Is Chrama Running You, Your Life & Your Relationships?

Does chrama run you and your life? Are your relationships full of chrama? Does chrama give you a purpose? What the heck is chrama anyway?

Chrama = Chaos + Drama
Believe it or not, many people live their lives through chrama. It’s even rather addictive because it’s a way you may get ‘juice’ so to speak, or feel fulfilled and good about your Self. There’s a payoff to stay in it. By that, I mean you get something out of it.Most have grown up in co-dependent and dysfunctional homes and societies … 99.9999% of us. This is not to blame anyone, especially our parents or their parents or their parents before them. No one has been modeled anything different … it’s how we have been conditioned and programmed.Think about it. When do you make a change? Probably when the pain is so bad that you can’t stand it anymore or you’re just sick and tired of being sicked and tired of the same thing, people or situations in your life. Many have to create crisis in their life before they move off the fence … like a divorce, loss of job, financial issues, health challenges, disease, accident, death. It’s part of our human nature that we’ve been conditioned to accept in the way we process things. We are motivated through fear and lack.However, there’s another solution. Instead of being in ‘dysfunctional default’, you could be a ‘deliberate co-creator’. So let’s say, there is something you’re unhappy with in your life … it may be about how you feel about your Self, your relationships, your career, your money, your body. Instead of creating chrama around it, how about you make conscious choices?Making conscious choices requires you to be aware of how you are thinking, feeling and believing. Are they congruent with what you desire? If not, then it would be time to create a conscious choice to do something about it rather than wait until it’s out of hand or really intense. To create the change, you would have to consider healing, completing and realign the conditioning, programming and past experiences that no longer work for you or serve you. Thus, letting go of chrama.

We keep chrama in our lives because it’s a way we have motivated ourselves to be better, to do better. It’s a method we use to perpetuate change. Up until now, it may have served you well but with the shift in consciousness that’s now going on, not so much. In fact, chrama probably feels painful, distracting and depleting to you now rather than invigorating and uplifting when  you solved the chaos or drama. it doesn’t give you the ‘juice’ you once got from it. And you’ve found the blip of relief you felt once the chaos or drama is over is usually very short lived – there’s usually another chrama right behind it. Why? Because it’s your pattern and what you attract.

We are being asked to shift into the consciousness of love and lay a new foundation based on love (Living Only Vibrant Energy) rather than fear (Finding Evidence that Appears Real). You can only do this through ‘deliberate co-creation’, not through ‘dysfunctional default’.

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