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I started working with Amanda at the beginning of November last year (2013). I was driven to doing so after having a complete melt down in September from the way I was living my life. I was struggling to survive with the co-dependencies that were driving me. I had split from my marriage with 2 young children 18 months prior that and I had not resolved my feelings around that, let alone following that with another relationship breakdown. I knew I was in trouble!

I had already been on medication for depression/anxiety for 4 years, but my anxiety levels were through the roof and there was talk about increasing my medication for this. I took a month off work for the first time in my life because I could no longer exist the way I was. And there is the key word … Existing. Not living my life. I was seeking help with a psychologist, which was definitely helping, but so much of what we worked on I already knew at a conscious level. But it wasn’t helping my sub-conscious belief systems and patterns … I knew there had to be another way and I was determined to find it.

I researched all sorts of genres into what resonated with me and when I was directed by a friend, to Amanda’s information on The 5 Ingredients to Creating Amazing Relationships webinar course, I knew it was for me. I hooked up a first Skype call to uncover whether this was the path I wanted to go down. With some trepidation, particularly as I am on the other side of the world in Australia, I jumped on Skype. Best thing I have ever done!

The conversation with some initial energy healing and emotions that came out stunned me. I dove in head first after this convinced this was the path for me. I couldn’t have been more right. It was finally the time to invest in myself and a different way of be-ing. After completing the 5 Ingredients course and continued coaching and healing sessions along the way with Amanda, the passion I had for healing myself intensified. And the results were speaking for themselves. If somebody had of told me I was going to come into Christmas being so content, happy and feeling like a different person, I would never have believed them.

In continuing my work with my Self and Amanda, I really wanted to learn more and dive in deeper. I decided to make the further investment in myself a month ago with a Diamond Accelerator VIP Day with Amanda. I chose to learn about The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and how could it assist me in my journey as my focus for the day. I didn’t know what to really expect, but went into it like a little girl very excited.

It wasn’t what I expected. Some of it was like being at a University (which I am of course…‘of Self’). There was some intense learning of energetic systems such as the chakras and bodies along how The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to accelerate my healing and transformation. The further we went in though, the more I wanted to know. I loved it!

It was a combination of learning the different systems and some healing meditations and infusions from The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which brought out some really intense emotions. I was again stunned by this. We continued on with some unfinished work the next day and needless to say, I was exhausted. This surprised me initially. I guess I had an expectation somewhere that I would come out of it jumping for joy.

I was reassured by Amanda (who continued to check on and support me), that it would take time for all of the information I had learned and all of the energetic shifting and re-patterning that was occurring to integrate and assimilate. She reminded me to be kind to myself, to be patient (a virtue I am still working on!). Two to three days later, I felt amazing.

Situations occurred with loved ones, which raised instant flags within and I was able to shift it immediately … the thoughts, the feelings, the behaviors. So proud of myself! This has continued daily for the last month … the way I respond to things now, instead of reacting and now responding is amazing. How I feel is incredible. The gratitude I now have in my life is sometimes overwhelming. So much so, that I’ve decided to invest further in myself. I have booked another VIP day in a month’s time with Amanda to continue this amazing journey I now find myself on …

A Personal Note from Amanda: This is what can occur when someone is willing, committed and dedicated to changing their life and invested their personal growth. Megan has been willing to invest in her Self both financially and time wise to do the work necessary to get her to where she wants to go. I totally appreciate Megan and her willingness to do what it takes to leave the past behind and co-create the future she desires. Because of it she has quickly shifted deep pieces within her Self and with all aspects of her relationships and life in a matter of weeks. And we have fun doing it … I love having her as a client and working/playing with her!

Megan, Medical, Austrailia
When I started working with Amanda, everything was working in my life and NOTHING was working in my life. If you were an outsider looking into my life, you would have seen a confident, happy, attractive woman who was successful and well respected. I had great friends, a loving family, lots of attention from men and a very successful career.

From the outside, everything SHOULD be working. Why was I not happy and fulfilled? I could not understand why my life wasn’t working. I did everything right. The truth was that I felt very alone and isolated.

