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 You more than your body, mind and heart.
You are energy and the energetics of you include
your personality/egoic Self and your Soul’s Essence as well as
your Inner Masculine, Feminine and Child.
Do you feel their energies and know how they operate?
Do you connect and communicate with them?
Do you co-create and manifest through them?

This experiential workshop will help connect you with you!
You will discover, feel and know who you Truly are, connect with your Self
at a whole new level so you can co-create the MORE you REALly desire!

REAL … Realized Energetics Aligned with Love

Experience the emergence of your Soul’s energies can express through your personality/egoic Self, rather than the pain of the past or old conditioning, programming and patterning such as co-dependency, not good enough, lack, non-acceptance, abandonment, rejection, victimitis, betrayal or any issue that stands in your way.

You will discover and experience that you have a family that you can REALly count on and it’s inside you. You will learn how to connect, communicate and co-create with your Inner Masculine, Feminine and Child energies so you feel free, empowered and confident in who you are.

Connect You With You!
You will feel MORE Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth!
You will walk away with a
new sense of believing in and knowing your Self!

When: Saturday, 7/16/2016 from 10am-6pm
Where: Ashland OR Area
$144 or Two Payments of $80 Includes Course Book.
Must Prepay & Register below, or call 248.761.9568

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