co-Creator community which makes a difference in people’s lives!

We are seeking those interested in helping others heal and expand their lives, relationships and careers with a proven and powerful technology and system. It assists people to energetically heal their issues and patterns so the past no longer affect their lives. Our Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Trainingprogramcan help to enhance your offerings or help you to begin a practice.

Why? The Diamond Co-Creative System™ provides a pathway to accelerate awareness, to heal core issues at their root, to align one with their True Self and Highest Potential and to manifest what is desired. And it’s different than any other modality in terms of the positive results it provides!

Our Certification program incorporates the System which is based on Sacred Geometry and Universal Law principles and provides practical applications for deeply transforming pain, wounds and trauma.

It works at core causal levels versus just symptomatic so it creates real change within someone and their life. They are able to resolve issues at the cellular level and move on in their lives.

Unlike other methods and therapies, the System gives the technology, the processes and the toolsto not only profoundly and powerfully heal, but to manifest.It helps individuals to T.A.M.E. … Transform. Align. Manifest. Expand. on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

Not only will you learn about the System but you will expand your knowledge and expertise in …

    • How to identify and heal energetic patterns and the pain from the past at the causal levels such as the 14 different traits of co-dependency, abandonment, betrayal, victimhood, low self-worth, addictions, traumas, past lives, to name just a few
    • About the Chakras, the Nine Bodies, the Universal Bodies, Numerology, Universal Law, Inner Family aspects, the multi-dimensional layers of energetics and much, much more
    • Ways to incorporate it with your current expertise, modalities and have practical applications for deeper levels of awareness, healing and completion for your clients once and for all

Plus our Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Training program will help you:

    • Expand and grow your current business or set-up a new business
    • Provide opportunities to generate revenue with turn-key programs and DPW Live Events which you can teach to others or use only with your clients on your own
    • Furnish you with course materials, resources, templates, etc. you can utilize and/or sell
    • Learn how to market and position your Self as an expert
    • Become an excellent practitioner,  teacher, coach and/or leader
    • Be part of a community which supports you, your purpose and your goals!

Who Would Consider this Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Training Program?

    • Persons who seek to contribute to others and are filled with passion and meaning to fulfill their purpose whether it be as a Volunteer, Practitioner, Instructor or Leader.
    • Persons with a current self-help, personal development, healing, coaching or education practice who are dedicated to help others heal, learn, grow and create the life they desire.
    • Persons who are looking for a modality or an additional modality to utilize and/or teach within their new or current practice, including counseling professionals, educators, life coaches, healing or medical practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors, alternative therapy practitioners or someone who wishes to deepen and expand with their current offerings.
    • Persons who desire to become an expert or expand their expertise in healing and personal growth on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels including how to redesign dysfunctional and co-dependent relationships within one’s Self and with others.
    • Persons who are seeking a new or second career or vocation within the healing, spiritual, personal development and self-help industries and desire training, support and turn-key programs to start and grow their business.

Steps to Receive Your Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification

    • Create a vision of ‘why’ you would want to incorporate the System within your current practice/business or to create a new business with its turn-key programs. Select which Certification Level calls to you and review The Diamond Power Within™ program with the Foundational and Mastery Modules – see below.
    • Submit a Certification Training Application to become a Certified Practitioner, Instructor or Leader of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ followed by an interview process with Amanda Butler and her KI team.
    • Once accepted into the Certification Training program, you will learn about and utilize The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System) in your own everyday life plus within your profession and business. You will write a personal intention about what you desire to heal, create and manifest by learning and applying the System within your own life, then what you desire from a business standpoint. This will help guide and focus your certification experience.
    • During the Certification process, you will have the opportunity to address your own personal issues and heal at deeper core causal levels with the System so you will have direct experience of how the System helps you and others become more aware to transform, evolve and expand.

NOTE: You do not have to be local to the Detroit Metro area to participate in our Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Training program. The individual parts of the training can be done via phone or Skype and the Diamond Power Within™ programs are taught live, through our VIP Days or online.

Certification Levels of The Keenawah Institute (KI)

           Practitioner Level              Instructor Level              Leader Level
Certified and licensed to use
The Diamond Co-Creative System™
in your new or current practice and
one-on-one with clients/patients
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
Materials such as Transparencies,
Posters, Course Books are for
in-office use only and must be
purchased through KI at wholesale;
CANNOT resell it
Materials such as Transparencies,
Posters, Course Books for your
clients/patients and students can
be purchased through KI at
wholesale; CAN resell it
See Instructor Level
Set-up and Annual Practitioner
License applies
Set-up, Annual Instructor License and
DPW Events revenue share applies
Set-up, Yearly Leader License and
DPW Events revenue share applies
Will receive updates to the System
at time of renewal or before
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
PLUS you are a Member of the
Inner Leadership Circle to assist in
the evolution of the materials and
teachings of the System
Can sponsor and support a
Diamond Power Within™ (DPW)Module Live Events in your market
but CANNOT teach it to others
Can sponsor and support your own
Diamond Power Within™ (DPW)
Module Live Events in your or other
markets and CAN teach it to others;must follow pricing set by KI
See Instructor LevelPLUS you can help to open and
develop new or current markets
to expand the reach of the System
to assist MORE people
Required to teach courses
according to KI Instructor Training
and utilize the most current
published format of the DPW
Module Course Books;
Course Books must be purchased
through KI at wholesale
See Instructor Level
PLUS you can assist in training
Instructors as to how to set-up,
market and teach their turn-key
DPW Module Live Events
Can develop your own groups or
individual and group coaching
programs to further assist people
with integrating the System; KI will
provide a turn-key format but you
as an Instructor can decide what’s
best for your participants
See Instructor Level
PLUS you can assist in the
development of turn-key
individual and/or group
coaching programs for KI and
assist in training Instructors
Qualified to lead, facilitate, teach
and audit Certifications; assist in
overseeing Practitioners/Instructors

