Happy Mother’s Day & Honoring The Mother!

mom day 2Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a time of celebration when we stand up and salute our mothers. In many families for many sons and daughters, it’s easy to feel our hearts full of gratitude and appreciation for our moms. We respect and honor our moms for all that they are, all they do and all that they do for us.

At least, that’s the ideal scenario but what if this isn’t true for you? Many times, sons and daughters feel their mothers weren’t there for them. They have their stories about how their mothers ‘should’ have been or how they ‘should’ have shown up. Maybe she was not emotionally or physically there for you. Maybe she said some hurtful things to you or about you. Maybe she didn’t listen, acknowledge or support you in ways you would have liked. And worse case scenario perhaps there was some type of abuse … physical, sexual, verbal, mental or emotional.

Some or all of this may be true and your scars may run deep. But with all due respect, when is it time to give it up so you can move on? It’s been proven over and over again, when you live in the past, hold onto the past, you can’t move forward and manifest what you really want.

Now, you could be right about your story, you could justify your feelings and you could continue to tear your Mom down with your words or in your mind. You have the right to feel your feelings but who are you really hurting for you to continue to do so? Who continues to suffer? It’s YOU. Read more …

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