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Harness the Year of the Horse to Manifest Your Visions & Goals

Greenwood HorseTomorrow is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Happy NewYear again! I love how the Universe provides us with opportunities over and over again to energetically begin anew and claim what we desire.

2014 is the year of the Green Wooden Horse. The Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. The Horse is a symbol of movement, competition and victory. It pursues freedom, passion and leadership.

The Horse energy of the year is one of strength, power and fast moving. It moves quickly so staying grounded and centered is key to success in 2014. AND It’s really important for you to harness the energy of the horse so it doesn’t run off, get distracted it and create what you don’t want. You don’t want to look back at 2014 and wonder where did the year go and I didn’t achieve what I said I wanted.

Horse is intelligent but requires direction so it knows where to go, This makes it even more important for you to be clear on your vision on what you want and your goals and to  anchor the energies of it within you so you can co-create a plan to get there. The energy of the horse can take you to where you want to go so long as you ride it purposefully and deliberately. Be the leader in your life!

2014 is a 7 Year … What Does It Mean For You?


We have a special intention we are holding for you … see below. Plus 2014 is a 7 year so what does that mean for you?

A ’7′ year is one of self-analysis and spirituality. It is one of personal reflection so take time to be with you and take care of you. Create time throughout the year to spend alone and contemplate your life and your life direction.

This year is an opportunity to be introspective and decide where you want to go and what you want to be. Give the Universe your vision list … do not leave anything out, really think BIG and let your imagination run wild! Let go of limitations and wondering ‘how’ you will manifest it … that’s the Universe’s job to orchestrate the ‘how’.

Be sure to write a physical list, don’t just ponder or think about it! Write the list in the present moment and ‘as if’, not a I want or I wish list. When you write the list, invoke emotion. Write it like a story which creates a feeling tone as you write it and read it. What does your list feel like as you ‘live’ your list? Don’t make it a ‘to do’ or grocery list. Be sure to include all aspects of your life … about your Self and about your relationships, career, business, money, health, body, play, contribution to others and the world.

As you do so, this year is also a time to learn how to surrender and allow the Universe and others to be your co-creators and partners. You don’t have to do it all alone. This year is an opportunity to learn how to trust the Universe even more and to surrender your own agenda. Allow the Universe to provide you with what is in your Highest Order and greatest Potential even if you don’t understand why.

Let go of control and realize you really only can control what you think and feel and how you perceive and interpret events. You don’t need to control the way it is done, the unfoldment, others or situations in order to make it happen. Co-create it to happen by building the trust and connection within you and with the Universe then you will feel the sense of control that you have sought in the past. Embrace the unknown and unexpected as your friends.

Let trust, faith and belief in your Self and the Universe be a focus. Invoke tolerance, patience and support of your Self and others and you will be soooo much happier!

This year is also an opportunity to heal the past where you have felt abandoned, alone or that no one cares. Let go of feeling like a victim to people or circumstances and the wallowing in self-pity. If you’re sad, mad, disappointed or have regrets and resentments then choose to let go of them so you can heal and forgive your Self, others and the past.

Be careful of addictive behaviors (food, drinking, drugs, drama, work, shopping, etc) that you use to try to suppress your feelings and the pain of the past. This year will bring it forward urging you to address and resolve issues that run you. This is a perfect year to make the changes you have been thinking about or even ignoring and do the work you need to do so you can claim peace, confidence, love and joy within and with others.

If you feel alone or lonely then you’re not connected to you, to your Inner Family and to the Universe. Find a pathway to connect such as meditation, journal, courses, retreats, play dates with your Self, self-care such as massages, naps, etc. If you do not know about the Inner Family, check out our Diamond Co-Creator newsletters to learn more.

Or if you have not discovered your Inner Family and don’t know how to connect with them, check out The 5 Ingredients to Create Amazing Relationships because for five weeks we develop a deep connection with the various aspects of your Inner Family.

If the abandonment paradigm runs you then take action to heal the pain and wounds of the past. Suggestions would be to look at booking energetic healing sessions and/or past life regressions which assist you to heal the energetic patterns and conscious and subconscious memories that affect you. Abandonment is a layer affect and usually there a variety of pieces to unravel but it can be done so it’s resolved once and for all!

Healing abandonment begins with learning how not to abandon your Self, to be your best friend and to love, honor, respect, cherish and care for your Self. Then you won’t need it from others and sacrifice your Self to try to make people like, love, approve of, accept or validate you. And amazingly you will actually attract the relationships you really desire when abandonment is gone!

A ’7′ year also brings us the mystical, the magical and the mysterious. Be open to receive the messages and opportunities Spirit has for you. You can gain an immense amount of knowledge and wisdom if you allow your Self to open your mind and heart.

