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Rather than give the standard bio about Amanda Butler (which you can have and can read below), she wanted to share her story as others have shared theirs.

Amanda’s Story
It was 1986. When people met me and those who were in my life, thought they saw a good looking, powerful, tenacious and successful woman. I was doing all the ‘right’ things and accomplishing what I thought I ‘should’ do. My life and I looked really good from the outside.

But on the inside, it was a totally different story. Inside, I was a scared wounded little girl, shaking in my boots worried that someone would find out what was really going on for me. I had to be perfect … the perfect wife, the perfect employee, the perfect daughter and keep on my mask so they wouldn’t know the truth. I felt like a fraud, fooling everyone around me including myself. I felt like a broken down woman in a marriage that didn’t work with little or no self-esteem or self-respect.

I looked everywhere to feel better … other’s approval, acceptance and love, excessive shopping, emotional eating. Or at the very least try to find a way to feel something since I was felt so numb and on automatic pilot. I would create crisis or drama in my relationships, my finances, or my work to feel alive in some way even if it was destructive. My ex-husband and I would create fights so that we could finally connect since we did not know how to communicate or to be open and vulnerable to let love in.

I was so disconnected from me, my feelings, my faith, my desires, my passion, my creativity and from others. I was 30 years old and I felt like I was 90 with no spark or energy left within me.

I would sit in the middle of a church service with streams of tears running down my face. They were not tears of joy but tears of sadness, anguish and despair. I wanted what they had. To feel connected. To be inspired. To love myself, to love life and to love Divine Source once again. To feel the spirit and love of the angels (both etheric and earth ones such as my Mom and Aunt) that surrounded me. The pain was too great that I quit going.

I felt like if I continued to feel the feelings, the dam would break and there would be nothing left of me, that I would dissolve in nothingness. If the feelings came up, I would ignore them or stuff them back down from where they came. Later I realized the best thing for me was to let the dam burst … to let go of it all … the pain, the wounds, the grief, the hopelessness. It felt so good when it did and I began to live again.

I did 3 years of intense psychotherapy (individual, marriage and group each week!) and went back and forth with it over the years but nothing really shifted. It helped me to become aware of my problems and their source but not to heal them. I read the Co-Dependent No More book and thought I was the worse person ever and had no hope of how I could change that. Only when I discovered energetic healing did I and my life finally shift. It helped me heal at the very core of my pain and issues and the way I thought, felt, believed and lived life changed. It enlivened my spirit within.

As I woke up so to speak, I became more and more connected within myself, with my spirit and with the Universe. Joy returned. Faith returned. Belief returned. And trust returned. All of this created a sense of knowing, confidence and empowerment to explore more, to discover more, to heal more, to connect more, to love more, to go to into feelings that I never knew I could. I could breathe again!

My journey led me to help others to do the same. I left my over 20 years of corporate to find out how I could serve others in learning and co-creating lives that they truly wanted. I spent more than 5 years looking for what was calling me and doing my own personal growth, exploration and healing work. Some of it I resisted and went kicking and screaming but eventually I surrendered into what I knew were my next steps. Life is so much easier when you allow!

As a result, I shifted from my old profession to my purpose and passion. Over the last 10 years, I have developed technologies, processes and tools that can help accelerate this discovery, healing and manifestation journey and make it simple with The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and its workshops, webinars, online courses and coaching.

I live a life in which I feel inspired, fulfilled and excited to wake up each morning. I trust and know I am the Master Co-Creator in my life. I have the connection and power within to think, feel, believe, know and trust all is happening for a reason … to experience more, to learn more, to heal more and/or to grow more.

And if I don’t like the experience I am having, I know I can change it. I now live in the energetics of what is on the right side of the Real Life Changes Chart where before I was stuck on the left side. The freedom to choose is a sweet and juicy vibration to live within!

Click here to the see the Real Life Changes chart that Amanda refers to!

Amanda Butler’s Bio

Amanda Butler is the Founder & CEO of Keenawah & Associates. With more than 20 years of experience as a Corporate Executive, she now inspires, guides, educates and supports individuals, especially women, in their exploration and discovery of their brilliant Diamond essence, their desires and their True purpose.

She specializes in helping break the restraints of a life that doesn’t work, shift beat up and blame and release the blocks that occur in relationships, careers, finances, life. You shift from survival to thrival and from victimhood to freedom. She teaches how to release and forgive the past and become more connected, confident and empowered so you can redesign and repurpose your life.

As a change agent and healing catalyst, she assists you to remember, reconnect and realign so you can redesign and repurpose your life to be more fulfilling, confident and successful. Amanda is an expert in transforming lives through re-patterning energy and developer of a simple, powerful technology, The Diamond Co-Creative System™ (the System).

The System provides the pathway to accelerate awareness, to heal core issues at their root, to align you with your True Self and Highest Potential and to manifest what you desire. The System is unique because unlike other methods it gives you the technology, the processes and the tools to co-create your next steps and to paint your new canvas of life.

Amanda is an expert in assessing the energetic patterns and issues that limit or block an individual or company in achieving their desired results. She utilizes the principles of energy flow and assesses the energy patterns within people’s lives or at an organization. Her expertise in understanding energy and its re-patterning process especially with co-dependent and dysfunctional relationships, that have been running you for years will be resolved and healed once and for all.

She teaches you to become aware of your fears and reactions due to the past. She trains you how to heal and change them so they are not the motivating factors for your behaviors, decisions and actions. You learn how to be more in love, compassionate and accepting of Self and others.

After working with Amanda you are able to create a fuller life as opposed to one limited by challenges or economic times, society or past experiences. You become empowered to consciously choose your co-creations and manifest your dreams rather than live life on automatic pilot or feeling victimized by the outer world. You stand in the power that you are your Master Co-Creator of your life, relationships and career.

Amanda is currently acquiring her Masters degree in Metaphysics and is a PhD candidate. She is an Empowerment Speaker on various subjects including S.O.S. – Success Of Self, Embracing The Fear & Doing It Anyways, Healing Your Relationships & The Past and How Meditation Can Impact Your Life and has been a keynote speaker and teacher at conferences, churches and other public events.

She also has been interviewed on TV and radio – click here to download her Create & Thrive in the Life You Desire! interview. Amanda is an author of published articles and newsletters and has co-authored the book, You Will Overcome.

She feels her mission and passion is to spread the consciousness and vibration of Love with others through healing the past, enlivening the spirit and empowering the True Self. She loves what she does and invites you to join her on the journey of the MORE!

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