Co-Create through Conscious Choice vs. Chaos & Crisis

I was recently talking with a client about the people she has to work with at her workplace. There are people who have to have drama and crisis before they do their jobs or to make the changes that are screaming to be done, she has learned how to identify what runs them and can keep clear of being sucked in because she keeps grounded and centered within her Self.

It brought up an interesting piece. I find many people create through crisis and chaos before they get off the dime to get something done or to shift their life and relationships when it no longer works for them. However, there’s a different way to co-create your life. You can do it through clarity and conscious choice. You can do it through ease, grace and joy. You can also do it through feeling confident, centered and connected.

But when we are ran by the past on a subconscious level or have co-dependency drown your creativity, passion and joy due to fear, conscious choice does not exist. You are making decisions and operating from patterns that are dripping with … fear, worry, doubts, lack of self-esteem or confidence, judgment. upset, regrets and lots more of this yucky stuff. You can’t see the trees from the forest when this is running you.

996104_10152156367218293_1684512525_nHave you made new year’s resolutions or goals for 2014? What is your plan to attain them? Are there old habits to be broken and patterns to be redesigned so you can achieve what you desire? Most of us do have to shift something within us so we can go for it, otherwise we would already have what we want! How are you going to be supported so you CAN?

I’ve learned how to coach my Self and make conscious choices even when it’s not going exactly the way I hoped or when there’s a zig when I thought is would be a zag. I make sure I connect with my inner guidance, my inner family and with the Universe PLUS I learned to ask for support. I utilize outside coaching too so I can create an environment with people that support me and hold me in the vibration of success in me achieving my vision and goals.

It’s one of the reason why I created our ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & More Group Coaching Calls … it creates connection, inspiration and support for all involved. I invite you to BE your brilliance and to co-create your success of 2014 being your BEST ever! And it STARTS TONIGHT PLUS we have a JANUARY BONUS FOR YOU!

Even the most successful people have coaches to support them to achieve their goals and their MORE! Did Michael Jordan stop having a coach when he reached the pinnacle of his career? No way, he wanted to continue to expand his abilities and level of success.

All of the most successful people utilize coaches to achieve their personal and professional success. They see it as a valuable asset as a part of their process and successes. It’s a MUST HAVE … they invest in it and make time for it. It actually cuts down amount of energy you have to put out because there is an alignment and focus on your vision and goals.

Our ‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE! Group Coaching Calls are where you can get your personal questions answered and be supported in moving forward. They are a part of your formula for success! This coaching will help to reinforce how to keep focused, connected and empowered so you have the clarity and commitment to create what you desire. You can feel grounded and confident and make conscious choices even when challenges occur or obstacles seem to be in your way.

We will remind you in the calls how you are a powerful and brilliant co-creator and help you feel it as so. There are times in which we actually go through processes on the call so you can discover and expand into your MORE!

It meets twice a month for 1-hour via teleseminar style accessible via phone, web or Skype. I address any questions you have, issues you seem to be blocked about and new ideas on how to use the System. You can ask questions or share experiences specific to you and your life. It’s a highly interactive group which gives you the opportunity to share and learn. All calls are recorded so you can re-listen to them or if you missed a call.

12982380_lIn committing to your Self, the benefits the coaching will give you are …
1. Help you to incorporate the System and its components such as The Universal ‘L’ into your life as a seamless and automatic habit creating continuity of happiness, confidence and success
2. Give you tips on what, when and how to utilize the System within your life, relationships, work, business, money, health, etc.
3. Become more connected within your Self, with others and with the Universe
4. Be part of a like-minded community which supports, loves, accepts, honors and respects you

‘Be’-ing Your Brilliance & MORE! Group Coaching Includes:
(2) 1-hour interactive teleconference group sessions per month; each call is recorded and available to re-listen to for 30 Days.

STARTS TONIGHT!!! Dates & Time: Tuesdays at 8-9pm ET1/14 & 1/28, 2/11 & 2/25, 3/11 & 3/25, 4/15 & 4/29, 5/13 & 5/27, 6/10 & 6/24
Remember if you miss a call, no worries they’re recorded!

AND OUR NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL FOR YOU IS … Invest in 3 or More months of Group Coaching Calls by 1/30/14, you will receive a BONUS of (1) 45 Minute Individual One-on-One Coaching Call with Amanda (VALUE $125) to help you further achieve your success in 2014!

Invest in 3-12 months and receive MORE savings! To join us and register, click here!

I hope to ‘see’ you on the calls and have fun with me in co-creating your success!

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