2014 is a 7 Year … What Does It Mean For You?


We have a special intention we are holding for you … Plus 2014 is a 7 year so what does that mean for you?

A ’7′ year is one of self-analysis and spirituality. It is one of personal reflection so take time to be with you and take care of you. Create time throughout the year to spend alone and contemplate your life and your life direction.

This year is an opportunity to be introspective and decide where you want to go and what you want to be. Give the Universe your vision list … do not leave anything out, really think BIG and let your imagination run wild! Let go of limitations and wondering ‘how’ you will manifest it … that’s the Universe’s job to orchestrate the ‘how’.

Be sure to write a physical list, don’t just ponder or think about it. Write the list in the present moment and ‘as if’, not a I want or I wish list. When you write the list, invoke emotion. Write it like a story which creates a feeling tone as you write it and read it. What does your list feel like as you ‘live’ your list? Don’t make it a ‘to do’ or grocery list. Be sure to include all aspects of your life … about your Self and about your relationships, career, business, money, health, body, play, contribution to others and the world.

As you do so, this year is also a time to learn how to surrender and allow the Universe and others to be your co-creators and partners. You don’t have to do it all alone. This year is an opportunity to learn how to trust the Universe even more and to surrender your own agenda. Allow the Universe to provide you with what is in your Highest Order and greatest Potential even if you don’t understand why.

Let go of control and realize you really only can control what you think and feel and how you perceive and interpret events. You don’t need to control the way it is done, the unfoldment, others or situations in order to make it happen. Co-create it to happen by building the trust and connection within you and with the Universe then you will feel the sense of control that you have sought in the past. Embrace the unknown and unexpected as your friends. Click Here to read more …

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