Meet Our Team

Amanda Butler
Founder & CEO (Chief Energy Organizer)

Amanda_Blurry_EdgesAmanda founded Keenawah & Associates in 2002. She is dedicated to continually evolve the organization to serve individuals, groups and companies at the highest potential possible in their personal growth and expansion process. Within her role as Founder and Chief Energy Organizer, she leads the organization by overseeing the direction of the organization and designs the programs, services and products it offers.

The offerings are based on the teachings and systems Amanda has developed including The Diamond Co-Creative System™.

The System is a very powerful, leading edge technology which assists people to resolve issues, patterns and the past once and for all.

Her 20+ experience within the corporate world as an executive and working with individuals for over 12 has contributed to the success of the organization and its offerings. Amanda is an expert in assessing co-dependency and energetic patterns which hinder people from creating the live they truly desire. As well, she is an author, keynote speaker, presenter and facilitator.

Linda Rielly
CMO (Chief Marketing Organizer)

Linda has been working as a marketing professionalLinda Rielly Cropped and joint venture specialist for Peak Potentials, one of the world’s largest success training companies over the last 8+ years.  In the fall of 2012, she chose to bring her expertise to Keenawah & Associates.

Linda oversees the expansion of the organization’s overall strategies and marketing department. She also develops our relationships with affiliates and joint venture partners and works directly with them to ensure our common goals are achieved. Her commitment and focus supports the organization’s mission to contribute and influence the lives of millions of people worldwide with its systems, products and services to help improve their lives.

Linda has a genuine desire to serve and assist people to achieve well rounded success in every aspect of life. She believes in, and has personally experienced, the transformative power of The Diamond Co-Creative System™.  She credits the System and the guidance of Amanda Butler with assisting her on her journey to self-empowerment and the magical life she now leads.

Jennifer Collier
AA (Amazing Assistant)

JJen_soft_edgesennifer joined Keenawah & Associates in 2012 bringing her 24+ years of administrative and project management experience. She has  worked with small business owners and assisted corporate executives as a Freelance Administrative Professional/Project Manager from her home office for the past 6 years. She now brings her high level of expertise and professionalism to our team.

She is your eager interface to assist you, through her dedication in serving and supporting the Keenawah & Associates staff and our community members in her efficient manner and can-do attitude. Thanks Jen for being our awesome assistant!

J. Averill Townsend
AV (Awesome Videographer)

JAT-MediumAverill is an accomplished film and video professional with years of experience in the production of documentaries, commercials, industrial, IMAX films and business projects. He started as a Cameraman and progressed to Director, Producer and Editor. Whether you’re needs are large or small, video or stills, Averill is a resource any organization can rely on as we did. With imagination and skill, he delivers results that are cost effective and creative!

Averill directed, edited and produced the videos on our website. We are extremely grateful for his dedication and contribution he has made to our team. You can contact him at 248-613-9109 or check out his website: if you are interested in his great services.

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