August is the Month of Play! Discover Your Inner Child!

Happy summer! Here in the States we are well into our summertime and I hope you are all enjoying it and having FUN!

F eeling
U nconditional
N uturance

What I find most in my clients is that they have forgotten how to have fun and take care of themselves. They have disconnected with the Inner Child and have lost a sense of play and innocence. They do, do, do, work, work, work, give, give, give and have nothing left for themselves. They end up depleted, drained, exhausted and eventually angry, resentful and grouchy not only at the people or job they feel has ‘taken advantage of them’ or ‘not appreciated them’ but at themselves whether they realize it or not. This all leads to one unhappy, often depressed and frustrated camper.

For a long time, I couldn’t find my Inner Child. I have a Type A personality that’s always ‘doing’ so I had to learn how and coach my Self to stop and ‘be’ as well as stop and ‘play’. So my Inner Child didn’t trust me. I had ignored her for years and years. I hadn’t listened to her wants and needs. I definitely had not nurtured and loved her in a way a child would like to be. It took time but eventually she learned she could trust me and I would be there for her. Even with my plate full, I check in and connect with her daily.In fact, I invite her to bring her sense of fun, play, adventure, anything is possible energy to join me throughout the day even if I am working. Like now, she loves writing and sharing.

Today is the New Moon … it’s a great time to set an intention and make a commitment to take time for your Self. Make a play date (minimum of 2 hours per hours – preferably 4 or more) and ask your Inner Child what is he or she wants to do. It may seem silly or frivolous to you but go for it. It’s your time to be with him or her and connect with your Self. It may even feel disconcerting and uncomfortable to play, that’s okay. As you do it more, you will love your time with your Inner Child.

Mine loves movies so our play date is usually choosing a movie together, getting some popcorn and settling in with all the animals around us on the bed. She’s really happy then and doesn’t mind we worked 60 hours that week. She knows I love her and care for her so when we’re busy she trusts she won’t be left in the dust.

So what’s your play date that you will commit to once a week? Are you committed to having FUN in your life even in the midst of busyness, challenges or tough times? What’s your new moon intention?

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