Amanda Butler founded Keenawah & Associates in 2002. Both Amanda and the team at the organization are dedicated to helping people resolve the pain of the past and their issues once and for all, so they can create confident, fulfilled and successful lives. By taking advantages of the resources and opportunities we offer, individuals become empowered to co-create the lives, relationships and careers they Truly desire versus ones created from the foundation of ‘shoulds’ and fear.

In reading Meet Amanda Butler, she shares with you her story and why she is so committed to assisting others to move through their co-dependent issues and learn to love, accept, honor and respect themselves, no matter what. You can see how she has been where you are and has the empathy and capacity to help guide you.

You can also read about what the organization stands for under About the Organization and Our Philosophy plus how we can assist you in our Working With Us section. And last but not least, Meet Our Team which is committed to you and your journey!

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