5 Ingredients

The 5 Ingredients to Create Amazing Relationships …
With Your Self, With Aspects of Your Life & With Others!
Join Us for this Awesome 4-Week Webinar Series 11/20-12/18/2014


Connect with Your Soul’s Essence & The Power of Your Inner Family to
Co-Create Your Highest Potential in ALL That You Desire …
With Your Life,
Well-Being & Health, Relationships, Career or Business, Money & Even MORE!

Many of us have operated from our personality/egoic Self in order to survive and make it in the world rather than connecting with our Soul’s Essence … our True Self. We’ve been conditioned and programmed to lead with our physical bodies and mind versus checking into what feels in alignment for ourselves.

It’s not your fault or anyone else, it just is what is. It is what our experience, families and society have taught us. We’ve learned along the way and took on what we experienced, observed or were told as ‘truths’ that created energetic patterns, results and our ways of being within us and our lives.

BUT now is the time to learn how to connect within and utilize the power we all hold … the union of our mind, heart and spirit. It’s time to reconnect with our Sou’s Essence. Our Souls can show us the way through the inner energetic aspects of ourselves … our Inner Family …. the masculine, feminine and inner child. When we have a healthy and vibrant Inner Family, it is the family we can REALLY count on no matter what.

However, most likely your Inner Family, as is your personality/egoic Self, probably feels wounded, blocked or disconnected due to past experiences, conditioning and programming which creates feelings of lack of love, joy, peace, confidence and discontent within. When this occurs … life is a struggle, it seems hard and not a lot of fun. And you definitely do NOT have an amazing relationship with your Self, others and any other aspect of your life or getting the results you want!

This is due to being ‘ran’ by your past and usually some level of co-dependency. Co-dependency is when you look to the outside, to others and to your achievements in order to feel good and even whether you like, accept, love or forgive your Self. You let outside ‘conditions’, ‘circumstances’ and opinions dictate your behaviors, decisions, actions and how you feel about your Self. The end result is fulfillment, happiness or the ability to thrive and prosper the way you desire continually alludes you.connection plug in

There is a disconnect with your True Self … with your Soul’s Essence who knows the way. There is a disconnect and lack of communication within you and with your Inner aspects of your Self. The masculine, feminine and inner child are parts of the sum of the whole of you. And if they are not co-creating together, you will experience drama, chaos and upset which leads to disappointment, frustration, depression, defeat, inertia, loss and disempowerment, to name just a few ways it shows up in your life.

When your relationships are not working for you including with your Self, it’s time to discover what’s running your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and decisions. It is most likely the patterns of the past and co-dependency rather than intra-dependency. Co-dependency is based on fear, survival and the past while intra-dependency stems from love, acceptance and being present in the moment. In co-dependency, you become disconnected from you and what’s true for you. Your life is ran by should, have to and outdated rules.

In co-dependency, you tend to not trust your Self or others. You feel unworthy or undeserving of having what you want. You don’t know how to express your Self, share what you want or need, nor have the ability to communicate in empowered and compassionate ways. You deny or stuff how you feel and then explode when things get really bad. You no longer really know what you want, what you like, and lack clarity, focus and passion.

With this you feel out of control or like a victim. You feel dissatisfaction, unfulfilled, unhappy and frustrated within one or more aspects of your relationships and life. You probably have the need to be right or to know, to blame, to deny, to withhold or to hideout with your Self and others.

“You can’t change a problem with the same mind that created it.” – Albert Einstein

The good news is there is another option … when you become connected, learn how to communicate with inner aspects of your Self and allow for your Soul to lead the way, you can feel …

  • A sense of belonging & never feel alone again
  • A feeling of empowerment, confidence & focus within
  • A knowing & ownership of who you are & what to do 
  • A love, acceptance, joy, grace & compassion with your Self & others
  • A connection to your passion, purpose & prosperity to co-create your dreams!

When you learn how to open up, be authentic and have a healthy relationship with your Self by healing the past, the co-dependency, and the conditioning and programming that no longer serves you, you CAN have amazing relationships of all kinds! When you have an empowered, connected and healthy relationship with your Self first, then all of your other relationships will follow suit.

The most important and PRIMARY relationship to have is with your Self. This affects ALL of the relationship you have with all other aspects of your life. Simply stated, the quality of your ‘inside’ relationship with your Self determines the quality of your ‘outside’ relationships – with other people, your health, your body, your finances, your business, your career, your spirituality, etc.

Join us for a power filled 4-week webinar series to learn how to ‘do’ just this and create shifts for YOU and your relationships! You will learn and experience:

  • Methods to reconnect with your Soul’s Essence and your Inner Family
  • Understand the different qualities & roles of your Inner Family
  • The co-creative process of  your Inner Family … the Inner Child, Feminine & Masculine
  • Ways to communicate with your Self, your Inner Family and others
  • Understandings of energetic patterning and methods to shift them
  • Identification of your co-dependent behaviors and how it affects you
  • The 5 key ingredients to build sustainable and thriving relationships
  • Tools and strategies to have a healthy, intra-dependent life & amazing relationships!