Requirements for Each Certification Level

        Practitioner Level            Instructor Level              Leader Level
Submit a Diamond Co-Creative
System™ Certification Application
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
Initial 1-1/2 Hour Diamond Life™
Consultation with Leader
See Practitioner Level Initial 1-1/2 Hour Diamond Life™
Consultation with Amanda Butler
Minimum of (12) Hours of
One-on-One Personal Sessions and
(6) ½ Hour Coaching Calls
with Leader
See Practitioner Level Minimum of (12) Hours of
One-on-One Personal Sessions and
(6) ½ Hour Coaching Calls
with Amanda Butler
Learn & Experience Foundational
Modules I & II and Mastery Modules
III & IV – Choose Option: Attend DPW
Live Events OR Learn via One-on-One
through VIP Days (upgrade required)
OR Take through online courses
MUST Attend the DPW Foundational
Modules I & II and Mastery
Modules III & IV Live Events
PLUS can request additional
upgrade to One-on-One instruction
with Leader via VIP Day
MUST Attend the DPW Foundational
Modules I & II and Mastery
Modules III & IV Live Events
PLUS can request additional
upgrade to One-on-One instruction
with Amanda Butler via VIP Day
Participate in (6) months of the
‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE!
Group Coaching Calls
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
Attend the Certification Training
Two Day program
See Practitioner Level
PLUS 2-Day Instructor Training
See Instructor Level
Participate in Certification Monthly
Coaching Program for (6) Months
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
Participate or Listen to Quarterly
Teleconference for Updates
See Practitioner Level See Practitioner Level
Set-up and Annual Practitioner
License Renewal (minimum 3 years)
Set-up and Annual Instructor
License Renewal (minimum 3 years)
Set-up and Annual Leader
License Renewal (minimum 3 years)
Practitioners are welcomed to
Volunteer at any Diamond Power
Within™ (DPW) Foundational or
Mastery Live Event once you have
fulfilled your personal attendance
requirement as above
Volunteer at (1) DPW Foundational
& (1) DPW Mastery Live Event to
experience the behind the scene
& logistics of an event (cannot be
at the same time as your personal
attendance requirement)
Same as Instructor
PLUS Co-Facilitate with Amanda
one of type of DPW Live Event after
you fulfill Instructor requirement so
you receive one-on-one training
with Amanda and able to train
other Instructors
Assist in training, facilitating and
auditing Certifications
Participate in Quarterly Inner
Leadership Circle
Can Volunteer at Inner Leadership
Attend Inner Leadership Circle
Annual Retreat

The Diamond Power Within™ Module I: Foundational Level One

    • Learn about The Diamond Co-Creative System™ – Its origin, its components and why it works (when other modalities don’t) to complete issues from the past and within your cellular memory once and for all so you can  move forward and manifest your desires
    • Understand the difference in healing issues and pain at core causal levels and the root of the problems versus just symptomatic
    • Identify and begin to heal Co-Dependent and dysfunctional patterns and relationships
    • Eliminate the ‘should’, ‘have to’ and fear of not being loved, fitting in or accepted so you can ‘BE’ who you Truly are and operate from love versus fear
    • Discover the Inner Family within you and understand your Masculine, Feminine and Inner Child aspects and their dynamics so you can successfully co-create with them
    • Develop a healthy Intra-Dependent family within and learn ways to communicate with your Self and others through deeper intimacy, connection and authenticity
    • Learn how your Chakras and their functions and alignment affect you, positively or negatively
    • Experience the powerful Chakra clearing and infusion with the System to help heal, align and balance your Chakras

 The Diamond Power Within™ Module II: Foundational Level Two

    • Understand and practice integrating the four Elements of LOVE – Living Only Vibrant Energy
    • Acquire and activate the Blue Diamond to energize, clear and protect you on daily basis
    • Review the Map of Consciousness and the vibrations you operate and co-create within
    • Heal the Judger, Critic, Doubter, Naysayer and Victim within you
    • Identify the cost factors and patterns of major issues and paradigms within most lives … Betrayal, Abandonment, Judgment, Victimhood and Martyrdom and Chrama (Chaos + Drama)
    • Learn about and heal energetic patterns within your Nine Energy Bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic/causal, astral, spiral, gravitational and celestial
    • Learn the step-by-step application of The System with the Bodies
    • Find out how to address and heal on a cellular memory level: the past including past lives, your DNA, genetic and lineage encodings, viruses and immune system that affect physical health, mental attitudes and beliefs, and emotional well-being. All which influence how the results of your life, health, relationships, money, success and career or business manifest.
    • Experience the powerful Nine Body clearing and infusion with the System to help heal, align and balance your Bodies

