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The purpose of our Ask Amanda! any question evening is to provide a forum for you to get your questions answered. Throughout your journey and process, you may have a question about relationships, life, spirituality, co-dependency, energetic alignments and patterning, healing or how to create the MORE! Amanda will help you to answer it.

Email your question to or call in, we will get to as many as we can. PLUS we will most likely include an experiential process or meditation based on the night’s subject. Be sure to invite your friends!

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12/10 – Ask Amanda!

This call is chock full of ways you can create inner peace, calm and joy throughout the holiday season or any busy time in your life; we talk about how to eliminate stress, worry, drama and chaos by keeping centered and connected within your Self; how the tools of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ can easily transform the issues or upsets that may be occurring for you; how to handle your family and be who you Truly are; how to create the MORE in your life now and in 2014! Happy Holidays!

To listen to this month’s call, Click Here.

11/6 – Ask Amanda! 

No recording for this month due to lack of participants.

10/10 – Ask Amanda!

You want to listen to this call … includes an experiential process to help relieve stress, worry, fear. Plus we talk about the energetics that are occurring within and around us and how to deal with them; how to shift your fears with examples around money or if you’re not where you want to be; accepting the reality of ‘what is’; being present and authentic; being open to receive the answers and help even when it doesn’t look like what you thought it ‘should’ be; why attend the Diamond Power Within™ Accelerator Intensive and why to learn about vibrational tools and work with our multi-dimensional part of your Self; how to utilize the Universal ‘L’ to change you, your life, your situations and affect change with others, government and the planet.

9/12 Ask Amanda!

This month call includes information about: how to deal with the turmoil occurring around the world and/or within you and your life; meditation practices and free downloads; what is energetic patterning and how it affects you; how to shift money problems and co-create more; co-dependency and abandonment, betrayal, rejection, victimhood patterns and how to resolve them once and for all; what happens when you look to fill up from the outside and need love, acceptance and approval from others; the suicide of Gia and how it could have been different for her; steps to take to shift you, your life, your relationships.

8/8 Ask Amanda!

This month we talked about August being the month of play and how to incorporate more FUN into your life; who is your Inner Child and how to connect with him or her; how to co-create with the Inner Family; how to connect with your purpose; blocks around generating financial flow; the understanding of the healing process and having patience with it; the use of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and The Universal ‘L’ and the power they have to help shift and change your energetic patterns thus your results.

7/16 Ask Amanda!

This month, we talked about what is chrama and how it affects your life; the costs of chrama to your life and your payoffs to keep it in your life; steps to take to eradicate chrama from your life and how to become a deliberate and purposeful co-creator; how to connect within and with your Inner Family; and questions about healing and processes that work.

6/11 Ask Amanda!

This month we talked about the energies of June with Father’s Day, Summer Solstice on June 21 at 1:04am EDT and Mercury going retrograde on June 26; the masculine energies of the month and how to honor your Divine Masculine; working with your Spirit Guides and Divine Source; what to do when you feel betrayed and abandoned; hanging on to your stories or willing to let go, forgive and move on; healing your Inner Family and co-creating with your inner child, feminine and masculine aspects.

5/9 Ask Amanda!

This month we talked about the Eclipse energies and how it can shake things up for you; honoring The Mother and how to find gratitude and forgiveness if you have a difficult relationship with your mother; healing the wounded inner child and pain of the past; bringing forth and reconnecting with the Divine Feminine energy within you; ways the feminine energies contribute to your life and how to utilize it; co-creating with the feminine, masculine and inner child; and a process to connect, feel and see your inner Divine feminine.

4/11 Ask Amanda!

This month we talked about believing in your Self and your dreams; steps to help you stand in your own authority; having attitude which carries you through obstacles and challenges; ways to let go of the past and judgments; plus shared a tool and process to help you transform and align.

3/13 Springtime Ask Amanda!

This month we reviewed the energies of March which support us in the cleansing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so we can create the new; Mercury retrograde; the luck of the Irish; planting new seeds and an experiential process for transformation and alignment.

2/14 Special Valentine’s Evening With Ask Amanda!

On this month’s special Valentine’s eve, we reviewed busting the myth of Valentine’s Day and what it means if there’s no one special in your life; loneliness; what is love; how to heal the pain around love; falling in love with your Self; the feelings of love and how to create it; a powerful meditation to create and feel MORE love.

Click below to listen PLUS download the picture of the Universal ‘L’ so you can utilize it in the meditation we share during the webinar! Please note, we referred to the upcoming 5 Ingredients to Creating Amazing Relationships series, the correct URL is

The Universal ‘L’

1/24 Ask Amanda! Premiere
This month’s Ask Amanda! covered questions about: The theme for 2013; What is the true definition of a relationship?; What is the most significant relationship to have?; Contrast and clarity in your relationships; and Energetic patterns within relationships. Click below to listen!

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