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Remember you receive our gift package of  The 5 Tips to Enliven Your Spirit! e-book plus the Connection & Grounding guided meditation which you can use on a daily basis to connect within and get grounded so you can manifest what your Truly desire!

AND you are eligible for a FREE 15-Minute Consultation with Amanda. This consultation will help you receive clarity as to your issues and/or goals and how our services can serve you based on where you want to go in your life, relationships, career, health, money and purpose.

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We are of Divine service with the assistance of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to heal past energetic patterning issues and resolve co-dependency so that millions of people have the emotional freedom to be their True Self and co-create the success they desire. Thousands teach and implement The System around the world which contributes to the shift in individual and collective consciousness of love, empowerment and expansion.

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