Pulling The Weeds to Create the Freedom to BE You!

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. And for those of you not from the United States, Happy Freedom Day to you!

With freedom in mind, what is it that you are grateful for? Here in America, we do live quite an amazing life with many freedoms and support to be who we are and create success in what we do. Do you feel the freedom within you to create what you desire? Or is your freedom stifled in some way? If so, be sure to keep reading!

Pulling The Weeds to Create the Freedom to BE You!weeds

If you’re like most of us when summer begins, we’re outside in our gardens and yards getting them back in order after a long winter. We pull out the ‘weeds’ so our gardens can come into full bloom and be beautiful and vibrant.

This is a perfect metaphor for tending our ‘inner’ gardens and creating beauty on the inside as well as on the outside of us. We must pluck those ‘weeds’ of negative and discordant thoughts, feelings and beliefs which get in the way of bringing forth that which we desire to manifest in our lives.

What’s the state of your inner garden? Remember those ‘inner’ seeds you planted in March with the arrival of Spring Equinox – the intentions and goals you set to move you forward in achieving your vision and dreams for the different aspects of your life? How are they coming along – have they matured and grown into hearty plants with lots of buds and blooms? Are they beginning to bear fruit?

Or is your ‘inner’ garden overrun with weeds – incongruent, negative or stuck thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are literally choking the life out of you and your goals, dreams and visions? These weeds become so entangled that we don’t know where they begin or end. Read more…

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