It’s About Focus & Belief!

As we continue to enter into spring … a time of rejuvenation and renewal, what are you focusing upon? There’s a lot up for people right now and it can seem somewhat disconcerting as you make shifts to enter into your desires. What I do know is as you make the decisions and commitments to your goals and dreams, anything opposite of it will arise so you can let it go. It is part of the process of alignment so you are energetically congruent with it.

During this process, it’s important for you to have faith and believe in your Self. Do not let outside forces or influences affect what is true for you. Even your current circumstances could make you wary and doubt your vision. BUT keep going back to the feeling of your vision and it will guide you through any turmoil or challenge.

Be sure to listen to what we talked about on our April Ask Amanda! talk this last week. It will help you understand this even further!

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