Eradicate Your Unconscious Energetic Patterns that Keep You Stuck Once & For All!

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of your life, relationship, career and money Issues? Do find your Self in the rut of continually creating the same results over and over again, somehow never reaching the goals or dreams you truly desire? If this is the case for you, then it’s time to look your energetic patterns that are unconsciously running the show.

Energetic patterns define your everyday thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors and actions … thus your results in life. As you experience different events within your life, you make decisions based on your perception and interpretation of what you felt during it and the results that occurred. As you grew up, you were conditioned and programmed through what you repeatedly observed and experienced. All of these form the energetic patterns held within your cellular memory.

If the interpretation of any of these experiences, from this lifetime or another, is considered negative or fearful, then your subconscious will create patterns to keep you safe, secure and protected. Many times these subconscious patterns keep you stuck because of the evidence they gather to support the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have based on the past.

You are the co-creator of your life whether you want to claim it as so or not. If you are unaware of patterns that are your driving force, you live as an unconscious, Default co-creator. As you become aware of patterns that no longer serve you and resolve them, then you can become aconscious, Deliberate co-creator. To do so, it’s important to eradicate any energetic patterns which limits or blocks you and release the power they’ve had over you, your life and your manifestations.

On Thursday, 5/23 I joined a group of transformational leaders in the You Wealth Revolution and Global Awakening Experiment.


Did I mention that a who’s-who’s of transformational leaders are joining the experiment too? You’ve probably seen them on the Oprah Network, Fox, CNN, Woman’s Day, and more … they include Darius Barazandeh (founder), Panache Desai, Rikka Zimmerman, Mashhur Anam, Christie Marie Sheldon, The ‘American Monk’ Burt Goldman, Richard Gordon, Kenji Kumara, Ann Taylor, Dain Heer, Derek Rydall, Dr. Susan Shumsky and more than 30 other teachers, healers and masters! You can find out more about it at:

My topic was: The Diamond Co-Creative System™: Eradicate Unconscious Energetic Patterns that Keep You Stuck & Become a Deliberate Co-Creator!

I talked about energetic patterns, how they affect you both positively and negatively and introduce you to the powerful solution that really works! The Diamond Co-Creative System™ is a profound cutting-edge healing, energetic realignment and manifestation system which resolves energetic patterning issues once and for all at their core causal level. PLUS unlike other methodologies or systems, it provides pathways to help you co-create and manifest the MORE in any aspect of your life.

I took calls to assess an energetic pattern from this lifetime or another which is getting in their way from creating the life, relationships, career, goals and/or dreams they desire. I provided awareness and insight as to what’s going on for them, but also next steps to break free from their past and its patterns once and for all.

In this session, we covered …

  • Identify your energetic patterns and ways they affect you
  • Discover why to consider the possibilities of past lives
  • Recognize how your past conditioning, programing and experiences keep you stuck
  • Address the paradigms of abandonment, victimhood, betrayal and Co-Dependency and how The System works to eradicate them
  • Become aware of how healing at the core origination point and cellular memory levels vs. symptomatic creates a lasting change rather than temporary relief
  • Learn about The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and how the its sacred geometric origin works with energetic patterning and provides the tools and processes to heal, transform, align and manifest
  •  Understand how the simple, powerful 21-Day Healing & Manifestation Process can change your life in less than 30 days
    PLUS there was a Universal ‘L’ activation and process which people loved!

To listen to the Replay – click here!

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