             The Diamond Power Within™ Module III: Mastery Level One

    • Discover the different dimensions we operate within and how to shift into higher vibrational planes of co-creation within and around you
    • Learn how to co-create consistency and sustainability to live and manifest in the fifth dimension vibration of love, allowance and synchronicity
    • Experience new levels of understanding and living as you expand into becoming the Master Co-Creator in all aspects of your life!
    • Acquire and activate the Pink and White Diamond which provide the feelings and unification with MORE love, compassion, grace and expansion
    • Realize how the System works with other systems such as Feng Shui, Chakras and Bodies of Consciousness Learn about the Universal Energy Bodies – Physical, Emotional and Mental and how they can enhance your outcomes
    • Experience the powerful Universal Body Infusion with the Universal Templates to help heal, align and balance your Universal Bodies
    • Utilize the Universal Templates and Universal Manifestation Template for optimal results

           The Diamond Power Within™ Module IV: Mastery Level Two

    • Learn about and experience three new Universal Energy Forms which help you to let go of mental limiting beliefs and emotional magnetic holding patterns and blockages
    • Integrate and experience the vibrational patterns of Grace, Gratitude and Generosity within your heart, mind and spirit
    • Co-create through the grids of love, joy and momentum for your Highest Potential
    • Connect within and with the Universe on a whole different level than ever experienced
    • Create a Cosmic connection so you operate and co-create within the fifth and sixth dimensions and even higher in the dimensional planes!
    • Plus much, much MORE! Activations will occur as we share time together and bring forth new levels of connection and consciousness  

   The Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Training Investment

Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Investment
For All Levels Includes:
Diamond Life™ Consultation $295
(12) hours One-on-One Personal Sessions (In-person, Call or Skype)
and (6) ½ Coaching Calls with a Leader or Amanda
The Diamond Power Within™ Foundational Module I & II $1197
The Diamond Power Within™ Mastery III & IV $1197
The Certification Training 2-Day Program $1195
(6) Months of ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE! Group Coaching $474
(6) Months of Certification Training Group Coaching $594
Total A La Carte Investment for Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Investment $7952 OR
OR Invest One-Time or ACT NOW! & Save!         $5997 OR
OR Bi-Monthly Payments of ACT NOW! Investment
(includes nominal fee):*Must be paid in full once commitment made and non-refundable
$1000 Deposit & (6) $947 Bi-Monthly Payments
Add Upgrade to Include Instructor Level:
Instructor Training 2-Day Program $1195
Quarterly Training & Coaching Calls (2 hours each) $792
Total A La Carte Investment for Instructor Upgrade $1987 OR
OR One-Time Payment or ACT NOW! Investment  $1487
Add Upgrade to Include Leader Level or
to Work Directly With Amanda Butler:
Training One-on-One With Amanda Butler Investment $1997
Inner Leadership Circle Retreats Vary based on event

Note: Inner Leadership Circle retreats will vary depending on location and length of event. Retreat, travel, room and meals are not included in Leadership Investment.
Upgrade Investments can be added to payment plan; add 10% to upgrade price.





Additional Information:

Monthly ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance Group Coaching calls are twice a month for 1-hour each; dates are available on http://cocreateyoursuccess.com/resources/group-coaching and we ask you to commit to six consecutive months in order to provide congruency and momentum.

Monthly Certification Training Group Coaching call dates are 2-hours once a month and TBD.

VIP Days with Amanda or Leader are additional investments; check http://cocreateyoursuccess.com/accelerator-vip-day for information.

Any new Module developed beyond Module IV investment is not included.

Travel, room and meals for attendance of the DPW Module Live Events, Certification or Instructor Training or Inner Leadership Circle are not included.

Material costs for Transparencies, Posters, Course Books and other tools created by

The Keenawah Institute for the System and the Diamond Power Within™ programs will vary according to costs of goods and will be sold at a wholesale price to Practitioner, Instructor and Leader Levels of Certification.

Licensing and Set-up Fees for Certification is not included – see below.

Licensing and Set-Up Fees Based on Certification Level:

Initial Certification and Licensing Set-up Fee for Practitioners: $100
Annual License Fee for Practitioners: $195

Initial Certification and Licensing Set-up Fee for Instructors: $200
Annual License Fee for Instructors: $295 + Revenue Share of DPW Events with KI is 5% of Gross Revenue

Initial Certification and Licensing Set-up Fee for Leaders: $300
Annual License Fee for Leaders: $395 + Revenue Share of DPW Events with KI is 5% of Gross Revenue

Next Steps …
If you’re ready to go … submit a Diamond Co-Creative System™ Certification Application. If you have questions or want to discuss your potential, contact Amanda Butler directly at 248-761-9568 or Amanda@CoCreateYourSuccess.com


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