The places, people and things in my life that once brought me happiness and a sense of safety and security no longer did. Going to the gym didn’t make me feel better. Being with friends and drinking, an activity that was sure to make me feel better, didn’t fill me up. Journaling and reading self-help books worked for a short time, but the “relief” was temporary. My self-confidence suffered and I no longer believed in anything. Simply, I felt dead inside. I cried…a lot.

When I began working with Amanda I only wanted to feel happy again. Being happy, no matter what, was my main goal and I went for it! I have since learned there was so much more I was looking for. I have fallen totally and completely in love with myself. I have learned to accept, honor and respect myself in ways I never had before. I make decisions and trust them even when they don’t seemingly work out. I trust there are reasons even if I don’t understand them at the time.

There were times I resisted where Amanda was leading me as in discovering my inner family. I fought tooth and nail with her, even yelled at her in a workshop. But because Amanda creates such a safe space for me to be where I am at, good or bad, I could allow myself to go there. She asked me if I trusted her and I did. I trusted her to venture into the unknown and allowed her to guide me. She’s always great at knowing how to pace with me when I am in fear or resistance.

I am so grateful for what she did that day and weeks that followed. I have now learned about the different aspects of myself and created a connection within and with the Universe to build the strength and confidence I now feel. I can feel what aspect of me is engaged and why I may feel upset. I am willing to go into the unknown where before I had to know where it would lead me and I wanted a guarantee as to the result. I now know that the Universe always loves and supports me.

I feel the happiness I was seeking even in times of challenges or uncertainty. If I do feel off center or in question, I have the tools and processes I learned with Amanda one-on-one and through the workshops and group coaching to help me get through it. All taught The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and I love having the System and the Universal ‘L’ in my toolbox.

Fear no longer runs me; I can walk through it. I am able to stand in my own power and authority and open to all that is available to me. Now, I can also say to relationships that don’t work for me and allow the flow of what’s true for me. I no longer look to the outside for my validation, approval or acceptance. I accept, approve and love me, no matter what!

Tamara, Sales-Health Care Industry, Birmingham MI
I felt like something was missing from my life. During the week, I would go to work, hate my job, go home to my cats, stuff my feelings by eating and zoning out watching TV and then do it all over again the next day.

My company was laying off people and I was praying that I would be one of those fired. I did not feel appreciated by the company; I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and didn’t see any way out. I felt like a doormat, my boss(es) just kept piling on the work with no discussion of more compensation or even of appreciation of what I was doing and taking on. There was a push/pull – I wanted more responsibility and acknowledgement but I feared stepping into it because I did not want to take the chance of failing.

In working with Amanda I addressed my hurt, anger, shame and guilt that was pervasive throughout my life. I was always trying to please others, didn’t know how or when to say no. More importantly, I felt out of touch with myself so I didn’t even know what I wanted or what I was even capable of doing. I was angry and hurt when others didn’t treat me like I thought I should be. To feel better I would spend money, eat more or find any way that I could fill myself and/or to numb the pain.

Due to growing up as I did and some of my experiences, I certainly didn’t feel worthy of love or success. I didn’t feel like I deserved it. When I learned to heal the past and to let go and forgive the judgments I had of myself, I opened the door to feel love and acceptance of myself that I never had before.

I began to stand up for myself and say what worked for me at work and ask for what I wanted. I love my job (mind you, it is the same company)! I am in a key role that helps to strategically move my company into more profit and productivity. I love being part of the management team and they respect what I bring to the table. Recently I helped close a multi-million dollar deal with the shortest sales cycle (13 months) in the history of our company. My bosses told me I was an integral part of getting it done and I felt it too!

I use the tools from The Diamond Co-Creative System™ on a daily basis. I even hang the Universal ‘L’ in my office to help me and others throughout the day to stay in a co-creative and empowering energy. It’s so great to have a tool that is so easy to use and yet so powerful to assist me to create what I desire!

Now I go home feeling good, satisfied, fulfilled at the end of the day. I am energized to live life fully, being present to myself and co-creating the goals and dreams I have and willing to ask for even more. I have fun doing it. And most of all, I know I am completely worthy to have it all!

