About The Organization

Our Mission
We are of service to inspire & teach new systems which
create Empowerment, Thrival & Diamond Life™ Success.

Amanda Butler is the Founder & CEO of Keenawah & Associates, LLC. She has built the organization based on the focus to help others, especially women, to transform and empower their lives, relationships and careers. Over the last 10 years, she has been and continues to be dedicated to developing and facilitating powerful systems and unique programs designed to heal, restore and re-energize individuals so they can develop happy, confident and fulfilled lives.

As a healing and guidance company, Keenawah & Associates features the Diamond Life™ programs and The Diamond Life™ Services. People experience dynamic shifts within themselves and their relationships, careers and lives by being able to move forward in empowered and confident ways through the skills and processes taught and facilitated by Amanda.

Amanda is the developer of the unique and effective technology, The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which is taught through a variety of means and methods …

The Diamond Life™ programs:

  • Webinars, Workshops, Online Courses or Group Coaching

The Diamond Life™ Services are One-on-One opportunities with Amanda:

  • Assessment Consultations or Soul Readings
  • Energetic Re-Patterning Healing Sessions
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Conscious Choice Coaching & Mentoring.

One or more of these programs or services have helped to serve hundreds in them achieving their Diamond Life™ Success.

Diamond Leadership Training

A new Diamond Leadership Training Program is now being offered for Self Development/Personal Growth Professionals and Teachers, Counselors, Coaches, Healing Practitioners, Naturopaths and other Healthcare Professionals. This provides an avenue for others to incorporate, teach and facilitate The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and The Diamond Life™ programs within their existing practices or the opportunity to create a new practice.

Our Tagline … Co-Creative Spirits Merged As One

Some ask about our tagline, Co-Creative Spirits Merged As One, and Amanda explains it as … it is the understanding that all of life – everything and everyone are energetically interlinked. In merging into the awareness that each of us affect the other and that the other is really our Self being reflected back to us, we can decide to make different choices.

In addition, we have others who help us along the way … earth angels as well as our etheric angel friends, Divine Source and the Universe. We are never alone and we are always co-creating with one another, consciously and unconsciously.

Knowing this, we can then choose to make our choices in a more conscious, loving and compassionate manner, rather than being run by our fears, wounds or pain from the past. We can become more deliberate and purposeful in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions and co-creations with our Self, with others and with the Universe. We can become conscious Master Co-Creators in all that we are and do.

The organization is dedicated to teaching people and companies how to co-create through win-win methods and outcomes. Check out Our Philosophy. We base the work on these premises. These are so important in helping people understand how they can shift into these ways of ‘be’ing and make positive changes within their lives and businesses.

Keenawah & Associates is located at Life Learning Center, 3121 Rochester Road in Royal Oak, Michigan 48073.

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