Let go of “I know that” or “I already worked on that” especially if you are not where you want to be or feel the way you want to about your Self. We are always learning and evolving and this year will support us to do so. It also supports us to learn how to co-create and live in the fifth dimensional vibration of the Age of Aquarius (thrival, love, synchronicity, support, co-creation vs. survival, fear, struggle, withhold, competition)..

You will see this play out throughout the world this year. We can’t expect to do the same thing and expect different results. Even our US government and other governments are in the process of learning how to be co-creative, collaborative and cooperative. They are realizing they have ‘be’ and ‘do’ things differently to accomplish not only individual goals but more importantly the collective goals that will enhance everyone’s life.

It truly is a year of transformation so take advantage of it to co-create your success and your MORE!

Here is our 2014 intention we are holding for you
and sending it to you with Universal ‘L’ energies…

May you embrace the magical available to you.
May you have faith, trust & belief in your Self.
May you feel love, acceptance, honor & respect of your Self.
May you have gratitude for your Self, others & all that is.
May you be open to receive ease & grace within your life.
May you allow the Universe to co-create success with you.
May the Highest Order & Greatest Potential be yours.
May the year be all that you desire and your BEST ever to thrive!

Do You Set Goals or Shy Away from Them?

goalsIt’s 2014! I love the New Year energy. We can be grateful for what we learned and experienced in 2013 plus leave behind what we no longer want or doesn’t work for us. We can focus on what we do want and make a commitment to attain it!

So is 2014 going to be your best year ever!?! Are you going to allow the magic of potential and success to flow through you and around you? But are you ready to do it? Read on …

Do you set goals or do you shy away from them? Many don’t take time to write down their vision, their desires, their goals out of fear of being disappointed or upset if they don’t come to fruition and they feel they have failed in the past.

Well, your goals and vision certainly won’t come true if you don’t claim them or incite them to be a part of your reality. Magical moments and visions cannot happen if the Universe doesn’t understand what you desire.

So often we give the Universe mixed messages … we focus on what’s not, complain about it, feel like a victim to it. So the Universe shrugs and says, “Okay this must be what she/he wants because they’re putting all of their attention on X.” Or we vaccilate and give up the moment it gets tough or it seems like it’s not working out the way we want it.

We interpret it as we maybe should quit or we’re on the wrong path instead of being perservant, playing it out fully and realizing that possibly the Universe is showing us a different way and more potential if we expand into Y. Many times we stop five minutes before the magic of the miracle occurring! Or don’t say YES when an opportunity of increase is offered due to mind chatter or old patterns taking over!

I know I am excited about it and where I am going personally and what enhancements I want to make for my life. Plus what the organization has planned to contribute to you in 2014 is amazing too! Stay tuned for our exciting announcements about the Hawaii adventure to swim with the dolphins and launch of the Diamond Power Within Mastery Module IV with three NEW Universal Energy Forms September 20-26 (details will be available shortly but mark you calendar – it will be an incredible journey!)

PLUS save the dates for …

It’s going to be a FUN and expansive year and we’re excited about the year for you!

But like anything there will be bumps in the road. There always is, it’s a part of life! But when you have a vision in place and keep focused on it, nothing can get in your way. That’s how I operate and how my team operates so we can ‘BE’ the best possible and serve as people of increase to all. And it’s important to deal with current conditions, circumstances, relationships, money, work or health issues but they don’t have to take you off course.Sometimes we forget what the possibilities are and the infinite amount of abundance and potential available to us.

If you would allow your Self to be willing and committed to go for it no matter what, you will get there even if it’s a different way than you originally planned. Let go of feeling stuck, complacent, discouraged, frustrated, angry or depressed  be willing to walk through the fear of the unknown and the unexpected. No thing nor no one can take your power away, you only give it away due to your limited scope of our current experience.

I’ve learned along the way that as long as keep committed to your vision free of attachment of how, when, what or why it happens, the Universe will always deliver you your MORE! And usually in ways you least expect it or when you expect it. It’s a matter of faith, trust and belief that it is so whether it takes a day, a week, months or years.

So on this first day of the year, are you clear on your vision for it? Do you have personal or business goals that maybe you set before but never seem to attain? Are you willing this year to play full out and go for it no matter what?

VIPTo help you embrace and fulfill your resolutions and goals for 2014 I have a magical day to offer you … your very own Accelerator VIP Day customized just for you!
Your VIP Day is a dedicated time to totally immerse your Self into you. see the REAL (Realized Energetic Alignment with Love) you and you are a Very Important Person. 
And its time to take care of and invest in you go for what you want!
A VIP Day a perfect way to jump start and create momentum for 2014 to achieve a new way of  be-ing and do-ing in your personal or professional life. Now’s the time to complete the past and shift what keeps you small, blocked or limited and accelerate your process and progress so you can really TAKE OFF!
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To Your Success in 2014 Being Your BEST Ever!
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