Mercury in Retrograde Today … A Problem or An Opportunity for You?

Mercury goes retrograde today. For some, they have the reaction of “ugh, not again!” while others of us say, “Whoohoo, time to learn, grow, complete and expand!”

Mercury in retrograde lasts for three weeks. It’s a time that you can utilize it to review what’s going on for you and your life. If there are things that work for you, then continue to build upon them and expand into the MORE. But if not, then it’s an opportunity to complete the ‘old’ so you can bring in the ‘new’.

This can apply to the way you feel, think and operate with your Self, in your relationships, at work or even with your health, body or money. You can ask your Self, “What requires shifting or maybe even healing of the past so I can move forward?” Mercury retrograde supports you energetically to complete the ‘old’ or even projects that seem to be taking forever. You may see your Self gaining momentum if you allow your Self to get out of the way or let go of whatever is keeping you stuck.

I always take time to ‘take inventory’ of my Self, my relationships and my work during Mercury retrograde. I’m totally honest with my Self and assess what’s working for me, what’s not, what I like, what I don’t and what I want and what I don’t want. Then I take action to make the changes to come into alignment with my intentions and goals.

This may require to do some healing or completion work within me or even the different types of relationships I have so I can align energetically with what I desire. Maybe I have a belief system or a pattern that no longer serves me. Or maybe something or someone from my past requires me to let it go and forgive. I always look to this time as a cleansing of sorts and realignment to the energies that will take me to where I want to go.

I recognize ‘any relationship is every relationship’ so if somewhere within me I’m out of alignment, then there will be misalignment with the outcome outside of me. Thus, the results I desire will be off or not come to fruition at all because I’m at a frequency of 98.3 rather than the radio frequency I want to be at which is 102.7. I’m vibing at the ‘wrong’ frequency so I can’t attract and manifest what I desire.

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