Do You Set Goals or Shy Away from Them?

goalsIt’s 2014! I love the New Year energy. We can be grateful for what we learned and experienced in 2013 plus leave behind what we no longer want or doesn’t work for us. We can focus on what we do want and make a commitment to attain it! So is 2014 going to be your best year ever!?! Are you going to allow the magic of potential and success to flow through you and around you? But are you ready to do it? Read on …

Do you set goals or do you shy away from them? Many don’t take time to write down their vision, their desires, their goals out of fear of being disappointed or upset if they don’t come to fruition and they feel they have failed in the past. Well, your goals and vision certainly won’t come true if you don’t claim them or incite them to be a part of your reality. Magical moments and visions cannot happen if the Universe doesn’t understand what you desire.

So often we give the Universe mixed messages … we focus on what’s not, complain about it, feel like a victim to it. So the Universe shrugs and says, “Okay this must be what she/he wants because they’re putting all of their attention on X.” Or we vaccilate and give up the moment it gets tough or it seems like it’s not working out the way we want it. We interpret it as we maybe should quit or we’re on the wrong path instead of being perservant, playing it out fully and realizing that possibly the Universe is showing us a different way and more potential if we expand into Y. Many times we stop five minutes before the magic of the miracle occurring! Or don’t say YES when an opportunity of increase is offered due to mind chatter or old patterns taking over!
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