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Ready to Get Started on Your Healing & Transformation?
Or Is There An Area in Your Life Not Working,
Not What You Like or Not What You Want?
Then Book an Accelerated Clearing & Alignment Session!

Accelerated 1-Hour Clearing & Alignment Sessions

The Accelerated 1-Hour Clearing & Alignment Session is designed to quickly energetically shift and realign an area within you or your life that requires a vibrational upgrade and transformation to match what you want and your Highest Potential AND to create MORE connection, acceptance and Love within and with others. It will open you to being able to receive your MORE and a doorway into the new paradigm of co-creation, collaboration and cooperation within your Self, with others and with the Universe!

The focus and intention of a session is to …

1) Assess and identify what may be getting in the way of what you want, or what is energetically and vibrationally misaligned so you do not create what you desire in life, relationships, health, money, career and/or business
2) Energetically clear and realign the layer that is present to be cleared due to patterning, conditioning, programming, past lives and experiences, and/or genetic or lineage encoding
3) Provide next steps to continue your transformation and evolution into your MORE!

PLUS A BONUS! Receive a beautiful 5X7 print from Eva M Sakmar-Sullivan to help remind you and radiate the vibrations of your MORE within the category you choose.


Choose to Focus on One of the Below for Your Session …

Creating Love & Acceptance With Your Self & Others

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places … outside of your Self?
Are you seeking MORE Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth and Self-Love within your Self and with others?
Do you tend to get into relationships (personal or business) that are not accepting and loving of who you are and what you do?
Are you open to receive love, or do you fear it and push it away on some level?
Do you want to eliminate the judgment, negative Self-talk or emotional blockages that keep you from finding love within and with others?
Your Bonus includes the From The Heart of God 5X7 Print – See Above.

Manifesting Prosperity & Abundance

Do you seem to manifest the things and people you don’t want … the contrast of what you do desire?
Does money, prosperity and success on many levels seem to continually allude you?
What kind of relationship do you have with money and success – fear, love or both?
Do you just get by, or there never seems to be enough or is there plenty for you?
Do you have a poverty/scarcity/lack mindset or a wealth consciousness?
Your Bonus includes the Angel of Prosperity & Abundance 5X7 Print – See Above.

Feeling Peace Within & With Others

Do you have anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction, anger or upset in your life?
Do you feel unfulfilled or like there is more to life, work or relationships than you currently have?
Do you feel connected or disconnected from your Self, others or the world?
Are you confident, clear and on purpose within your life, relationships and career/business, or do you feel insecure, compare your Self with others and/or envious?
Do you want to feel connection, peace and serenity within and with others or are you out of sorts, distracted and confused?
Your Bonus includes the Angel of Global Peace & Transformation 5X7 Print – See Above.

Generating Vital Health & A Strong Body

Do you have a specific health problem you would like to address?
Do you have pain within your body or chronic issues?
Is your body supporting you and your lifestyle, or do you want MORE?
Do you feel strong, vital and energized, or do you feel drained and lack energy?
Do you have plenty of energy and vitality to live the life you desire?
Your Bonus includes the Diamond Light Angel 5X7 Print – See Above.

You can select one category as your focus or mix and match if you invest in multiple sessions. You can also choose a different intention or issue than what is listed. The greater the savings with multiple sessions!

The Sacred Visionary Art of Eva M Sakmar-Sullivan

Eva is a Visionaryeva photo w crystal and award-winning Artist, children’s book Author/Illustrator and energy worker. Her artwork has been published in magazines and featured on book and album covers internationally.

Eva’s paintings are said to carry a high frequency Energy of Light. The paintings are also imbedded and imprinted with Sacred Light Language Codes. They can be used as tools to facilitate personal and spiritual growth. 

Sessions are Done Via Phone, Skype or In-Person (Ashland, Oregon).
 All sessions are recorded so you can review them and receive even more value from re-listening!

Not sure what to do? Book a FREE 15-Minute Consultation with Amanda to discuss your goals and desires.

Invest in Your Self! Shift what no longer serves or works for you. Create a new alignment with your Highest Potential and MORE!

For One Session: Value $200 with Gift of $15 (includes US & Canada Shipping) Special Offer: $175 (Save $25)
For Two Sessions: Value $400 with Gift of $30 (includes US & Canada Shipping) Special Offer: $325 (Save $75)
For Three Sessions: Value $600 with Gift of $45 (includes US & Canada Shipping) Special Offer: $425 (Save $175)
For Four Sessions: Value $800 with Gift of $60 (includes US & Canada Shipping) Special Offer: $550 (Save $250)

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Add $10 if shipping outside of the US or Canada

NOTE: If you have a current package, you can add the number of hours you invest into to your current package. Rates will increase September 25, 2015.

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