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Did you know you’re a VIP? Sometimes we forget who we are and what could be because of what the current ‘conditions’, circumstances, relationships, money, work or health issues look and feel like. We forget what the possibilities are and the infinite amount of abundance and potential available to us if we would allow ourselves to be willing and committed to go for it.

And when this occurs, many times we feel stuck, complacent, discouraged, frustrated, angry or depressed … fear gets a hold of us. But understand, no thing nor no one can take our power away, we only give it away due to our limited scope of our current experience.

Well, we’re not buying into the current box that you feel you’re in … we’re going to hold something different for you. We see the possibilities for you. We see the REAL (Realized Energetic Alignment with Love) you and you are a Very Important Person. And it’s time to take care of and invest in you … go for what you want!

In order to fully contribute to you and create the Highest Potential possible so you can rock it out in the shortest amount of time, we’ve developed an exciting and powerful offering … Your Diamond Accelerator VIP Day! It’s your opportunity to work One-on-One with Amanda for a Day!

Your VIP Day is a dedicated time to totally immerse your Self into you. Together you and Amanda will deep dive to take the Diamond in the rough and tap into more of your Diamond Brilliance! Imagine what you can achieve working individually with Amanda for an action packed day which she preps and customizes to address what you desire!

A VIP Day a perfect way to jump start and create momentum to achieve a new way of ‘be’-ing and ‘do’-ing in your personal or professional life. Now’s the time to complete the past and shift what keeps you ‘small’, blocked or limited and accelerate your process and progress so you can really TAKE OFF!

Your Accelerator VIP Day will help you access your Diamond Life, go beyond what you know and take flight
in your life or business. You will expand into the MORE confidence, happiness and success that’s awaiting you!



Evaluate your conscious and subconscious patterns Tap into your purpose and passion
Recognize the issues of the past which keep you small Clarify your vision for your business or career
Heal and refine patterns which get in your way Define and believe in the gifts you contribute
Uncover and connect to your passions and desires Remove blocks limiting your power and success
Build a new empowered sense of Self Strategize a business model that works to attain your goals
Design a blueprint to follow to achieve your intentions Identify ways to create consistent, sustainable cash flow and income
Create a new relationship with Self, with others, your
money, your vocation, your health and with the Universe!
Give your Self permission to ‘be’ ALL of you so you can play BIG
to build the kind of business you desire!

 OR Your VIP Day can Include The Diamond Co-Creative SystemTeachings One-on-One With Amanda…
Learn, Experience & Implement MORE of the Amazing & Powerful Multi-Faceted System!

If you are the type who prefers individual teachings or cannot make our live events, this is perfect for you. Experience the The Diamond LifeAccelerator or Mastery Modules One-on-One with Amanda and how The Diamond Co-Creative System and its teachings and tools can quickly and positively impact your life, relationships, career, health and MORE!

Amanda will teach you how to implement the System and work with your Chakras, Bodies and Universal Bodies plus help you understand your energetic patterns, your past lives, encodings, conditioning and programming so you can heal the past, transform your consciousness and choices, refine your vibrational patterns and manifest your desires.

Now … there are the new Cosmic Energy Forms and Cosmic Unification Template which serve to bring you to a higher level of Mastery and Potential within your Self and your life. These are taught in the Mastery Modules: Level I & II. 

