Embracing The Divine Feminine

Within each one of us, exists an Inner Family. The Inner Family consists of our Feminine, Masculine, Inner Child and Divine energetic aspects of us. You can learn more about this by reading The Universal Laws of Divine Union & Polarities.

honor the fem 2Typically, I have found with most of my clients and even with my Self, our feminine aspect is shut down. Not surprising, as we look back in time, the feminine has not really been valued. People shied away from being emotional and weren’t allowed to express their feelings. Stay at home moms were not as valued as the men who went to work and brought home the bacon so to speak. I have many women clients who still feel if they don’t contribute financially to the family, then they are not valuable or worthy even though their ‘job’ is taking care of the children and home. This is how we have been wired over the centuries to think, feel and believe.

In fact, for years I was really pissed off at being a woman. Maybe you can relate to this. I thought men had it all, that they controlled the Universe. I thought and did things in a very masculine way because that’s what I taught and programmed to do in order to succeed. I was in conflict within my Self and felt abandoned, separated and even unlovable. I didn’t embrace the feminine side of me until I started understanding energy and healing my energetic patterns.

Now, I love being a woman and truly embrace my feminine aspect. I have learned to trust her, trust my intuition.

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