Linda, IT Specialist & Director, Dearborn MI
I felt trapped in my mind, constantly fearful and worried that I would end up like my father who was mentally ill. His illness crippled our family emotionally and financially; we never knew who was showing up in any given moment. I lived in uncertainty and in sheer terror of what may happen to me and my life. Unknowingly, I settled for anything or any relationship that I could find even if it was unhealthy. I felt imprisoned and fear drove all my decisions.

I was fearful I would become him and every winter time, deep depression took over. Even on medication, I at times had to be watched over whether in a hospital or by my Mom. At 37 years old, I felt like a little girl and hated myself that as an adult I was not able to take care of myself. It made me feel even worse about me and more trapped.

The year prior to working with Amanda I was hospitalized for weeks and lost my job due to the incident. I was constantly nervous about jobs, relationships and scared to try anything new. Within the last 3 years of winter I went from being supervised by my Mom during the first year for a few days to not even realizing it was the winter months. Now, I sail through them not even thinking about or concerned about what month it is. I now focus on what I do like and want.

I feel confident, connected to myself and aware of what I like and don’t like, what I want and don’t want. And I now have a voice to state my needs and wants. I am pursuing new things such as going back to school for a new career, started a new side business and my relationships have shifted to being healthy, loving and supportive. I feel such freedom that I did not have 3 years ago.

Everything that Amanda offers is great! I grew at great speed from her one-one sessions, workshops modules, webinars and spiritual teachings and those about energy healing, co-dependency and co-creation. I continue to grow from our bi-monthly ‘Be’ing Your Brilliance & More! group coaching. I live a totally different life now thanks to the teachings, processes and guidance that Amanda provided me. Whoooohooo! I highly recommend Amanda!

Michalyn, Teacher, Clinton Township MI
I went to Amanda after being downsized from my job. I was 58 and felt like a failure with little or no self-confidence to pursue anything new. I felt betrayed, downtrodden and lost. I knew what I didn’t want but had no idea what I did want or even how to find out. After all, who would want me at my age? Aren’t we hearing stories everyday of older individuals losing their jobs and not being able to find new jobs?

I was in constant beat-up of myself for my current position in life. Mind you, I had owned a successful bar/restaurant at one time. I developed a purchasing department in a company from the ground up, managed and restructured a customer service department. And I was a successful salesperson in the steel industry, a very untypical job for a woman. This is only a few of many other accomplishments.

I was driven because I wanted to fit in, belong somewhere and be accepted by others. I thought I needed to show up a certain way in order to fill these needs.

Regardless, my thoughts would always go to who I wasn’t and what I hadn’t done. I had an excessive amount of mind chatter and negative self-talk. This would gather evidence of my failures in life. I was constantly battling with myself about my failures vs. successes.

Amanda assisted me in understanding what was underneath all of this and in healing it through the one-on-one work and her Co-Dependent webinar and Diamond Power Within™ workshops. All helped me to dive in deep and become aware of what was running me.

Today, I can observe what is going on for me rather than beat myself up for it. I can see and feel the positive parts of me and build upon them. I know what I want and don’t want. I trust I can create most anything in my life. I also believe in myself in ways that I never did.

Now at 61, I know I have much to offer and I know I am worthy to have all I want. Age doesn’t matter. Only focusing on what I want does. I am in the midst of co-creating my own successful business! I am so grateful for having Amanda in my life!

Marge, Sales & Entrepreneur, Sterling Heights MI
My husband and I were like two little wounded children picking at each other, fighting with each other, not trusting each other, blaming each other for our woes. I would say to him I just want to be and act like a grown up. Both of us would look for what was wrong with the other and try to control the other.

We would not take responsibility for what we did and it was always the other person’s fault. We never felt listened to or heard by each other and would yell to make sure the other heard us with our pent up frustrations. We were destroying our marriage and ourselves by all of the name calling and tearing down of each other. Then it would be compounded by each of us feeling bad about ourselves and what did and who we were. There was a lot of shame and guilt.

