How to Stay Connected & Centered

It’s an exciting time and it’s a crazy time. I hear from a lot of my clients that their worlds are being turned upside down, lots of changes happening and the way they have known life is no longer.

Here’s what I would say … it’s not a ‘bad’ thing. It could be even challenging but let go of resistance and comparison of what was to embrace what is. It will make riding the wave so much easier rather than pulled down under. It’s important to keep connected and grounded within your Self and not look to the outside to help you feel better.

Reflect on a daily basis at the end of the day to stay connected to and centered within:
What worked for you, what didn’t?
What did you learn?
What would you enhance or what requires a change?
What are you grateful for (even the little things i.e. like today I received a $1.00 off my Starbucks – whoohoo!)
Celebrate the wins … big and small.
Remember one step at a time no matter what size creates movement and a building of energy to manifest your goal!
Set the intention of what you would like to co-create the next day.
And last but not least, give your Self a big hug before you go to sleep and love your Self up!

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