“In continuing my work with my Self and Amanda, I really wanted to learn more and dive in deeper. I decided to make the further investment in myself a month ago with a Diamond Accelerator VIP Day with Amanda. I chose to learn about The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and how could it assist me in my journey as my focus for the day. I didn’t know what to really expect, but went into it like a little girl very excited.It wasn’t what I expected. Some of it was like being at a University (which I am of course…‘of Self’). There was some intense learning of energetic systems such as the chakras and bodies along how The Diamond Co-Creative System™ to accelerate my healing and transformation. The further we went in though, the more I wanted to know. I loved it!It was a combination of learning the different systems and some healing meditations and infusions from The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which brought out some really intense emotions. I was again stunned by this. We continued on with some unfinished work the next day and needless to say, I was exhausted. This surprised me initially. I guess I had an expectation somewhere that I would come out of it jumping for joy.I was reassured by Amanda (who continued to check on and support me), that it would take time for all of the information I had learned and all of the energetic shifting and re-patterning that was occurring to integrate and assimilate. She reminded me to be kind to myself, to be patient (a virtue I am still working on!). Two to three days later, I felt amazing. Situations occurred with loved ones, which raised instant flags within and I was able to shift it immediately … the thoughts, the feelings, the behaviors. So proud of myself! This has continued daily for the last month … the way I respond to things now, instead of reacting and now responding is amazing. How I feel is incredible. The gratitude I now have in my life is sometimes overwhelming. So much so, that I’ve decided to invest further in myself.  I have booked another VIP day in a month’s time with Amanda to continue this amazing journey I now find myself on … “
- Megan, Medical, Australia

Perhaps you’ve had experience with Reconnect With Your Soul’s Essence 28-Day Journey or the Universal ‘L’ and are now want to learn more about and go deeper into The Diamond Co-Creative System™, this VIP option offers you the ability to do so. Learn how to incorporate all components of the System within your Journey so you can accelerate your awareness, process, transformation and manifestations.

Or maybe it’s time for a refresher! If you have attended a Module Live Event or bought a package in the past that incorporated you learning the System one-on-one, the VIP Day is an option to hone in your skills and reconnect with System so you can utilize the tools and System you have at your finger tips on a daily basis in simple and easy ways!

This was my second time attending one of Amanda’s Module courses and this was definitely the most gratifying! During my first attendance, I gained so much knowledge about The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and co-dependency … and I practiced some of the tools, some of the time. After attending the course for a second time, I left feeling so excited to start using the tools immediately because I was more aware of the personal empowerment and enlightenment that came with MORE understanding. Since the course, I use the tools daily and I feel happier and more ‘at ease’ than I have in about 5 or 6 years. I take more time for myself. I practice more self-care. I am more of aware of what does work, instead of what doesn’t and I know I can do something about it if I don’t like it!” – Lynne, Store Manager

Your VIP investment Includes: A Diamond VIP Day 1/2 hour pre-planning call to determine the focus of your day so Amanda can customize it just for you. Then you will spend 5 hours one-on-one with her via Zoom, phone or in-person with a 1/2 hour post follow-up session. She will also develop customized VIP materials for you to take home and refer to in the future.

Amanda is committed to your acceleration of your Brilliance so you can take your life or business to the next level!

Meeting Amanda has changed my life! I had no direction or confidence and was not sure what was acceptable to me. Now with confidence, I love life and embrace all it has to offer! I let go of the need to please others and voice what I want and need. I no longer feel like a victim in my relationships and especially in my marriage. I don’t look to the outside for love or approval. I validate myself. I trust my decisions and in fact went back to school and became an acupuncturist and have my own business. Thanks Amanda for all that you do!”
– Diane, Acupuncturist

Gift Your Self by Investing Into Your Very Own Accelerator VIP Today!
Ready to Jump In & Commit to Your Self NOW?

Your Customized VIP Day Includes:
Pre-Planning 1/2 Hour Session with Amanda so she can customize your day just for you,
then 5-hours One-on-One with 1/2 Hour Follow-Up and
customized materials for you to bring home and refer to in the future!
Value $2750   Investment: $1997

You Can Claim Your Spot With a Deposit of Only $497  with (3) Pay Option $530
OR Pay in Full and Receive A Bonus The 28-Day Soul Journey

(All payments are nonrefundable and must be paid in full.)

VIP Days Can be done via Phone, Zoom or
Come to Beautiful San Fransisco, CA for an Expansive Experience!

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