Want to know more why this REALLY works? Here are some fundamental Universal Laws and spiritual principles:

1. Every thing and every one is energy. There are energetic patterns to all relationships to and with.

2. You are a vibrational being so your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions, all have an affect on what you create within your life and relationships.

3. Your life is comprised of a series of relationships and you are in relationship with every thing and every one in your life. Think of it as … in relation to, connected to, in association with, involved with.

Relationships are energy … vibrational alignments and matches or vibrational out of alignments or mismatches. These vibrational relationships co-create the way you express your Self, the form in how outcomes occur and the results that show up.

For example, should your relationship with your spouse be dysfunctional, then your relationship with your Self is dysfunctional on some level. If your relationship with money is poor and there’s not enough, then your relationship with your Self feels ‘not enough’ or ‘worthy enough’ on some level. If your relationship with your health and body is disrespectful and you do not take care of it, then your relationship with your Self and others is disrespectful; you do not honor how and when you need to take of care of your Self. Make sense?

The egoic/personality Self has gotten us this far … we have survived, we have achieved, we may even have created a lot of what we want BUT if there is a sense of longing for more, feeling alone or wondering if “is this all there is?” then the connection to your Soul’s Essence and your Inner Family is missing. However, when you have the connection with your True Self, then you really learn and experience how to thrive and reach your Highest Potential in every single part of your ‘be’-ingness and life.

There is a true sense of feeling in control of your life within you and a knowingness that you are co-creating from your Soul’s Essence. You are working from the power within and co-creating from your connection and from the inside to the outside, versus trying to control the outside to have what you want. When you try to control the process, others, the circumstances, your environment, the results and even your Self, this egoic and co-dependent way can only work short term, but it will never be sustainable or work for you long term. It typically leads to Einstein’s definition of insanity which is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

What we actually want is to have the egoic/personality Self connect and co-create with the Soul … now that’s power and vibrational alignment! It’s only when you change your energetic relationships with Self and CONNECT with your Soul’s Essence are you able to create different results in your outside relationships and world. ‘Magically’ when you create energetic shifts within you, then you create an amazing relationship with your Self and you will go …

                                                                 From This …                             To This!


I started working with Amanda at the beginning of November last year (2013). I was driven to doing so after having a complete melt down in September from the way I was living my life. I was  struggling to survive with the co-dependencies that were driving me. I had split from my marriage with 2 young children 18 months prior that and I had not resolved my feelings around that, let alone following that with another relationship breakdown. I knew I was in trouble!

I had already been on medication for depression/anxiety for 4 years, but my anxiety levels were through the roof and there was talk about increasing my medication for this. I took a month off work for the first time in my life because I could no longer exist the way I was.  And there is the key word … Existing. Not living my life. I was seeking help with a psychologist, which was definitely helping, but so much of what we worked on I already knew at a conscious level. But it wasn’t helping my sub-conscious belief systems and patterns … I knew there had to be another way and I was determined to find it. 

I researched all sorts of genres into what resonated with me and when I was directed by a friend to Amanda’s information on The 5 Ingredients to Creating Amazing Relationships webinar course, I knew it was for me. Best thing I have ever done!

The conversation with some initial energy healing and emotions that came out stunned me. I dove in head first after this convinced this was the path for me. I couldn’t have been more right. It was finally the time to invest in myself and a different way of ‘be’-ing. After completing the 5 Ingredients course and continued coaching and healing sessions along the way with Amanda, the passion I had for healing myself intensified. And the results were speaking for themselves. If somebody had of told me I was going to come into Christmas being so content, happy and feeling like a different person, I would never have believed them.” - Megan, Australia

To read Megan’s full story, Click Here. P.S. She and her husband have now reunited and their family is back together again!

“I had known I was co-dependent for a number of years and really wanted to heal that part of me once and for all. What I realized is that my relationships were not working and the most important one with myself was less than desirable. In 2013 I took The 5 Ingredients to Create Amazing Relationships. which  introduced me to the fact that any relationship is every relationship. I worked the program and began to see how my relationship with myself. I retook the course in 2014 and the principles became more clearer in my mind. It seemed like I missed pieces in the first course that I was able to see the second time. I am ready to take the course again to become more entwined in the processes.

For me, each time I have taken this course I am able to expand into the more, accepting more of the ideas to creating amazing relationships, especially with myself. I become more willing to play with the information, allowing myself to go deeper within. What a gift to give myself was affected by my actions or lack of action. I found some very interesting and useful tools to work on yourself. I am so grateful for Amanda and the work she has to offer the world.” – Lynne, Michigan


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