I learned from Amanda I could be mad and express my upset and she wouldn’t abandon me. I learned you could have disagreements and would not destroy a relationship, it could actually make it stronger. I learned how to not stuff my feelings, but to express them in healthy ways. I learned how not compromise who I am, gave up people pleasing and it’s okay to set boundaries. I learned how to heal the inner child’s wounds.

Most importantly, I learned how to love myself. Thanks Amanda for all that you provide and do!

Susie, Program Manager, Waterford MI
I lost my husband to brain cancer after dealing with it for over 3 years. I was engulfed with grief and could not see how I was going to live life without him. I cried every day and every night missing him, yearning to be with him. Then one day on Facebook I saw a post from Amanda inviting people to a free webinar to Create Your Diamond Life. A light bulb went on and I saw the possibility that my situation and life could be different.

The webinar led me to begin to work with her one-on-one and take her Diamond Power Within™ workshops and, thank God, because of all that followed. It continued to be a year of many losses … deaths of my 2-year old grandson, my mother-in-law, other friends and their family members. It felt like a month did not go by without going to a funeral.

I felt like a zombie but little by little Amanda brought me back to life. She taught me the value of connecting with myself, to relax and breathe through the pain with her guided meditations. She continually loved and supported me no matter where I was.
I would think, when would it be over and how much could I take? I felt broken down. I had so much judgment and impatience with myself that I was still sad. I thought the grief process (or I) ‘should’ show up a certain way. I kept questioning, what do I need to do for this to be over? I constantly evaluated my Self and my life through the perspectives of right/wrong, either/or, good/bad, black/white. I did not know how to live in the gray or ride the waves of the journey.

There was a part of me who wanted to move forward in my life but I felt like my feet were cemented in sadness and depression. I was committed to do what I needed to do. Amanda created such a safe space for me to be wherever I was, whether it was a good day or bad day, whether I hated or loved myself, whether I had hope or not. She was the example of how to be accepting and loving despite what I say, feel or do. She guided me through the journey in a compassionate, loving and kind way that I felt safe, secure and supported to feel whatever it was that came up during the process. Then I learned how to do it for myself.

One of the most valuable tools that I learned in the workshops was the use of The Universal ‘L’. I use them most at work when dealing with difficult customers or employees. As I talk with them, instead of judging them, Amanda taught me to send them ‘L’s to help shift the energy. In doing so, I generate grace and compassion with them. The process changes the outcome and I don’t get caught up in their negativity!

The waves in my life that used to be massive are now ripples. I can be in place of upset or challenge but it is shorter and less impactful. I have the tools from The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to deal with it. I have the awareness of what thoughts, feelings, beliefs, people and/or circumstances may be running me and can now choose to consciously change it. And I’ve discovered I no longer have to be a victim or give my power away to it. I feel so empowered to be the Ideal Financial Expansion Forward Moving Adventure Goddess and the inspiration and motivation to achieve my vision and goals! Thanks Amanda!

Lynne, Store Manager , Flint MI
I credit Amanda Butler and The Diamond Co-Creative System™ with saving my life. After undergoing three blood transfusions within a two-year period, the medical profession could not help me stop or discover the cause of my profuse menstrual bleeding that I’d been experiencing for an extended period of time.

Prior to my last transfusion, I had endured many weeks of nonstop bleeding and my hemoglobin count was dangerously low. The hospital medical staff were baffled that I was still functioning. I could feel intuitively that I was on my way out and I would need to find an alternative solution in order to save my life and regain my health. Since I had worked with Amanda and the System a couple years prior and had found huge relief from some deep emotional issues, I turned to her for an energetic healing solution for my health problem.

In only one session working with Amanda, we discovered and healed lineage encodings on my mother’s side of the family which were at the root of my condition. We were able to stop me from literally bleeding out … and to stop it permanently. To this day, I’ve not had any further bleeding issues.

I thank God and the Universe, Amanda and The System that I am alive today. I cannot fully express the gratitude I feel for no longer being at the mercy of the unconscious energetic patterns and lineage encodings which would have surely ended my life prematurely. From my own experience, I know that Amanda and The Diamond Co-Creative System™ can truly perform miracles!

Linda, Joint Venture Specialist, Vancouver, BC
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