Our Philosophy

What is a Diamond Life™?
No, a Diamond Life is not about material possessions or even having the best job; although you can certainly include them and much, much MORE. It is about you being able to co-create life your life, goals and dreams within the brilliance of who you Truly are and feeling the freedom, empowerment and passion in all that you do. It is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state of co-creating through your Highest Order and Potential.

A Diamond Life is living & ‘be’-ing the vibration of LOVE –
Living Only Vibrant Energy.
It is the remembrance & return to all that you are.
It is the fulfillment & manifestation of your visions & dreams.
It is creating life from your Diamond essence,
which are the Brilliant Facets of your Divine-cell consciousness . . .
thus radiating your True Self.

Just the Facts Ma’am …
Every Thing is Energy.
Energy has a Frequency that creates a Vibration.
Every Thing and Every One is a Vibration including our Thoughts, Beliefs and Feelings.
Who we are as a vibration and what we Focus upon Co-Creates our Outcomes.

The vibrations of the Past, the Present and Your Intentions for the Future affect the way you
co-create within life and all of your manifestations. If you focus on the discord within your life or business … feelings follow your thoughts and your behavior and actions produce your results. However, if you refocus on what you truly desire then the Universe will assist you in manifesting that energy, that vibration in physical form. 

Our expertise is helping you become aware of your focus. We aid in assisting the shift from a foundation built upon the vibrations of fear and survival from past experiences. The result is a life full of freedom, love, thrival and fulfillment so you can co-create your Diamond Life™ Success.  

Any Relationship is Every Relationship.
The relationship you have with your Self is the same relationship you have with your family, friends, co-workers, business partners, money, love, abundance, etc. It is the same energetic pattern and issue that will bleed into all relationships in one way or another.

For instance, if you do not love your Self free of conditions (always judging, blaming, feeling like a victim) then you will judge and blame others at home, in the office and within life. If you do not take care of your Self in a loving way from a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level, then you cannot take care of others either in a way that is healthy for you and them; you will do it out of sacrifice, not enough, depletion and eventually from upset and resentment.

“Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.“
– Buddha

Universal Law & Spirituality is Inherent in Who We Are & What We Do.
All of us are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Just like nature, we are all connected as One. There is a natural Law of Order … Universal Law in which all is co-created from within. Universal Law can help you to understand how it all works and how to co-create what you desire from the energies of Universal Law. 

If you look at the natural rhythm of nature such as the seasons or how the bees need the flowers and we need the bees to spread the pollen to have the crops, you will begin to see the interconnectedness of it all. If you study sacred geometry and physics, you will realize how even our bodies, the wings of a butterfly and a tree have the same energetic patterns, the same structures based on sacred geometry. Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek and David R. Hawkins are leading experts linking all of this together.

This is not about manmade law nor religion but is how to live life from within your spirit, to ‘be’ love and to co-create and manifest from your Divine essence – the True Self. It is about ‘be’ing co-creators with that Higher Power of the Universe (whatever you choose to call Him or Her – God, Allah, Christ, Buddha, Divine Source, etc.) and co-creating through the vibrations of LOVE – Living Only Vibrant Energy, acceptance, compassion, harmony, joy, Truth, Wisdom, prosperity and abundance – all which is your Divine birthright!

Amanda Butler is an expert in teaching how to apply Universal Laws and spiritual principles to your life in a practical manner so you can consciously choose to live in the present and co-create your intentions for the future. Living in the vibration of Love and co-creating through these energies creates a life based on flow and synchronicity which makes it much more simpler and easier to have what you desire … personally, professionally and within a company. 

“We believe in the right to live & prosper as your True Self & to be in love, joy, freedom, power, balance & an abundance of prosperity while doing so.”
– Amanda Butler, Founder & CEO

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